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Symmastia or Not?

I’m really shocked about the answers of my first question: My Implants are under muscle, silicone 380 CC. I have read a lot about Symmastia but... READ MORE

What Is The Cause of Symmastia? What Can I Do Now? (photo)

I went to several ps in person that confirmed that I do have synmastia. Right now it is mild-moderate but can get worse if not fixed. I'm debating... READ MORE

Does This Look Like I Have Symmastia. I'm 7 Weeks Pot Op and I'm Freaking Out? (photo)

I'm 5'4 and weight 105. Have 3 kids and had always been flat chested. 400Cc on each side. Negative 32A to a full C READ MORE

Subfascial Implant Placement Risks?

What are the risks for Capsular Contracture, Symmastia, botttoming out, and distortion with subfascial placement? Are they better or worse? I'm... READ MORE

Symmastia/Revision Questions? (photo)

Hi, I'm a transgender woman, I had a breast augmentation done May 8th 2012. I had absolutely no breast tissue prior to my surgery. My doctor decided... READ MORE

Would sleeping on my side cause symmastia? (photo)

Would sleeping on my side or squeezing my breasts together cause symmastia? I am 4 weeks out from my augmentation surgery and I have 550cc silicone... READ MORE

5 weeks post lift and augmentation, 550 cc saline and 570 cc. Skin is lifting off the breast bone. Will this improve? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post breast lift/augmentation/nipple reduction. 550 cc saline in right breast and 570 in left. skin is lifting off breast bone. i am not... READ MORE

Do I Have Symmastia? Only 6 Weeks Post Op (photo)

I am worried that the tenting is permanent. Can anyone please give me some advice? Attached are pictures at 6 weeks post surgery READ MORE

Are my implants too close together? Is there a massage I can do to help it soften and have a bigger space inbetween? (Photo)

I am not wearing a push up with this bikini but the breast still hold close together can this be fixed though time and massage? I don't want to go... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Wear the Strap After a Symmastia Repair?

I had my symmastia repair last week. My implants are sitting very far apart and in my armpits. Is it safe to wear the strap or will that harm my... READ MORE

Breast Implants Very Close Together - Will I Get Symmastia?

I had a ba done yesterday. Doc unwrapped bandages today. My breasts are VERY close together & worried I may get symmastia.They gave me a band to... READ MORE

Symastia Repair: Can It Be Fixed with Perm Sutures with No Alloderm?

I am going back to the PS who did my first surgery. He wants to fix my symmastia by treating it like a "C.C.". he says it will be a 2 hour... READ MORE

I Think I Have Symmastia? (photo)

Got them 6 months ago the only part that was swollen was the middle 6 month on and between my breasts its still lifted. Its not that they are close... READ MORE

Symmastia with pectus excavatum? (photo)

I had my BA three weeks ago, saline, under the muscle. I have pectus excavatum and had asymmetry, so I received 350 cc in the left and 500 cc in the... READ MORE

How do I know if I have symmastia or just swelling after surgery?

I had a breast augmentation about a week ago? I am a very small framed women and got the biggest implants my surgeon would allow. 400cc but now I am... READ MORE

Can this still be just swelling or am I developing symmastia?

I'm 5'10", 135lbs, wide frame. i recently switched implants from 500cc hp silicone to 800cc mod+ saline implants filled to 800cc left and 960cc right,... READ MORE

7 Months After Surgery Are My Implants Too Close Together? (photo)

I am extremely happy with my implants; before surgery I was completely flat chested. I went for a check up this week and my doctor said my breasts are... READ MORE

Incisions Have Given Out After Symmastia Repair, What Should I Do?

I've been suffering from symmastia for more than 10 years and have had several attempts, more than 5 surgeries, to correct it. I almost gave up... READ MORE

Any Hope for Correcting Recurrent Symmastia?

I had BA in 2007, originally had 36A chest. The surgeon in MA placed saline round smooth implants. After surgery I noticed something wasn't right. I... READ MORE

I have swelling on my sternum 3 week post op. Is it normal and is it going to subside, or is it symmastia? (Photo)

I had BA done 23 days ago . i had tubular breast , i went for 365 cc anatomical silicon gel silimed , i am not happy with my result it looks weird to... READ MORE

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