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"Side Boob" Really Bothers Me? (photo)

Is this bc I chose an implant that is too big for my BWD? i am not sure what mine is bc my surgeon (not a plastic surgeon) dismissed me at 3 mos bc i... READ MORE

I had a high profile motiva 325cc implant under muscle. How long till the side view drops a bit? (photos)

I have only just had my operation so I am not too worried at the moment. However the front view looks fine but the side view seems very high. Will... READ MORE

One implant is dropping more. Is this okay or is something wrong with the implants? (photo)

So I've noticed that this week one of the implants has dropped further.. NOT bottoming out.. but it looks like the tissue has stretched maybe and... READ MORE

What are the side view options for breast implants? (photos)

I am 5'2, 108 lbs, 34b and want light weight, squishy, natural looking breast implants that won't create a disgusting, unnatural looking gap in the... READ MORE

Should I be worried? (4 questions)

Today when I took off my bra, the (1) skin underneath the armpit has what looks like blood in it along the bra line, should I worry? (2) The wire in... READ MORE

Is This a Stitch That Didn't Disolve?

I had implants and areolar incision with reshaping. It's been 2 1/2 months. Today I noticed a pointy stiff thing stick out when I moved my breast... READ MORE

How big can I go? Please help!

I am 5'2", 116lbs with a small waist, not much breast tissue(34a bra). My doctor recommends a 286cc silicone mod profile implants for a natural look.... READ MORE

Okay, which implants are better if I do not want a lift. I want implants that don't look like a ball in a sock? (Photos)

I am sure that is clear as muddy water in a wooden boot, but so are all the opinions on sub muscular VS Sub facial placement. I was all set to have my... READ MORE

What's the max time for texture implants to adhere to tissue? What are the consequences & risks if they don't adhere? (Photos)

I got surgery over the muscle texture teardrop 395cc-2months ago. My right breast implant did not change- I can feel/see bumps/edges of the implant... READ MORE

Should I change my 9-year-old silicone implants, get smaller implants or stay with the same size; anchor or lollipop? (Photos)

40 years, 5'6,145lbs. Augmentation with 450 silicone 9 years ago. Had twins and weight fluctuations now I want a lift. After my first surgery I was a... READ MORE

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