Keloid Scar + Breast Implants

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What to Do with Bad Results from Breast Implants?

I am a year and a half years post-op. I recently went to my surgeon and found out that my implants have bottomed out. My scars are keloided and about... READ MORE

Through the Nipple Augmentation Using Inamed 401 Breast Implants?

I want to get these Breast Implants due to them looking and feeling more natural. I have a good amount of natural breast coverage. I want to do... READ MORE

Saline Implants Years Ago - Keloid Scar Now Extending Under Skin, Going Up Breast, Pain? (photo)

Saline implants 10 y. Day later,1 burst.Year later, it burst again. Have keloids.Few wks ago, found lump in breast. Keloid was now changing direction;... READ MORE

A dermatologist determined that silicone is now leaking from my ruptured 40+-year-old implant through my skin. Is this likely?

The rupture of both implants was confirmed by MRI. Beneath my L breast what appears to be a keloid scar has formed. It feels sticky to the touch and... READ MORE

Previous Keloid Scarring from Earrings; are Breast Implants Safe?

Hi! I wanted breast implants since I was 12 and i'm 17 right now, in Canada you can get breast implants (saline only) from 18 years and over... I had... READ MORE

I got inframammary silicone implants in 2011. Can I get rid of these scar? (Photo)

I am African American and my scars are dark and have keloid areas. It also appears my breasts settled a little more than expected so my scar is not in... READ MORE

Periareolar incision/400cc textured implants

Okay so I had my breast augmentation last week and I have a few concerns. I am a AA female who has keloid prone skin sometimes I scar great and... READ MORE

Tummy Overhang and Breasts Going South. Which Procedures Would Fix This? (photo)

Hi, I'm in my late 20s but sure I'm finished having children. I have skin hanging over on my lower tummy and a 38 inch waist which never gets smaller.... READ MORE

Keloid prone--is an implant without mastopexy possible? (Photo)

I'm 5'5"; 29 yrs old, 130lbs. Status post pregnancy x2 & breastfed both. Was told I was borderline in need of a lift especially on right breast... READ MORE

Prone to hypertrophic scarring (maybe even keloidal) - what's my best incision site option for breast augmentation?

I am prone to hypertrophic scarring and prefer to have a scar under my arms than under my breast. My PS encouraged me that the inframmary incision... READ MORE

Can my breast implants and liposuction deformities be fixed? (Photo)

I had liposuction twice in the last three years. The first time was August 2012 the second time was May 2013 in hopes to fix round 1 deformities.... I... READ MORE

Can I breast feed with over the muscle breast implants? Do you recommend silicone or saline? Risks for someone with keloids?

I have horrible shoulder keloids because of acne. What are the risks of getting them on my breasts? Can I breast feed with implants on? Will breast... READ MORE

Does anyone think I can have implants only without lift to make my boobs look fuller? (Photo)

I have keloid skin and if I have a lift I will be left with big ugly scars that I don't want. Thanks in advance. READ MORE

Gel implants in 1982. The scar on my right breast has recently become raised & sensitive. It looks like a keloid.Any suggestion?

The implants still look really good after 34 years. I have slight hardening in one quadrant of my left breast. Can't be seen, just felt. It hasn't... READ MORE

Interested in breast implants & Brazilian butt lift but I'm concerned about possible keloid scarring. What would be recommended?

I'm 34-36C naturally but aesthetically I prefer the look of implants overall in symmetry, fullness & perkiness. Logically I'd think a breast lift... READ MORE

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