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I Was Hit in my Implant, Could This Have Caused Damage?

I recently just had a ba with saline implants under the muscle and today my son was playing and on accident he hit me right in my implant...i wanted... READ MORE

Jumped on Bed, Hurt Right Boob, Now Paranoid It's Slowly Leaking?

I jumped on my bed a few days ago, landed on my belly, had my arms underneath my chest so I didn't land right on them. Hurt my right breast, ached for... READ MORE

Deflation, Leak, Rupture?

I have had my saline implants since 3/2007. My implants are under the muscle. Two days ago i opened my car door and it hit the top part of my right... READ MORE

I Have Saline Implants. My 14-pound Dog Jumped Up and Landed on my Breast As I Slept. Now my Left Breast is Swollen?

Two months ago as I lay on my sofa, my dog jumped on left breast. Very painful. That night it hurt to lay on my side. In the last few weeks, I've... READ MORE

Will my breast be messed up now? Can I do anything myself to help? (photos)

My 5 year old hit me in my breast a week after implant surgery! It hurt so bAd! She was trying to get me to play tag! It is still sore and I am... READ MORE

Tripped and hit my boob on top of dining chair a month and a half ago. Burning pain, worried? I have saline implants.

Swelling is not much bigger than the other boob. Not painful just a burning pain. Its not much harder than my other boob at all but its been a month... READ MORE

My breast (w/ gel implant) was hit by a shed door. I have pain under my breast & it hurts when I move. Did I break the capsule?

I've had breast implants for 26 years. in '07 had replacement done. right breast felt firmer.i massage regularly. was going in shedwind caught door... READ MORE

Can getting hit with a soccer ball in the chest ruin my breast augmentation?

I am six weeks out from surgery (silicone, under the breast, under the muscle), and tonight, on my first night back to playing soccer I got hit with a... READ MORE

My son head butted my less than 24 hour new boobs! Rupture? (Photo)

I got 500cc silicone implants on Friday may 20th. The next day, my 2 year old came running to the couch and head butted my left boob pretty hard (or... READ MORE

I hit my silicone implant and am concerned as my breast now appears smaller

I had my BA four weeks ago. 205cc silicone unders. I hit my breast and it didnt really hurt too much (tolerable) but noticed quickly a change in size... READ MORE

'75 Breast Implant Injury With Pain and Possible Displacement

I had a saline implant on top of muscle in '75. I didn't know for 10 years that it wasn't supposed to be hard. Never had it replaced. 2 weeks ago it... READ MORE

Still sore & swollen 1 week after being pushed in left breast only one week after breast augmentation. No brusing, swelling down

Hi I had someone intencianly push my left breast one week after under muscle BA. no brusing just a lot of swelling and pain, especially when touched... READ MORE

I was accidentally hit on the back. Can it cause damage to implants/muscle/position?

I am 16 days post surgery for breast implants and I was stading with my back to my nephew when he threw a large hard pillow at my back which caused me... READ MORE

I hit my breast my implant onto my dance partners shoulder from an air throw! Is my implant damaged?

Dear dr please help me and thank you in advance. I have silicone under the muscle 275 cc 1 half year post op. I am a dancer and my partner threw me up... READ MORE

My dog accidentally hit my boob is it damaged?

My dog accidentally hit my boob while I was laying down. I'm 3 days post op and I'm worried. I don't have any bruising but my right boob is able to... READ MORE

Did my silicone implant rupture & if so do I have to fix it? I've noticed no visual difference, but I can feel it.

I have had silicone implants for 2.5 years. My left breast has always felt fake & my right has felt more "real". I believe because of injuries... READ MORE

Toddler elbowed me in breasts a few times, laid head down, put some weight on breasts. 2 weeks post breast augmentation.

My child likes to cuddle and fidgets a lot. She has laid her head on my breasts a few times and tonight elbowed them as she was layong down. She also... READ MORE

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