Doughnut + Breast Lift

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How to Get Rid of Areolar Wrinkles?

I had a Breast lift 18 months ago (doughnut incision). The shape and feel of my breasts are okay, but the surgery left me with deep wrinkles around... READ MORE

Benelli vs. Donut Lift and Areola Reduction?

I would like a Breast lift and Areola reduction. I am scared of getting Breast implants and have no intention of getting Breast Augmentation... READ MORE

10 Months Post Doughnut Lift: Symmetrical with Large Areola

After breast feeding two babies back to back, my surgeon completed a donut lift to correct the asymmetry on my *small* breasts. However, now I feel... READ MORE

Advice for Breaslift Plus Augmentation- Which Technique Is Right For Me? (photo)

I'm a 36C. My plan is to have a breast augmentatin with silicone implants to increase my bust size to a 36D. I want a breast lift but don't... READ MORE

Would You Require a "Donut Mastoplexy" Along BA for Small Minor Tuberous Breasts?

I would like a BA from A to B cup. I have small minor tuberous breasts. One PS says I should have donut mastoplexy and other say no, that it is not... READ MORE

Getting my Implants Removed and Considering a Mini (Doughnut) Lift. Should I Be Worried About Wrinkling Around Areola? (photo)

I've been living in pain in my right breast after breast augmentation 6 years ago. I think it is a muscular issue. I've had my implants deflated to... READ MORE

Doughnut lift or lollipop needed? (photo)

I will like to only have a doughnut scar than a lollipop, can I get, great results with only this type of lift or a lollipop scar is what I will need? READ MORE

What kind of lift do I need? (photos)

One doctor said I need the lollipop lift and the implant over the muscle and the second doctor said I need the doughnut Lift and the implant under the... READ MORE

Is a doughnut type breast lift enough for me? Or do I need the lollipop version? (Photos)

I'm a dark skinned female (18 years old), African and I'm planning to get a breast lift in the near future and would want to pick a type that gives me... READ MORE

Doughnut lift versus Full lift – wanting to achieve full upper pole, fake look? (Photos)

42-year-old female. 5'11", 138lbs. Breast-fed 1 child. Trying to decide a donut left versus a full lift. Want to achieve full projection. Thinking... READ MORE

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