Dents + Breast Implant Removal

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Dent After Explant; Permanent? (photo)

I am post-explant day 7. I have a "dent" at the bottom of my left breast that I'm fearful will not fill in. There is no dent on my right breast,... READ MORE

Do the irregularities after explanation represent the original inframammary crease and/or adhesions? How to resolve? (photo)

My explant was performed almost five years and I have had these folds or dents since the surgery. Fat transfer and placing a new implant are NOT... READ MORE

Severe dent under the nipple approx. 3" across after my breast explant! Why?

Should I massage and how to correct. Did not replace. After breast explant my right breast has a severe dent right under the nipple approx. 3" across!... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Improve Breasts Irregularities After Implants Removal? (photo)

I am 7 months post breasts implant removal and don't want to have another surgery or have fat transfer because it involves a donor site. I am looking... READ MORE

My breast has a dent when arms lifted and a weird fold when hands down? (photos)

I had my saline implants take out 10 days ago and everything was going ok, but this morning I noticed this fold in my right breast. The dent I have... READ MORE

After Implant Removal and Lift, Will The New Indentation Need More Work to Correct? (photo)

More info to previous question: First implants were under the muscle through the nipple which puckered. He tried 3 times to correct this. The 2nd DR... READ MORE

Explant and capsulectomy gone wrong? Why aren't any of the 1,000's of pictures I viewed about this looking like mine? (photo)

I had my breast implants removed with capsulectomy after 8 years and the incision is around my areola. I have looked at a 1,000 photo's of this... READ MORE

Dent under left breast...and inverted nipple - will it improve? (photo)

I had grade 4 capsular contraction in my left breast. I have had a capsulectomy & have a dent underneath and the nipple is inverted. Will this smooth... READ MORE

7.5 weeks post explant after an unhappy revision in Jan 14, revision included capsulectomy for CC and implant exchange (Photo)

Hi,Following my explant I am having some issues with my areola folding underneath my nipple. When I am cold the outer edge of the areola also has some... READ MORE

Would using a breast pump help the dent in my left breast? fat grafting? Lollipop lift? (Photo)

I had 265 cc over the muscle for 14 years and I did an explant with capsuletptommy, lifting and the dr reduce th size of my areola. I regret doing the... READ MORE

Will this dent go away? Natural IMF violated with 420 silicone unders. Explant 6 weeks ago after 10 months with implants (Photo)

I had 420 cc mod plus smooth silicone gel implants unders. I had them removed due to pain under the left breast & feeling fake with implants. I DO NOT... READ MORE

Scar too tight after explant. (photos)

9 months ago I had breast implants put in and a lift.My ps explanted them 4 weeks ago and did some internal stitches to lift up the breast tissue.I am... READ MORE

Implants removed, left with a dent on scar (Photo)

One month ago I got my 275cc implants removed. One breast is perfect. The other one has a dent right under my nipple, where the scar is. The indent... READ MORE

Will the dent in the breast due to implant rupture go away with explant and lift?

My right implant ruptured now close to three months ago. I have an indent in the upper pole of my breast due to Saline implant rupture. Will removal... READ MORE

Is it common for a doctor to fold the thin capsules and crinkle them?

I have had breast implant removal for a month now and one breast is dented under the nipple areola. Is it caused from this? If so what can I do about... READ MORE

Explant of breast implants: Will stitches from previous surgery need to be removed?

Hi there. I know a lady who got her breast implants removed and she said the doctor removed the stitches that held the implants in place, including... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal/Explant: Is this a seroma or a hematoma, or something else? Is it normal or will it heal normally?(photo)

I am 3 days post-op from an implant and capsule removal of 375 (L) and 400 (R) Mentor Silicone Unders placed in 2012 with no complications. The... READ MORE

Will fat grafting correct dents after capsulectomy?

Hello, I had a capsulectomy on my right breast 6 months ago, and it's about smaller than the left, and it also doesn't move around correctly. When I... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove implants w/o sagging and denting? Is there someone in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast area?

I need my implants removed due to a rupture. They are Nagor GFX 3400cc implants. Before my implants i had what i considered a 'boys chest', absolutely... READ MORE

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