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Anatomical or Round - Which Has Better, More Natural Movement?

Hello! I am a very petite 32AA and I want to achieve a C cup. Because of my fragile frame, many surgeons have suggested me to get silicon tear drop /... READ MORE

32AA, Want a C Cup. Is 375cc Too Much?

I am very tiny, 5'5'', size 0, and about 114lbs. I am very flat chested and will be getting breast implants in about 3 weeks. I have... READ MORE

Get A Cup Implants for AA Bra Size?

I'm a small person, age 20, 5', 110lb. My bra size is literally smaller than a AA. I don't want to be big, I just want something.A little pad, maybe a... READ MORE

Is There a Limit on How Big of a Breast Implant Can I Go Before It Compromises Skin Elasticity?

My cup size is currently AA. Is there a limit to how big a breast implant can be placed until skin elasticity becomes compromised? In other words,... READ MORE

Under or over the Muscle Saline Breast Implants for 32AA?

I'm 25. No kids, 5'5" and weigh 120 lbs. I work out regularly so have quite a bit of muscle and am also a runner. My current size is 32AA... READ MORE

Breast Implants for Petite, Very Thin and No Fat Tissue: 180 Round Moderate or 160 Tear Drop? (photo)

I'm 5'1feet, weight 90lbs:very short and thin, no breast tissue but small mammary gland.I think I have a 32AAA cup (see the pictures)!One surgeon... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Breast Augmentation with Pigeons Chest? (photo)

I am 20 years old, 5'8 and 113lbs and I hate to say I'm completely flat chested. I'd say I barely fit a 32AA it's rather embarrassing for me to say. I... READ MORE

210cc Silicone Implants, Under the Muscle, Mod Plus on a Petite 5'1 90lb Body?

Now I fear that 250cc may be a bit large for my small frame. I'm a 32AA & aiming for a 32B. I explained this & settled on 230cc instead, but... READ MORE

Does OHIP cover breast implants?

I'm 32AA(A?), is there some way to convince them to cover my breast implants? I think its more emotionally scarring to have no boobs at all than 2... READ MORE

Will 220 CCs in the Fifth Generation Cohesive Implants Being Tested Produce an Adequate Result in an AA? (photo)

I'm currently scheduled to participate in the Allergan 410 clinical trial, receiving 5th generation Cohesive Gel implants next month. I'm 25,... READ MORE

Will 300 Cc's Silicone High Profile Under Muscle Look Natural on a 5'3 an 100 Pounds Girl? (photo)

Hi I'm 5'3 , 100 pounds , currently a 32AA ,never had kids I'm 24. my dr suggested high profile or ultra high profile, I tried on sizers at my pre op... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Get my Cleavage More Even or Will It Always Be Uneven As Shown? (photo)

BA in May of 2012. Prior my surgery I had slightly more tissue on my left side & PS said left chest wall slightly protrudes. AA cup prior. Used... READ MORE

What would be the result of Natrelle 410 anatomical implants on me? (photo)

It is decision time regards sizing. I have spoken with my PS but I wanted some other views. 37yrs, 34AA bra, 5'8", BWD 13cm, 130 lbs, ribcage 29" Want... READ MORE

225 or 250 High Profile?

Had my pre op yesterday surrently im 32 aa im tiny weight 92 poun 4'11 pre op yestreday and the doc talk about 225 or 250 since i dont have... READ MORE

Starting out with Nothing! What Size Should I Expect? (photo)

So I started out with barely there breasts...AAcup really. I was hoping to be a full C with my implants but as I look at them only 3 days out of... READ MORE

How Big Will 300cc Silicone Implants Be on a 30AA?

I'm have a narrow ribcage (29 or 30in) and am a AA and I'm getting silicone implants of 300cc. I've seen a lot of women online saying this amount made... READ MORE

Is 450cc HP Too Big? (photo)

I'm 5'8" , 120lbs and wear a size 34AA bra after breastfeeding. I am trying to decide between (after PS recommendations) a 450 HP 12.4 or 371 MP 12.9... READ MORE

High profile or mod profile? Which one will give me the most cleavage? (Photo)

What is the differences between the two profiles( hp and mod plus)? Wanting to get the most cleavage I can without a push up bra, currently am a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Size?

I am planning to do breast augmentation in December. I am 105 pounds, 160 cm height, 32 AA . The doctor did a measure, and said I might go 225cc. Is... READ MORE

Indent between breasts and my ribs stick out more on R than L? Possible to have implants done? How many cc's for frame? (photo)

I am 5 ft 10.5, 24 ,32 AA, slender and active. I am seriously considering implants. At this time I have no idea how many cc's would be good for my... READ MORE

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