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Cortisone Injection in Breast Implant Incision Cause Thinning of Breast Tissue Among Other Problems? (photo)

I had BA almost 1 year ago (July 18th will be a year.) I had Mentor Silicone Smooth Mod+ Profile Submuscular implants. I went from a 34B to a 34D. The... READ MORE

Itch and rash due to breast implants? I had silicone breast implants on August 2007. I was found to have (+) ANA on 2010.

Lupus was ruled out but I have CREST Syndrome. Asymptomatic except for intermittent esophagitis. I developed itch & skin rashes on May 2014. The... READ MORE

Have I got an infection after breast augmentation? Surgery was 12 days ago. (Photo)

I had my surgery on the 8th October 2014 and recovery has been perfect since I woke up yesterday morning to intense itching on the right and left hand... READ MORE

Left inframammary incision looks yucky: Is it infected? (Photo)

Hello, I hope to receive some feedback. I am 3 weeks today since my BA and I haven't had a follow up yet. It doesn't hurt, no fever, no spreading... READ MORE

Can my silicone implants is causing my rashes that leads to itching?

I had my implants done 3 months ago and I love the way how I look. But about 3 weeks ago I have been having rashes, almost every night. Was wondering... READ MORE

I have itching and burning occasionally it feels like the breast implant is trying to flip over.

Right now the itching is making me crazy. I am almost five years out from my breast cancer and have silicone implants. READ MORE

Itching where breast implant incisions are. Is this normal?

Hi there. I've had my breast implants for about 7 months now. Everything went good with healing and what not. Once in a while I will notice that my... READ MORE

I am concerned I have an infection from my 10yr old breast implants?

I had noticed pain and an itching feeling in my left breast. The itching feeling has gone away but I now have a pocket of fluid under my left armpit.... READ MORE

My right breast is iching alot, 4 years post implants - Normal?

I had breast implants (silicon) about 4 yrs ago and now my right breast is iching like crazy. What does that mean? Thank you READ MORE

Is my Implant Leaking or Possibly Burst?

I have intermittent itching in my reconstructed latissimus dorsi breast with implant. Every time I move the recon breast moves with discomfort and... READ MORE

why does my areola itch 9 months after breast augmentation?

Why does my areola itch after 9 month of breast augmentation, and another question is when I drink wine my areola trurns red not the breast just the... READ MORE

My saline breast implants are 30+ yrs old - Is there a health risk?

One implant has started itching severely. I'm wondering if this is a health risk. This one has always been 'harder' than the other. READ MORE

Is my Uneven Breast Normal After a Year?

I'm 127 pounds and I had my surgery August 2011 I went from a small b to a full c and my right breast is lower than my left also my nipples seem to be... READ MORE

Left implant feels hard almost 2 years post-op. Occasional tenderness and itching; what do I do?

So I have silicone under the muscle implants. My left one has always felt hard and like I can feel the actual implant. Especially on the inside where... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation done 7 months ago and I've noticed the right boob itches like a mosquito bite.

I had breast augmentation done 7 months ago and I've noticed the right one itches like a mosquito bite, mostly when Im washing the right boob around... READ MORE

I Had Implants Saline Done 13 Years Ago?

My implants are saline, done with incisions under my arm and placed between the muscles. They have been just fine until lately when my left breast has... READ MORE

How can I treat the pain in my breast after implants?

Hi my age is 50 Years and I had breast implants in 2012 and after implants my breast one side is perfect but the other side is giving me lot of... READ MORE

Pain and itching around saline implants for 17 yrs & then Dx w/ lupus vasculitis, RA, Raynaud's, fibromyalgia, Sjogren's, etc.

In 97' I got sailine implants & about 1yr later I had 100's of corneal ulcers that wouldn't go away for 2yrs. & was Dx w several autoimmune diseases... READ MORE

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