Muscle Flex Deformity Post Breast Implants

I am seeing my doctor for my 3 1/2 month follow up appointment. I consider myself having bad muscle flex deformity. I knew going into surgery that I had thin skin and under muscle was best. I also knew I had a wider cleavage but I wish the implants were slightly closer together. I am nervous to talk to my doctor about my concerns. I am afraid of the answer "it is normal" So my q do I know if I should accept "it is normal" or if I should push for more answers/details.

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Animation deformity after Subpectoral Breast implants: Normal

Animation deformity after a subpectoral breast augmentation is expected and predictable, though the degree of deformity can be variable. It appears that you do have a significant amount of implant displacement which may be secondary to over release of the pectoralis major. This can be predictably corrected with implant transposition to above the muscle or repair of the implant pocket with acellular dermal matrix. It would all depend on how much this bothers you but please discuss it with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Muscle Flex Deformity Post Breast Implants

The photos posted are great, Thanks. Shown is the norm in slender patient with very active pectoral muscles. At rest you look fine, but once you flex than we see the "double bubble effect". Options are: to live with it. re operate using a acellular dermal matrix implant, or incise the muscle itself for release but obtaining some weakness, re position the implant to sub glandular. What is troubling to me is that your informed consent did not cover these issues. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Correction of animation deformity with breast implants

The pictures posted show a typical animation deformity, also called "windowshading," which can happen with implants under the muscle using the dual-plane technique. There are 2 options for correcting it: In a thin patient it may be best to use a Strattice graft, which bridges from the cut edge of the muscle down to the bottom fold of the breast. Another option is to convert to a split muscle technique (see pictures below.) I would be happy to send you a copy of me article on this procedure. I now use the split muscle procedure routinely because it prevents the animation problems and we don't have to cut the muscle as with the dual plane method.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Submuscular implants are susceptible to muscle flex deformity

Submuscular implants in a thin person will show ripples of contractiong overlying muscle.  This is part and parcel of submuscular approach and is considered normal.

 Although injecting muscle fibres with Botox to paralyse muscle fibres can give you a temporary relief, there is no permanant  solution to your problem as long as implants are under your muscle.  You will need to accept it as part of your operation or switch your implants to " front of muscle".  

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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