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Should I Wear a Sleep Bra at Night to Keep Breast Implants in Position?

I'm 4 months post-op with 450cc Saline unders. Should I sleep in a bra to keep the implants in position? I'm afraid that sleeping on my side or back... READ MORE

Will Wearing a Compression Band for One Breast Implant Make Both Move Down?

I am 4 months post-op, under muscle silicone implants. One has settled perfectly with a very natural slope. The other is still riding high and has... READ MORE

I Have Submusculer Implant 4 Months Ago During Sex I Do Alot of Movment Without Bra is That Save?

I Have Submusculer Implant 4 Months Ago During Sex I Do Alot of Movment Without Bra is That Save? READ MORE

Break out on Chest After Breast Implants?

I'm 4 months post op and my chest is broke out in small red bumps. It started about over month ago. Its on my top of my breast and in the middle but... READ MORE

Lateral Displacement of Right Breast 4 Months Post-Op Benelli Lift, What are my Options? (photo)

4 and a half months ago i had breast augmentation with a benelli lift, i had 325 R and 300 in the left. Right from the start there were noticeable... READ MORE

Breast Implant Moves when I Run? (photo)

Augmented 4 months ago. When I flex my muscles, left side has a dent on inner bottom corner and implant bulges out. right side I can feel the implant... READ MORE

Pain in Breast 4 Months Post Op, Could this Just be Muscle Tightness?

I have been getting pain in my R breast like I need to massage implant outward toward my armpit. I do use my pecs alot being a MT & have been... READ MORE

Why Are my Breast Still Uneven Post Op After Four Months? (photo)

My breasts are uneven post op after four months. I have 300cc silicone bilaterally implanted on May 17th 2012. As of today, it is still uneven looking... READ MORE

Downsizing Breast Implants?

I had breast implants placed in July of this year. They are 371 cc silicone under the muscle. I am 5'7" and a skinny upper body athletic 130 lbs. I... READ MORE

Have my Implants Dropped Yet? (photo)

I had a lift + 240cc low profile silicone implant 3.5 months ago. if you look at my picture diary you can see the whole process. i still feel a bit of... READ MORE

Is This Double Bubble Effect After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had my surgery on February 7 2012. I was a 34B and got 345cc round silicone implants under the muscle. However, at the 4 month mark I started to... READ MORE

Right Breast Got Swollen After 4 Months, GP Thinks It's Infected?

I had breast agumention 4 months ago. everything went well apart from the right, The scar heal really well but it was getting painful hard and smaller... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to correct my breast implant placement in the doctor's office? (photo)

My right breast implant sits slightly higher than my left breast 4 months post op. I just went in for my check up and my surgeon said that if my right... READ MORE

Whats Wrong with my Breast Implant? Is This Symnastia? Bottoming out or Just Dropping One at a Time? (photo)

I just had a breast implant for the first time 4 months ago, 375 CC Silicone gel. The right one definitely bothers me more. It seems larger and it... READ MORE

Breast Implants Under Muscle Silicone, Different Sizes (4 Months Post Op)(335cc) Scars Low, not Filling Ontop? (photo)

Breast are not fulling ontop i'm ment to be a full c to d but doesnt really feel like it i did ask my ps for full round shape but natural the same... READ MORE

My Left Breast is Swollen and Harder Than the Other. Is There an Infection?

Its been 4 months since my surgery. About a week ago I would notice my left breast feeling sore if I slept on it or on my side. Now it looks swollen... READ MORE

Double Bubble? (photo)

4 months ago I had 450 HP gel unders, from a 34B to D. My left breast was bigger, the fold was also higher. ONLY the left breast required benilli and... READ MORE

I Had 275cc Silicone Implants 4 Months Tight and Painful. What To Do?

I had 275 cc silicone implants 4 months ago and my chest is still really tight and painfull 24 hours a day. The pain has never gone away from the... READ MORE

4 months post op, Is my Implant Bottoming Out? (photos)

4 months ago I had a breast augmentation and received 300cc's in both breasts. Now, my left breast is a little lower than my right. You can tell there... READ MORE

My implants are wide when laying down. Can this be fix? (photos)

Implants are wide when laying down, they are flat towards the middle of my chest.cabt this problem be fixes and why is this happening? I'm 4 months... READ MORE

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