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What Do You Think About Ultra HP 550/600?

I'm 5'4 144# 49yrs athletic, I'm AA going to D. I cannot go 500HP they are to wide for my frame. I need to go UHP 550/600. I don't want to look like... READ MORE

Is there a large difference between 535cc and 590cc silicone ultra high profile implants? (photo)

I'm currently awaiting my breast augmentation but am wavering between between sizes. I know I'll be getting silicone ultra high profiles but I can't... READ MORE

Have my implants bottomed out? Should I get larger ones so there's more middle cleavage? Maybe switch to overs? (Photo)

The gap between breast I feel is too large. I think they appear to have bottomed out, as my scar is way higher than most. I am 9 months post op. I... READ MORE

Too petite, is 300cc high profile silicone too big?!? Is 320ccs ultra high to unnatural !?!? (photo)

Hello Docs, So here are my stats.. 4'11, 105 weight, and 10bwd. I am pear shaped. My PS recommended 230 cc high profile to 300cc high profile silicone... READ MORE

9 weeks post op, is this the final result? Seems like they've shrunk. I'm even more unhappy with them. Planning revision (Photo)

I had 500cc silicone mod+ implants unders 9 weeks (almost 10) , wanting a revision to HP or UHP 750cc because my results were incredibly small and I'm... READ MORE

Uhp 800cc or Mp 800cc Which One Should I Go with?

Which one is best for me? mp 800cc or uhp 800cc height: 5'3 weight:150 bra size: 36 B READ MORE

Will Ultra High Profile Silicone Look Ok on my Body?

I was not given much options during my consult due to how narrow chested I am. I am 5'5", 95lbs with my BTW measuring at 9.5. Due to my profile and... READ MORE

Has my left dropped at all? It looks to me as if its been in that position since day 7? (photo)

I had 560 UHP under the muscle....They are textured. And Im 11 weeks Post Op. READ MORE

What type of implant will be best for me? I have a very wide base width of 13.5. (Photo)

My ps recommends 520cc hp or 525 cc ultra hp to restore my upper pole fullness. My previous question and details are on my profile along with photos.... READ MORE

What are the dimensions of 2500cc silicone implant high profile and ultra high profile?

What are the width and the projection of 2500cc silicone implants? thanks!! READ MORE

Going from 275 moderate profile to 320 ultra high profile. Is my chest too small for high profile? (Photo)

Hi. I am currently 275cc moderate profile and I wear a D bra. I have a really small narrow chest. I'm going for my second BA in about a month because... READ MORE

Why don't my implants look like 800cc ultra high profile implants? Why are they cone shape? (Photo)

I just got out of surgery and the shape of my boob didn't change they are still very cony but my nipples did move to the middle.but why r my boobs... READ MORE

Will 650cc saline UHP really fit? (Photo)

Okay so I have a breast augmation scheduled. 21 breast feed one baby. I went to two consultations the first surgeon said 325 max and I was very very... READ MORE

Why does my implant look like this and is this a double bubble? 7 days post op (Photo)

I know it is early but this looks so strange to me. My PS said it will fill out and not be visible and not to worry. During the day of surgery my PS... READ MORE

High profile or ultra high profile after mastectomy?

I am 5'7, 125lbs. After a double mastectomy I am looking at 400cc silicone implants. I am think ultra high profile, am I right in my thinking? I would... READ MORE

would a 500 hp or 535 ultra high profile suit my body type/height/weight? Wanting to get to a full D/DD. Currently deflated 34B!

I had my very first BA consultation last weekend. It went pretty good.. Tried on sizers and the PS recommended me getting either 500 high profiles or... READ MORE

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