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Breast Implant Burning Sensation

Had saline implants for 10 years, lately I have a burning sensation on my left breast, should I be worried? Cause? READ MORE

Burning Sensation 3 Weeks After Getting Gel Implants

I Had Gel Implants 3 Weeks Ago & Am Now Feeling Burning Around Bottom & Sides of Breasts. I'm worried I may have ruptured them or caused a... READ MORE

Burning and Aching in Armpit 2 Weeks After Breast Augmentation?

I had 320cc implants placed through the crease under the muscle about 2 weeks ago. Immediately after the surgery, I had pretty bad numbness and... READ MORE

What's Causing my Breasts to Take an Odd Shape? (photo)

I have 421cc silicone implants placed subfascial through transax incisions. I'm 9 weeks post op & noticed around week 5 that my breasts began... READ MORE

Burning Sensation with my New Breast Implants with a Lift?

I just had a breast lift with a implant about 7 weeks ago. I have been ok for the most part, but I do get a burning sensation on top of the breast... READ MORE

Could I Have Ruptured a Breast Implant Following Pneumonia? Experiencing Burning And Sharp Pain.

My breast implants are 11 years old. For the past 5 weeks I have had pneumonia in both lungs with blunting at the left costophrenic angle on x-ray.... READ MORE

Burning Sensation in Right Breast. Is This Normal? I Had a Mammogram 2 Weeks Ago.

Burning Sensation Inright Breast 3 Years Since Saline in Plants What Can It Be from Had Normal Mammo 2weeks Ago ? READ MORE

Pain in Left Breast 8 Months Post Breast Aug?

I had breast augmenation in April last year and things were fine until recently when I started getting weird pain and burning sansation in my left... READ MORE

Popping Feeling in my Breast Implant?

My saline implants are 11 years old, I went under the muscle under the breast. In the past year or so I have had a "torn muscle" feeling in my left... READ MORE

3 days post op for a breast augmentation. Sharp, shooting, burning pain in one breast. Is this normal?

3 days post op for a breast augmentation. My left breast is fine. I have sharp, shooting, burning pain around the bottom of my right breast that burns... READ MORE

I May Have Punctured my Cohesive Gel Implant with the Tip of a Knife: How Can Tell?

I was sharpening a knife while it was held by a mechanics vise.when i released the vise the knife was accidentally stabbed into the top part of my... READ MORE

Is It Normal After a 2 Month BA to Still Have Some Kind of Pain Burning Sensation in One of the Breast Only?

I havent felt any intolerable pain after my BA but only had trouble on my left breast feeling burning sensation and uncomfort also electric shocks... READ MORE

Tingling and Stinging Nipples After Saline Breast Implants

I have saline breast implants under the muscle which are two years old now. For the past week my nipples have been killing me, they sting and burn and... READ MORE

Episodic Burning Pain in Both Breasts 11 Years After Implantation

What could cause episodic burning pain in both breasts with swollen auxilary lymph nodes 11 years after implantation? Saline implants 11 years,1 yr dx... READ MORE

Small Bruise on Breast 5 Wks Post Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Had submuscular silicone breast augmentation 5 1/2 weeks ago & have been extremely pleased! Minimal discomfort since day one. Yesterday I noticed... READ MORE

Implants Look Weird when Arms Are Up? (photo)

When I put my arms up my implants look weird and have a burning sensation. Is this normal? READ MORE

Burning Pain in Breast After Trip and Fall on Concrete Sidewalk, How Bad Could This Be?

I am almost 6 weeks post revision breast surgery and fell on knees and hands. No sign of change in breast, just some burning sensations in pectoral... READ MORE

Small cut in side of nipple is burning. Do my boobs look messed up? Left one hanging lower. Breast lift only to right. (Photo)

Hi i am having burning to a small cut on my right breast. What should I do? Also will my breast even out more once healed? READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implant Ruptures

I may have ruptured silicon breast implants. will have an MRI to ck. for past 3mths i have pain in nipples. pain has spread to the entire breasts.... READ MORE

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