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Tingling Sensations Throughout the Body After Breast Implants

I had a Silicone Breast Augmentation 2 months ago, and 2 weeks after, I started experiencing tingling throughout my body. Nobody seems to think it's... READ MORE

What Does Throbbing/ Stabbing Pain with Mild Redness and Tingling 8 Month After Having Silicone Breast Implants Mean?

I had silicone implants on too of the muscle done about 8 months ago. For the past two to three months I have been experiencing sharp stabbing pain... READ MORE

Could my Issues Be Related to Placement Around Muscle? (photo)

Would MRI and Ultrasound Be the Safest Way to Find out What's Going On? I'm having numbness & tingling along with a dull achy feeling from my... READ MORE

Tingly Feeling All over Body After Silicone Implants, What Could This Be?

I had silicone implants on 4/15/11 to fix tuberous breasts. I have had some sharp feelings in both breasts but now it only happens mostly on the right... READ MORE

What if the Burning Sensation Still Continues 6 Years Later?

I get breast burning sensation associated with tingling, six years after my silicone breast implant procedure. The burning sensation goes into my... READ MORE

Severe shoulder, back, and collarbone pain starting 4 weeks post breast augmentation?

At about 4 weeks post op, I began experiencing back pain when waking up in the morning. This goes away after I move around for about five minutes. In... READ MORE

Why Is My Left Implant Tingling a Lot After 22 Years?

The tingling is kind of a light pain. It is sometimes down my arm or armpit area. The shape has not changed, or the texture. Is there an issue I need... READ MORE

I had my Breast Aug. a day ago. I am def having a hard time sleeping & especially when I get up certain it tingles?

Breast AugumentIon 36b to a a Please help. I would hate for something to be wrong where I have to get another surgery. READ MORE

Why would I have tingling down my arms and back post BA?

I am three weeks post BA surgery. I had a gummy bear implant placed under the muscle three weeks ago. I am 5' 8'' 120 lbs and had a 290cc implant... READ MORE

Are tingling and numbness side effects? Is the tingling and itchiness a good sign?

I started with a full C cup and added 421 bringing my to my desired results a full D. Its has been 3 days since my BA and I feel itchiness on my left... READ MORE

For last 10 days I have felt my silicone breast implants tingly and sore. Thoughts as to why?

My breasts have be tingly and sore I have only had them about 5 months so still getting used to them BT not sure if this is a feeling to be worried... READ MORE

Nerve damage during breast augmentation? Could this have been due to incorrect positioning of arms?

A week after I had a breast augmentation, I noticed when I swing my arm back I get a tingling sensation in my right hand. About 3weeks after, I began... READ MORE

Should I be experiencing pain after 90 days of silicone implants? (Photo)

I have silicone implants 90 days ago..I'm having sharp pain and a tingling sensation in lower left breast. The incision on the right breast has a... READ MORE

Implant flipping/shifting with numbing/tingling discomfort and increased rippling. What are my options?

It's been a 3 months since this started. I waited to see if it resolved. I saw my PS yesterday & he doesn't want to do anything. I understand the risk... READ MORE

Left breast implant feels hard and painful. Pain radiates all around the breast. (Photo)

My left breast implant feels hard and is in pain. I feel tingling and sharp pains. I went to the PS and he looked at them, squeezed them and said that... READ MORE

16 days post-op - 325cc sub HP - think I went too big? (Photos)

Hi I know it's only 16days po so still quite early days but I think I've gone too big for my frame? Not sure what size I am now but in terms of... READ MORE

1 week post op of Breast Implant Revision, is it normal to experience tingling on my left arm?

I had my right saline inplant deflated a few weeks ago and I went in to fix the problem. I replaced my saline inplant with silicone 500cc on both... READ MORE

Is the tingling in my skin caused from smoking too soon after my breast augmentation surgery?

I quit smoking 2 weeks before my surgery and only smoked 1 cigarette a week for about a month and a half before that, after my surgery I didn't smoke... READ MORE

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