Back Pain + Breast Implant Removal

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Explantation Covered by Insurance?

I am considering having my breast implants removed and a lift performed as I have tremendous back and shoulder pain with the weight and my job as a... READ MORE

Had Breast Implants Removed Because they Were Causing Neck and Shoulder Pain from Bad Posture, Could this have Benn Avoided?

I am a software designer who works sitting down, often unconsciously slouched. I had breast augmentation this January, but had to take them out in... READ MORE

Under Muscle Implant More Likely to Cause Back Pain?

Tiny frame, 800cc unders ruined my back. Likely thoracic nerve compression after removal of implants for 1 year pain still. Was mentioned to imagine... READ MORE

Will Impant Removal Reduce Back Pain? Where Will The Incision Be Made?

I'm 5'2", weight 120lbs, had B cup size and had 325cc gel done 3 years ago. However, my back has been hurting me. Sometimes i... READ MORE

Would insurance help cover the cost if I have breast implants removed (10 yr post) that are too large and give me back problems?

I asked for natural looking and they are DD to E depending on the store. They have given me back problems. Could the insurance help in removing? READ MORE

Can deflated saline implants be safely left inside the breast once all fluid has been drained?

I had saline implants 350cc in June 2014. I am 64. By Dec. 2014 the left breast had encapsulated and sat much higher on chest wall. PA 'fixed' the... READ MORE

Would I be able to approach the NHS with regard to an implant removal?

I am 31, I had a breast aug in 2007. I've since had 3 kids and now have back pain that I medicate myself with paracetamol and ibuprofen. I have... READ MORE

Will removing breast implants with a lift correct this problem? Implants are 9 years old (Photo)

I'm 28 and got sub muscular saline implants almost 10 years ago. For the past few years I've been incredibly unhappy because of them - severely... READ MORE

What is the proper way to remove saline breast implants when due to illness?

I have saline smooth breast implants under the muscle had them implanted in 2004. I was fine for 5-6 yrs. then i began to have strange back pain... READ MORE

How much does it cost to have breast implants taken out?

Recently had breast augmentation. My breast are so tight and hurt. My back hurts all the time. Doctor says cause I am thin breast will stay tight and... READ MORE

Does removing breast implant help with back problems?

I am scheduled to hAve my 350cc breast implants removed in two months. I am hoping the removal will help my back feel better as I have some pulling in... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get breast implants removed when there isn't any issues with them? (Photo)

I was wondering what a normal price range would be to remove 8 yr old breast implants. I've had no major issues, just back, shoulder, and neck pain... READ MORE

My implants (done 45 years ago) have become encapsulated and are causing back pain.

At my age (70), is it a good idea to have them removed? I am in good health, except for the back pain. What would be the approximate cost...obviously... READ MORE

Procedure recommended?

Had implant/lift 7 yrs ago, doesn't look as if I had a lift at all now, feels very heavy, now causing back pain. What procedure do you recommend for... READ MORE

Given the time and the size of my boobs now, will I have bad sagging once they are removed? (photo)

Implants are 8years old size 380ml was put in instead of the 350ml i asked for. Have been told i would suffer from severe sagging and need a lift... READ MORE

I'm going in next week for ruptured saline implant removal; I've had them for 20 years. Options?

I've been feeling a burning pain in the left breast accompanying with back pain as well only on left side like in back of my breast READ MORE

Explant with capsule? Implants will have only been in for 5 weeks. Is it necessary?!

I will have had cohesive silicone gel implants under the muscle for 5 wks. I am wanting an explant. Would I require capsule removal? Would there be... READ MORE

20+ years PO, having a lot of neck/back pain years later. How do I know if this pain is as a result from implants?

I had saline implants over 20 years ago and am having a lot of neck and back pain years later and shoulder blade pain as well. How do I know if... READ MORE

Need silicone, under muscle implants (20+Yrs in) removed @ low cost?? I'll be 72& on Medicare. Fatigue, back&shoulder pain.

I live in Saint Matthews, SC, near Columbia or Lexington, SC. Dr. Stephen J. Kroll did 2nd set in 1993, but he doesn't do plastic surgery now. My GP... READ MORE

I'm 5'1 and weigh 120pds. I want a breast explant!

Please San Antonio Doctors all I want to do is remove my tripple D saline implant. The Doctor who did this procedure wants to charge me more for the... READ MORE

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