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Breast Lift or Other Options for Breast Implants That Sit Too Low?

I currently have 575 HP saline breast implants under the muscle and I feel they sit too low. I want a higher, tighter look, but I don't really... READ MORE

Are My Breast Implants Are Too Low? (photo)

I had my implants for 3 months, 375 round Allergan, dual plane, inframammary crease incision. At 10 days I started to notice a double bubble effect on... READ MORE

Are my breast implants too low? (Photo)

Hiya, I had a breast augmentation about a year and a half ago. I'm worrying that they sit lower than they should but I went back to the surgeon and he... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Low After Wearing Strap

I had Breast implants about 2-3 months ago. I was told that I needed to use the strap around my chest. I think I used it too tight and too low. Now I... READ MORE

Mastopexy Results Seem Too Low With No Upper Pole Fullness? (photo)

Biplanar 460cc saline mod profile implants. I feel they are placed too low on my chest with no upper pole fullness. My PS suggested a balloon... READ MORE

5 weeks post breast implants; are they too low? Are the nipples way too low? Are they likely to sag much further??

Hi I've recently had 340 cc mentor over muscle implants. Initially they were perfectly pert but too far apart. Now they have dropped but worried they... READ MORE

Breast Implant Too Low? (photo)

Hi dear doctors i had breast implant with lift five months ago it was done in Iran. It was under Muscles. I noticed my breast were too low, I asked my... READ MORE

My implants are low (post-op 2weeks) and their not look the same, what can I do? (photos)

My SR believes they are the same and he couldn't put them higher,but I'm not satisfied with the result ,they are too low,is there anything I can do?? READ MORE

Would larger implants look better if inframammary folds were lowered too much?

My surgeon lowered my IMFs too much - they look at least 2cm too low to me and so the nipple to IMF distance is too great. My implants are about 2/3... READ MORE

6 days post op, are my implants too low? (photo)

Since the day of surgery I noticed my left side seemed lower than the right. Since then, I noticed my augmentation doesn't look like others at all.... READ MORE

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