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Breast Implant Damage After Car Accident

I had a breast augmentation in June of last year. Everything looked great until after a car accident recently. The damage to my car was over $5,000.... READ MORE

6 Years Post Breast Implants: Do I Have a Leak?

I have had my implants for 6 years and have gone thru a pregnancy with them. My son is now 2 and about 4 months ago he kicked me really hard in my... READ MORE

Detecting Ruptured Saline Breast Implants

How long would it take to know if I ruptured my saline breast implant from a traumatic impact accident? I feel like it is softer than the uninjured... READ MORE

Injury to Breast Implant Valve

I had my saline aug surgery 2 years ago. Should I seek medical attention if I accidently injured my self during horseplay? My son some how flipped me... READ MORE

How can I tell if I ruptured my breast implant?

I got car accident yesterday. My car was bumped into the car in the road and the air bag was deployed. My breast hit by airbag.The speed was almost 40... READ MORE

Can Ski Accident Rupture Breast Implant?

Broke my arm skiing. Should I get implants checked? What symptoms would be if they are leaking? (silicone) READ MORE

Can a Seat Belt Cause Breast - Saline Implant to Swell?

In minor automobile accident - hit from behind - seat belt tightened on lft breast causing soreness. Breast began to swell - massaging caused mild... READ MORE

I May Have Punctured my Cohesive Gel Implant with the Tip of a Knife: How Can Tell?

I was sharpening a knife while it was held by a mechanics vise.when i released the vise the knife was accidentally stabbed into the top part of my... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implants - Hit w/ Paintball

I have had saline implants since 2004. I recently was stuck in the left breast with a paintball. The same breast, now is experiencing a rash around... READ MORE

Could a seat belt during a car accident have caused my reconstructed breast implant to move out of pocket behind the chest wall?

Was hit from behind and noticed a few days later a decrease in the size of the breast. Assumed the silicone had leaked. After surgery was informed... READ MORE

MRI Indicates Bilateral Rupture of my Silicone Implants, But Dr. Wants More Results. Why?

I was in an car accident 5 months ago. My front airbag deployed and my car was totaled when someone pulled out in front of me while I was going 50 MPH... READ MORE

Physical Attack 6 Weeks After Implants

I had breast implant replacement 6weeks ago after having my old implants removed due to them 'turning' position.Anyhow my new silicone... READ MORE

NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! Pain after auto accident in my back, directly behind breast wall (I was rear ended)

I was involved in an auto accident 3 months ago (7/27/12). Since then I have experienced some of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.  I... READ MORE

Can a Short Sharp Fall Damage my Under Muscle Surgery-1wk In?

I had under muscle silicone breast augmentation one week ago and today fell and bumped a little down the stairs. I would say that light to just under... READ MORE

Where Can I Go to Check my Implants for Rupture After Car Accident?

The implants are silicone and I've noticed bruising and tenderness. I'm hoping it's just in my head... but feel that I should be proactive... READ MORE

Motorcycle Accident Trauma to Breast Implant?

Fell really hard on my silicone breast implants, although I had chest protection I have swelling on my right upper boob, near the arm pit.. Just... READ MORE

Can an accident that may have caused internal trauma cause capsular contracture? (Photo)

At about 6-8 months Post I had an accident on a quad. Nothing I didn't get up and hop back on but I got thrown into a tree on my right side. My side... READ MORE

I have a hematoma in the right breast after a car accident. What can I do?

It is in the right breast and has lasted for 4 weeks it's hard and painful, and is the result of a car accident. It has changed the shape of the... READ MORE

Could I have ruptured my silicone Mentor 2006 implant while skiing slowly (learning) and falling somewhat on right breast?

For 3 days my right breast made sounds that have completely resolved. From fall or altitude? Now NO sounds at all but do have a tiny little soft lump... READ MORE

Looking for past cases of seat belt damage to breast implant during car crash to reference.

I was in a MV accident while sitting at a red light and hit from behindn maybe 25 to 30 mph. Had surgery, bleeding on said breast lead to another... READ MORE

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