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Would Like 700cc Implants, Why are Some Doctors Against That Size? (photo)

So I had a consultation with my PS. I tried on 700 cc sizers and he said I could do 700s (I LOVED them). By reading alot of Q&A's on here I... READ MORE

Should I Switch from Silicone to Saline? (photo)

I currently have 700cc HP silicone unders. I had them done a little over a month ago and still contemplate whether they are big enough. I see a lot... READ MORE

700-800 Cc Saline Implants. 5'2 Larger Frame. Is It Too Big?

Scheduled for out of town TT and BA. My BA is going under the muscle with saline. I have had significant weightloss of 100 lbs (strangely, my breasts... READ MORE

Doctor Suggested 600cc-700cc - is This Right for a Round DD?

I am a mother of 3 little girls ages 8,7,and 5 years old. I am definetly wanting to get a Breast Aug. I went in for my consult and her are the... READ MORE

Implant Size for Tall Women

I am 6 feet tall, 150 lbs, but have slender upper body. I went for a consult today expecting the dr would recommend an impkant in the range of... READ MORE

Revision Surgery to Correct Shifting Breast Implants?

What revision techniques are done to correct Breast Implants that tend to shift towards the arms, especially when laying down? Is the breast pocket... READ MORE

650cc or 700cc? Silicone HP unders. I'm hoping for a rounded "fake" appearance that gives me upper pole fullness. (Photo)

Hello I'm driving myself crazy. I'm getting HP silicone unders in 15 days.. I can't decide between 650cc and 700cc.. I know it's a large implant but I... READ MORE

Can SUPER Large Breast Implants Lead to Weight Gain?

...as the body tries to compensate for out of whack body symmetry - I've been told that it was inevitable to gain weight in trunk and legs when one... READ MORE

Will Exercising Chest Permanently Disfigure my Implants?

I got 700cc silicone unders almost 6 months ago and am definitely ready to get back to exercising. When I flex my muscles, the implants do distort,... READ MORE

Will Implants Appear Larger As They Heal?

I was a C cup and had 700 cc's high profile round saline 3 weeks ago n they don't look much bigger will they get fuller n big? I was about a 36 c cup... READ MORE

Does Capsular Contracture Make You Feel Ill?

I was told weeks ago that I need to have more breast surgery. I am starting to feel very ill, but with no pain. My implants, filled to 700 cc, are... READ MORE

I decided on 650 cc's, on the very last sec the doctor told me I could do 700 cc's. Do they look to small? (photo)

Their wide and full, but don't look to boosimgly or out. I to him that I love that they look natural and he did a beautiful job, except I feel they... READ MORE

Will I Have to Pay Again Due to Bad Rippling? I Have a 3-Year Guarantee

Will i have to pay for revision due to bad rippling as i have guarantee for three years an my implants are one year old i have 700cc silicone over the... READ MORE

What is the Largest Implant I Can Get for Breast Width?

Hello, I'm 5'1'' and 105-110lbs. I'm currently a 32A/B with a ribcage of 26.5". I am aiming to get multiple surgeries to get... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Increase Breast Implant Size After Tuberous Complication?

I had Breast Augmentation 1 year ago, silicone under muscle. I also had small (A cup), tuberous breasts with large areolas. Now D cup. I would like... READ MORE

Do you think I could achieve a look like this? Could my body fit a large implant like this as I am wanting 600-800cc? (Photo)

I am having my surgery on Feb 18th. These are the looks I would LOVE to have. I am getting saline implants and was suggested to be done through the... READ MORE

700cc breast implants - how big does that typically translate when it comes to breast size for a natural A cup?

How big does 700cc implants typically translate when it comes to breast size when some is naturally an A cup? Also can breast implants and butt... READ MORE

Diagnosed w/ Stage II CC right breast: Breast appears saggy. HP Sili Unders, 700cc (l), 750cc (r). (Photos)

4 Months post-op.Taking Accolate 2xdaily. Given my long history of complications, I can't help but wonder if there is something more going on, perhaps... READ MORE

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