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Muscle Flex Deformity Post Breast Implants

I am seeing my doctor for my 3 1/2 month follow up appointment. I consider myself having bad muscle flex deformity. I knew going into surgery that I... READ MORE

Will Smaller Breast Implants Be Less Visible Through the Skin?

I have very little breast tissue and went from a nearly A cup to a C cup. I am trying to weigh my options as my implants are not only very visible... READ MORE

Breast Size Reducing 2 Weeks Post-op

I am a little over 2 wks post op and currently have 500cc sil/unders from a very deflated A cup w/ thin skin and very little breast tissue. I asked... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Silicone over Saline for Thin Skinned Women? (photo)

I'm currently 34 C 38' waist and 39' hips. My skin is very thin and pale. I want saline, but have been told silicone is better due to rippling in thin... READ MORE

How can I really know my implant was placed under and not over the muscle? I can feel bumps that can move around?

Feeling the inner parts of my breasts is a bumpy feeling that moves and sends a shocking pain to my areola sometimes only a uncomfortable feeling. I... READ MORE

A Cup, Thin Skin. How to Avoid Rippling / Bottoming Out?

I Am a 37 Yr Old Mother of 2 with Size A Breasts with Severe Ptosis As Well As Thin Skin I . Want Enlargement Without Rippling. or to feel the outline... READ MORE

Can a Mosquito Bite Penetrate Breast Implant?

This question is about breast implants, silicone, after bilateral mastectomy, so the skin is thin. READ MORE

Are "gummy bear" implants good for thin skin or saggy muscle?

I would have asked my Consult doc about this at the time however, I didn't have a clue about the "gummy" until after by a few friends. READ MORE

Will ultra high implants look too fake?

I'm 5'5 100pounds . 21 years olds and I had a baby 18 months ago. I breastfed for 3 months and my Breasts are deflated ! I want to have nice full... READ MORE

Surgeon told me I need a full anchor lift, as my skin is thin with not much elastin. Do I need a lift before implants? (Photo)

He told me my skin wouldn't be able to hold the implant without the lift. But what I am wondering is : can i get the implant now, then plant to get a... READ MORE

Pole fitness competitor wanting implants after breastfeeding, which option is best? (photo)

I was a D before pregnancy and a DDD while breast feeding. I am now a C, but have a lot of excess skin. They aren't saggy, just a lot of rippling and... READ MORE

Which implants would be best for my specific situation?

Doc wanted me to get silicone, high profile between 300-350cc's. from my pics you can see I am thin skinned, stretch marks and deflated. I wanted to... READ MORE

I do not want to be buxom - just a healthy C cup. Do you recommend saline or silicone? How many cc's? (Photo)

Just want fullness I had 20 years ago. Would appreciate A recommendation for type of implant and size. Age is 53 so skin is thinner. Is a breast lift... READ MORE

Stitches seem to be splitting open and bleeding 2 weeks later. (Photos)

I had alloderm placed in my breast because my skin was too thin and the implant is was showing. Its been two weeks. My stitches seemed fine Thursday.... READ MORE

So many implant types. Need help choosing? (Photo)

I need help figuring out what kind of implants. I'm small framed 110lbs 5'4 and I guess thin skinned I'm told because my upper chest ribs show. I'm a... READ MORE

I need a second opinion. Do I need to get my implant out?

Five weeks post op there's a small hole so my doctor cut me open, washed everything out with antibiotics, stitched me back up. he said the skin was so... READ MORE

Breast implants too small? Had 335cc silicone implants placed 7 weeks ago. (photo)

I had 335 cc silicone implants put in 7 weeks ago . I was a very small A cup before with very thin skin from nursing and weight loss . I have thought... READ MORE

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