1 Year Post-op + Breast Lift

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Breast Augmentation a Year Post-Breast Lift?

I had a Breast Lift over a year ago while my husband was in Iraq, and was told I won't need a Breast Augmentation. I was a 36DD and am now a 36D, and... READ MORE

Nipple Badly Scarred

I had a breast lift about a year ago. I'm satisfied with the overall shape but the right nipple had terrible scaring. It is surrounded by scar... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Lift and my Breast is Falling Again :/ I Need a Solution? (photo)

I had a breast lift less than a year ago. I've noticed that for no reason my breast is falling again. I have no kids, Im only 23 years old. I don't... READ MORE

What I can do to flatten/lighten my breast scars? (photo)

I'm 1 yr post op and I am absolutely disgusted by my surgical scars. Please advise. READ MORE

After a Donut Cut Lift, Why Does One Areola Get Larger and the Other Remain the Same?

I had a breast lift w implants a year ago.Then I got the ugliest round raised scars which i had doctor cut out ,and then used silicone patches to... READ MORE

I am one year post lift with 350 CC smooth round implants. Are my Implants Bottoming Out? (photo)

I am one year post lift with 350 CC smooth round implants. I am not happy with my scars as well as I think left has bottomed out and the right is too... READ MORE

Breast lift scars normal (one year post op)?

Hiya, are these scars about normal for almost one year post op? They are flat (except where scar opened at 8 weeks on left vertical scar - will this... READ MORE

Seeking Advice As to What I Need in my Next Breast Lift Revision? (photo)

In 4/2010 I had a circumareolar breast lift w/silicone implants. I then sought the opinion of another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performed a... READ MORE

Dog Ears After Mastopexy (30/07/12)? (photo)

My Mastopexy was over a year ago. The breasts are not symmetric but that does not bother me as much as the dog ears that itch and cause me pain to the... READ MORE

Was my Untidy Uplift Scar Unavoidable?

I had a BA and uplift to correct asmmetry almost a year ago. I complained to my surgeon that I had a section of nipple left beneath the uplift scar. I... READ MORE

My breast mastopexy went wrong. Please help me find out why and if it's fixable! (photo)

I'm almost a year out from my surgery and overly disappointed with how things went. We couldn't keep the incisions closed and the scars from that are... READ MORE

Do I need to get another lift? (Photo)

I'm not quite 12 months post breast lift and tummy tuck. My tummy is great my breasts though seem to be sagging again already. I mainly wear... READ MORE

14 months post op, Unhappy with my breast lift. What are my options now? (photos)

It´s been 14 months since my breast lift procedure. I am terribly unhappy with my breast lift results as they are set really low on my chest. I do ... READ MORE

About a year ago I had a breast lift. It got infected after a week and now my breasts look like a total disaster (Photo)

How can this be fixed. Also don't like those nipples so huge and nipples to high. I'm also in burning pain READ MORE

One Year After Breast Lift Without Implants: Saggy Areolas, How To Correct? (Photo)

Hello, one year ago I had a breast lift without implants. Everything healed well, but the areolas are so saggy. They were puffy after the surgery for... READ MORE

Has the mastopexy correction gone wrong? I am seeing the surgeon in 2 days what should I ask him? What can be done? (photo)

I had an uplift 14 months ago. My areolas were a little above the breast mound, and just 6 months after surgery, they were too high and kept popping... READ MORE

I Have Three Separate Spots of Fat Necrosis. Will It Get Worse?

I am 1 year post breast lift. I have 3 confirmed (mammogram and ultrasound) spots of fat necrosis. I can only feel them and they are not painful. They... READ MORE

How are breasts supposed to feel like after a breast lift without implants? Feeling lumps when lying down after 1 year.

I had a breast lift without implants 1 year ago. I love them, they look and feel great when standing up. But when I lie down, I can feel lumps. The... READ MORE

Areola scars and residual areola post breast lift (Photo)

I am 13 months PO from a breast lift (anchor). I feel I've been very patient about allowing scars to heal. I have two questions regarding scarring. #1... READ MORE

What if any advancements are being made to breast lifts?

Have things improved as it relates to breast lifts? Are people looking at ways to reduce scarring further? Will improvement in technique be likely 10... READ MORE

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