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Will a Piece of Gauze Embedded into the Incision Be Automatically Expelled by the Body? (photo)

Three weeks after my mastopexy surgery with implants my left breast vertical incision opened at the bottom. A light red liquid continued to ooze out... READ MORE

Yellow Liquid Came out of my Incision? Stitch Abscess? Breakouts on my Breast? (photo)

5 weeks post-op, crease, silicone, under Started to use Bio oil & silicone scar sheet 2 & half weeks after my BA. Yesterday i woke up with few... READ MORE

Seratoma Fluid Coming Out When I Massage Left Breast, 3 Months Post-Op Breast Implants, What Should I do?


Infection Underneath Uplift Scar and Breasts Sagging Again After Uplift? (2 Weeks Post) (photo)

Hi, I had an uplift with 350cc round high profile implants two weeks ago (below muscle), underneath both is a triangle (where the T-section meets)... READ MORE

Small Hole-2 Weeks Post Op with Internal Pain

I had breast impants 2 weeks ago. I noticed a small hole on my lower left incision. It's located near the end of the anchor. I cannot see any... READ MORE

Inframammary incision opening. Should I put my steri strips back on? Cover with gauze? (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post op from a sub pectoral breast augmentation 400 cc saline inframammary incision. I have always noticed a bit of small drainage under... READ MORE

Oozing under left breast 10 days post op (Photo)

I'm 10 days out left breast has been bigger more swollen and tender from day 1. Today it's still larger more tender than right. Nurse told me it had... READ MORE

Open Wound 17 Days after implant and lift surgery. Should I be concerned? (Photos)

Hello, I just had my two week check up three days ago. The tape was removed and I was told everything looked great except for some minor "oozing" . I... READ MORE

5 days post op and steri strip is coming off with slight oozing. Is this normal or something to be concerned about? (Photo)

520 cc under the muscle gummy bear implants. Steri strip is coming off with slight oozing. Is this beginning of infection or normal healing READ MORE

Is my implant infected or at risk? (Photos)

I got my ba 1 month and 2 weeks ago everything was fine and healing until a pea sized hole appear oozing yellow discharge. My pa prescribed cipro will... READ MORE

Will I need implants removed or should this be OK?

Had silicone breast implants over muscle 18 days ago. At 14 days po had incision restitched. Since then incision is a lil oozy pink but closed. I'm on... READ MORE

Left side of breast oozing, 11 days post op. Is this something to worry about? (Photo)

Hi I am 11 days post opp and I have noticed a small oozing it's not much but is this something to worry about or is this part of the healing process... READ MORE

Hematoma 18 days after operation resulting in blood coming out of the stitches. What happens next?

I have recently had surgery and had a hematoma 18 days after the operation which has resulted in blood coming out of the stitches. I have seen my... READ MORE

When is seroma gonna stop? (Photo)

Had breast implants put in 5 months ago. 3 months after surgery had to get an internal stitch removed cause the body was rejecting it. After that my... READ MORE

I have small opening through my incision and it started oozing milk like substance? (Photo)

I had my surgery nov.16th 2016 Breast augmentation silicone 520 cc on left and i believe 490 on right. My right is all healed up but my left is still... READ MORE

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