6 Ft 1 In To 6 Ft 4 In + Breast Implants

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6'1", Moderate Plus 500cc. Should I Get High Profile Instead?

I'm 6'1 and Have Chosen Moderate Plus 500cc.Should I Go High Prohile, Scared Too Narrow?? READ MORE

Are 550 Cc Too Big for Me?

My surgery is this friday. I'm 6'2 and 170 pounds. My cup size is a small A and I want to be a small D. READ MORE

I Am 6'1, 164lbs, Slim and Athletic. I Am Trying to Decide Between a 350 Cc Implant or a 400 Cc?

The implant will be silicon and under the muscle. I want a natural look and I am also concerned about the new size interfereing with my running and... READ MORE

Why Are the Sides of my Breasts (1 Yr Post Surgery) Still Firm/tight?

Hello, I have had 2 surgeries on my breasts, both enhancing with silicone implants. My latest one, we put 600 cc. I have a large frame 6'1'' with a... READ MORE

Recommendation On Size? 6'1, 138lbs, 48 y/o. Is 310/330cc For 425cc Tissue Too Big For My Frame?

Im told i have 425cc breast tissue and was told with my 34 inch girth i could go a 310/330 small boob for a full c, but now im scared of the full c... READ MORE

Very tall and worried 450 cc will be too big.

I am 6'1 and 145lbs...tall and athletic. Currently 34a and Dr. Recommended 420 overfill to 450 cc saline (mod profile). I don't want to be too large.... READ MORE

Breast implants: Is 650 CC high profile, under the muscle too large and ridiculous? (photos)

Hi there! I've had 2 surgery consultations for breast augmentation, and both surgeons have suggested very large implants. I am transgender, so I have... READ MORE

Are my implants big enough? I am only 3 days post op (Photo)

'm 6'2" and 170 lbs I have had a hard time finding photos to compare what I will look like after. I was a c b4 surgery. I have 575cc over the muscle... READ MORE

Will 400cc high profile silicone implants look fake? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 6'2", 193 lbs, athletic/curvy build and I went to my pre-op and my surgeon first suggested 350cc then said I should go bigger to 400cc. It... READ MORE

PS recommends Ultra High Profile implants; Is this right for me? (Photos)

Please help, I'm scheduled for a life altering surgery in a month and fear a poor outcome. My PS recommends textured Mentor 480 cc Ultra High Profile... READ MORE

Best implant for someone who is tall and quite thin? I'm 6'2'' and weigh about 145lbs. (Photo)

I am interested in highly cohesive silicone gel, placed under the muscle. I absolutely LOVE Emily Ratajkowski's breasts, and I am looking into going... READ MORE

Looking into getting breast implants, and I have a few questions about implant sizes.

1) Is a 400cc medium profile implant (for example) broader/wider than a 400cc high profile implant? 2) I know the maximum size of implants are usually... READ MORE

I have taken the following measurements and I am trying to decide which size implant I want. (Photo)

I am 6'2" slim, and have always had the problem that I am not filling any bra that has the right cup (D) at the base because my boobs are just flat... READ MORE

Possible to achieve round-full shape only with implants? (photos)

Hello, i wish to achieve similar results in photo (the firs 2photos - actual breast,3,4 - wish), a round full look with brast implants, i have had an... READ MORE

I need help with recommendations on which type/shape/size of silicone implants I should get? (Photos)

I'm 25, 6'1, 170lbs and no kids. I was an athlete my whole life and continue to workout/excercise. As you can see I am very flat chested and broad.... READ MORE

3 1/2 Months post op. Right breast has numbing/loss of sensation from nipple to low right side of breast. Normal? (Photo)

I am curious if numbing is normal 3 and a half months post op? My left breast looks perfect and has sensation as if it was never touched. My right... READ MORE

Could a saline breast implant become ruptured or spring a leak from a strong hug?

A year ago I had a breast agumentation. Saline implants 450cc. I was hugged by my 6ft 2in friend who lifted me and squeezed me until my back cracked... READ MORE

Will 1600cc silicone implants will be too big/too projected on me? (Photos)

Hi, I'm 6'2,300lbs (i really look like an oversized normal person) broad shoulders small waist wide hips and round butt. My PS said i need 19cm wide... READ MORE

Desperately searching for 19cm wide implants ...What brand can offer me what I need?

After seeing several surgeons,and as a tall lady (6'2") they told me that i need 19cm wide implants. Those are really hard to find... The largest are... READ MORE

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