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What Would Cause Pressure/pain on Breast Crease? 450cc, Saline Under Muscle, Crease Incision? (photo)

I posted a "?" a few wks ago w/ pics regarding a concern with "bottoming out" of my left implant. 3 dr. on this site, as well as my PS, assured me... READ MORE

Want Big Natural Looking Implants W/ Under Boob Crease? (photo)

21 y.o. 34A bra w/ waist @ 24in & hips @ 32in & a decent sized behind. I'm looking into getting BA, but want to have a very natural looking... READ MORE

My Under Crease Incision is Puckering Will It Heal Flat? Can I Use Silicon Scar Strip on It While Its Puckered? (photo)

I just took my tape off my incisions and I noticed they are puckering? And look weird to me :( is this something that will heal on its own or am I... READ MORE

Can a Lowered Inframammary Fold Be Corrected?

My doctor and I agreed to lower my inframammary fold due to some slight tubular deformity and ptosis. There are some problems with the outcome and its... READ MORE

Waiting for New Crease to Form. Will Massage Work?

I had two very asymmetrical breasts prior to getting 325cc on left and 350 on right. My right breast sat much higher prior and was different shaped... READ MORE

I Can Feel my Silicone Implant Under the Tuck of my Skin. is It Normal?

Had breast implants 11 months ago and no problems to date. Just recently I have noticed under my right breast I can fit my fingers under my implant. I... READ MORE

8weeks Post Under Muscle Replacement Implant Bottoming Out?

I went from 375 to 275 gel implants under muscle again. Slight creases or indentions are above incisions and the left breast seems to be falling. Is... READ MORE

10 months post. A cup 2 450cc round high profile smooth silicone gel implant, bottoming out, falling 2 sides, dent, fix? (Photo)

Over muscle, crease incisions. Nipples high, implants pulling, falling feeling bottom and sides. Thumb size imprint in R breast. Very soft, I can feel... READ MORE

500cc Implants - Too Much for Me? Moving Crease?

I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon yesterday who has done 7 of my family members and close friends. I am currently a medium 38C,... READ MORE

Lowering or Raising Breast Crease During Breast Implant Replacement?

When replacing breast implants with larger or smaller implants, does the fold need to be lowered or raised? Is it always necessary? Can it cause... READ MORE

1 Month Post Breast Implants, and The Crease Is Uneven and Not as Full as I'd Like?

Im a month post op and I have a few concerns regarding my HP 550cc Silicone Breast implants. First my right breast feels more fuller and more down... READ MORE

Is it possible to push a Breast Implant down & out so the creases & cleavage are even on both sides? (photos)

10daypostop575cc style15allergansilicone under d muscle crease insis.d right breast is sligtly higher,I also hav sligtly more clevage on that side nd... READ MORE

When can I start chest stretches after a breast augmentation?

I am 24 days post op from my dual plane, textured, round, 415 high profile, crease incision breast augmentation. When can I start gentile chest... READ MORE

No Clearly Defined Inframammary Fold. They Are Flat, Too. Correction Options?

As a pre-teen I never wore a training bra because I was teased about my growing breasts (by insensitive, ignorant boys) so I used to hide them by... READ MORE

When my Implants Drop Does It Affect the Breast Crease, As Now One of Mine is Lower?

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago.One has dropped and looks great, but the crease is probably 2cm lower than the other breast now. Is this normal when the... READ MORE

I Am a Curvy 5'0, 124lbs, 34B 13BWD--are HP's Right for Me?

I am a curvy 5'0, 124lbs, 34B 13BWD, with a bigger behind. I want to be a very large D (and definitely don't mind if I am bigger than that)... READ MORE

What are the consequence of lifting heavy weights and exercising too early after Breast Implant surgery?

I got 350cc saline high profile submuscular breast implants with a crease incision. I lifted a backpack and went walking for a few miles at day 8 post... READ MORE

Sleeping after breast implants. How long will I have to sleep on my back? (Photo)

I am 4 days post op, 290 cc under muscle crease incision&feel great, took few pain meds first 24 hrs but now end up taking 1 before bed and 1 middle... READ MORE

Hello, I am only 4 weeks post op, and I realize that it's still early, but I am becoming concerned about my rippling. (Photo)

I am 5'2/105 pounds I have silicone 450cc mod+, sub muscular, with a crease incision. I was a 34A before & am now a 34C/D. I have rippling in my... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a ridge at the crease of my breast 2 weeks post-op? Is there is a risk of double bubble? (Photo)

I am 27y/o, 64 inches and 135lbs. I am two weeks post-op. I had a breast augmentation with mentor smooth moderate-plus profile silicone implants 475cc... READ MORE

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