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Possible to Enhance Breasts with Hormones That Mimic Breastfeeding?

When I was breastfeeding both times (2 children) my size A went to a size C and I was very happy. After a year I quit and they shrunk back to a size A... READ MORE

Do breast implants affect hormone levels?

I had a mirena IUD a few years ago & had bad side effects, one being irritability, mood swings. I had it for 6 mo. & after getting it taken out I was... READ MORE

Should Male Patients Take Hormones Before Breast Implants?

I'm 40, male, looking into Breast implants and cost. Where do I start? Should I be on hormones first to get breasts to develop first? READ MORE

Gyno Removal As Teen, Now Wanting Breasts?

I'm a 32 year old genetic male. I was 320 pounds at 16 and thru diet and exercise dropped to 170 by the age of 19. I still had man boobs and had... READ MORE

Does Supplementation with Oral DHEA Cause a Breast Encapsulation?

I recently started on bio identical hormone replacement (biest cream with estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) and oral DHEA because my level was... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Removed When I Was Younger. Will is Reproduce With With Hormones? (photo)

What do you say to my theory: Since Male to Female hormone therapy attempts to replicate hormone levels of women in puberty, which is from what i've... READ MORE

M2F in Davenport Fl Needs Help?

Hope I don't sound stupid or needy with this questions. I am a 40 year old Transwoman and been on hormones for 7 years. I don't know if it's do to my... READ MORE

Natrelle Classic vs Inspira - which is best for my situation? [loss of upper pole breast tissue and over all fullness] .(photos)

5'8.5",125 lbs, 30, no kids, dancer w hormonal (pituitary) disorder that caused breast tissue to get completely destroyed. I used to be a full C &... READ MORE

Is a breast augmentation a safe procedure for a person with hypopituitarism?

I have adrenal insufficiency, growth hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism and female hormone deficiency - all well controlled by medication. The only... READ MORE

Was 650 WAY too much? (photos)

Hi there! I'm a transsexual woman. 19 years of age, took hormones consistently for 10 months and on and off for over a year before getting implants.... READ MORE

Which implant's better for me (5'8, 125lbs w deflated breasts, hormonal disorder, no kids) Natrelle Classic or Inspira? (Photos)

Just turned 30, dancer w hormonal (pituitary) disorder that caused breast tissue to get completely destroyed. I used to be a full B/C & want to... READ MORE

Painful breast capsular contracture?

Got implants feb 2015. Over last 3 weeks very sore breast when lying down on them getting worse. Pain goes up near collar bones and all around both... READ MORE

Would you perform breast enhancement surgery for an older transgendered not on hormones yet?

I am a 60 year old transgendered person who would like to know if a doctor would perform breast enhancement surgery on me before I start on hormone... READ MORE

Can you help me find a dr to expel the saline from my implants?

I'm in my 50s and last year had an uterine ablation and my hormones have been crazy! I'm 5 feet tall and have breast implants & my breast that now... READ MORE

After 5 years my left breast started swelling, becoming hard & sore. Any suggestions?

Neither doctor nor surgeon, scan or xray can see a problem. I got implants 6 years ago at 22 years old. Then all off a sudden this swelling... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Removal as preventative measure, replacement with Implants?

Hi, I have had breast problems for as long as I can remember: cysts, adenoma, a mixture of densities a couple of cancer scares (including being told I... READ MORE

Hormonal interruptions post-augmentation

Can silicone breast implants interfere with my hormones? I underwent BA in Sept 2014 and shortly after my period became irregular. In 206 I would have... READ MORE

Can implanon (nexaplon) hormones effect your current breast implants?

In 2013 I underwent a breast augmentation, I loved how smoothly the procedure went and the outcome, and had never had any complications after.Dec... READ MORE

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