Lopsided + Breast Implants

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3 Weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation 350cc Silicone Cohesive Teardrop and Asymmetric? (photo)

Immediately after surgery, my left breast looked perfect but my right breast is higher, odd shaped, and nipple is lower. Is there something that I can... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Scoliosis? (photo)

I just recently had my breasts done. I was a 32 A, got 350 cc, under the muscle, and the incision was from under the breasts ( don't know what that's... READ MORE

My Gummy Bear/cohesive Gel Implants Have Always Felt Hard, Why?

From day one these things have felt hard and immobile. After about a year I noticed a bubble on my left breast, not sure why or how that got there.... READ MORE

How Will Lopsided Breasts Look Like Long-term After Correction?

During my breast augmentation consultation, my doctor suggested a breast lift on one side to help correct my lack of symmetry. My left breast is... READ MORE

What to Do For My Lopsided Breast Implants? (photo)

I got implants 375 cc in left breast and 400 cc in right breast silicone under the muscle 6 mos ago. I have complained to my plastic surgeon that I... READ MORE

Looks As Though Double Bubble Has Now Formed? Why Do I Feel Lopsided (Heavier) on my Left Side?

1st & foremost, I would like to thank the Dr.'s who commented on my 1st ?. I saw my PS last wk and when explaining my concerns to him, he stopped... READ MORE

Is it normal to be this lopsided four weeks after? (photo)

I'm four weeks out, and my left looks totally different then the right. I know they are two different breast, but I've been pushing down on it for two... READ MORE

I am lopsided very bad still. Will I need to get it redone? I'm so depressed over this. Advice please. (photo)

3 months pp from breast augmentation. Before A on left, full B on right. Lypo suction on the right side & 450 cc silicone on both READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Breast? 2nd Follow-up Question (photos)

As mentioned in my 1st ?, I had staph in rgt. incision which resulted in removal of rgt. implant for 3 mos. Had implant back in May 24. I am now 4 mos... READ MORE

Lopsided Breasts, Looking For a Doctor Who Will Work With Me to Do Payments?

I am a 28 year old mother of three needing help to correct my breast. They are very lopsided(one is noticeably bigger than the other one) looking for... READ MORE

Will my breast implants make my scoliosis appear worse? (photo)

Hi I have scoliosis 29degrees to be exact. After visiting my consultant he said I had a 0.5cm difference in nipple level which is apparently... READ MORE

i am lopsided. does that mean i have to do saline to even them out if there is not a whole cup-size difference? (photo)

My surgeon consults both said my L boob is larger than my R but i was told with silicone you can't add cc's to even them out. i know there is not a... READ MORE

What Are my Options?

I had a breast augmentation almost four years ago. i was unhappy with the results right away didnt believe the surgeon took enough time. four months... READ MORE

I had implants put in 12 years ago after having 3 children. How long can they stay?

Is there a time frame to implants? I would never consider being without them. However if I need to replace can they be corrected. They have been... READ MORE

Is it normal to be lopsided after surgery and have no follow up?

Since my surgery 4 weeks ago my one implant has sat higher then the other one. I feel lopsided. I asked the Doctors nurse over email and she said... READ MORE

My implants are lopsided after pregnancy. Will a different sized implant help restore them? (Photo)

So, I got my implants 4 years ago, my son is now 6 months old. They are 425cc silicone, under the muscle. Pregnancy was hard on them and now the shape... READ MORE

Why do my implants look lopsided? Do I have snoopy deformity or capsulare contracture? (photos)

I had 610cc under the muscle about 12 months ago, I am very unhappy with the lack of symmetry and shape of my breasts. I'm worried they are ruined. Do... READ MORE

6 months and lopsided. One sits higher than the other. Does this need to be corrected? (Photo)

My implants are 365cc right And 405 cc left moderated textured done November 2015 My right side was larger than the left by just under half a cup. Is... READ MORE

My breasts are lop-sided. Will my implant drop soon?

I had 300 cc 'gummy bear' silicone implants inserted four weeks ago. Two days after my initial surgery, I had to have my left implant removed and put... READ MORE

What is wrong with my implants?

One is lower than the other I see it lopsiding I have a discomfort in between middle of breast, as well as all around my breast. What went wrong and... READ MORE

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