working out + Breast Augmentation

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28 Year Old Mom of Two, Getting my Boobs Back - Sacramento, CA

Im a mom of two, I'm very active and love working out. Since losing my baby weight and weaning my youngest, my breasts have turned into sad little skin bags! It's time to fill them back up! have scoured realself for the last 3 mos learning about breast augmentation. I had consultations with 3... READ MORE

31 • 155 lbs • 5' 6" • No Kids • 492 Gel • A-cup to D-Cup •

Although I've always secretly hated my boobs (or lack thereof), I didn't start seriously considering getting a BA until later. I guess I started to entertain the idea around 26+ y/o. It wasn't until I was freed from an abusive relationship [and found myself] that I truly realized that this was... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, 5'2" and 120lbs, Pre: 32A/B, Allergen Natrelle 500cc Submuscular Breast Augmentation

About me: I started working out 2 years ago and about 1 year into my lifestyle change, I noticed that my bras were not fitting and my boobs had significantly shrunken. Before, I was a 32C and now I have no idea what my bra size is. Honestly, I usually wear sports bras or bralettes and have not... READ MORE

39 Yo 5'3' 123lbs 2 Kids Breastfed 385cc HP 20.4 %bodyfat - Campbell, CA

I'm ready for a positive change in my life. I love the skin that I am in but I would like to enhance the beauty of my breasts. I work out a lot. I do boot camp 4 x a week and started crossfit 2 x week. I noticed my muscles are growing but my breasts are shrinking. I can sculpt every part of my... READ MORE

20 Years Old, No Kids, Completly Flat AA, Atheltic, Wish D, Waiting 450-500cc - Spain, ES

Hiii to every boob wisher :) I'ven always waiting my boobs to grow up but it simply never happed, it is because i've been so obsesed with it all my intered life. I'm 20 year old girl, i'm soo active, i workout like 5 time a week and i also work and study to be a nurse at university. I starded... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old, 465cc's over the Muscle Breast Augmentation - Tijuana, Mexico, MO

I have always contemplated plastic surgery, then my friend jumped the gun and decided to have a boob job! It was very easy and he is a great doctor, recovery was easy, best money I've spent! I am only 5 weeks post op, and pretty much back to normal. I even started working out this week but still... READ MORE

29th Bday Gift to Myself! 310/345 Silicone Sub Muscular. La Jolla, CA

Hi all! I am 6 days post-op right now. So far the recovery has been better than expected! Pre-op: 32 A (estimating this- I usually just wore sports bras and bralettes.) Post-op: intention is a mid C cup 310/345 cc silicone Natrelle mod+ Here is my experience thus far: Went in at 9am, surgery... READ MORE

23 Year Old Seeking Full Breasts - Las Vegas, NV

Ive always been extremely lean sitting at 5'2 and 109lb while constantly working out, I continued to lose any breast tissue I had. Before my surgery I was half an A in cup size. I decided on 400cc silicon "gummy" implant, high profile, under the muscle. I'm 8 days post surgery and am extremely... READ MORE

The Quick Recovery Method IS REAL!!! (26 Yr Old Breast Augmentation) - Burnsville, MN

I truly can't say enough about Dr. Joe and his crew. From start to finish I was 100% impressed and satisfied. The Quick Recovery Method that Dr. Joe uses during surgery doesn't allow anything but the implant and his gloved hands touch your rib cage... And it's just that, QUICK RECOVERY!! After... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 1 Child, Breastfed Six Months, Deflated 34 Barely A - 325ccL-350ccR saline moderate plus unders- Sacramento, CA

I have always been small chested and after breastfeeding my son for 6 months, 12 years ago, I have been so self conscious of my boobs. I don't like my husband seeing them and I always wear padded bras. I am 5'5, 130lbs. I have always been really small in the upper body but I have a booty and... READ MORE

38years Old Been Wanting Breast Augmentation - Englewood, NJ

For so long I've been thinking about getting my breast done. I'm a kickboxing instructor and a medical billing clerk. Working out has left my chest so small. It was starting to aggravate me when i went shopping. Finally i did my research on doctors and had a consultation in Aug. After that i... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old, Active, No Kids , wanted natural look chose 400cc- Columbus, OH

Ever since I can remember I wanted a boob job! I never really developed throughout my teenage yrs and it drove me crazy. I eventually got comfortable with my small chest and just focused on being active. I have a true passion for working out and staying active. The opportunity came up for me to... READ MORE

34 Years Old, Mother of Two Breast Augmentation - Las Vegas, NV

I am super excited for this new me I have lost 95 pounds after having gastric sleeve surgery 9 months ago and with that I lost a lot of my breasts. I met with Dr. Hankins in Las 'Vegas and he was great he answered all mine and my husbands questions and made me feel comfortable in my decision. I... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old Mother of One Wanted Volume Back in Upper Pole - Houston, TX

I've considered a breast augmentation for a very long time. My husband has seen how pregnancy and working out had affected my breast and gave me the encougment to finally go for it. I kid you not, my procedure was just hours ago and my pain level is very mild. I'm excited for the days to come!... READ MORE

29 Year Old Very Active with 2 Kids, Small 32 A Cup to 34DD cup 500cc Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Saline

I have a very active lifestyle I love working out, running and staying fit. I have always had small breasts and after having children they got even smaller and when I started running they disappeared completely. I felt self conscious and unattractive so I felt getting breast augmentation was the... READ MORE

*Finally Got 'Em!* Natrelle 600/650 HP silicone unders Feb. 11th '15, 24 Yrs Old, 2 Kiddos, 5'7 165lbs :-) - Houston, TX

Since my first bra I have always been trying to find a way to make my boobs look bigger! Starting with the classic tissue/sock stuffing, to adding pads, then adding pads to padded pushup bras, those little water filled padding thingies for bikinis (wired push up bikini of course) and now only... READ MORE

Finally, New Boobies! 32yrs Old, No Kids.

I've finally decided to go through with it! The surgery is in 3 days! I cannot believe I am actually going to do this... I keep stopping myself in a thought of "soon I will have something in my chest! What is it going to feel like? am I going to be in pain?!? Will I like them... etc..", just... READ MORE

switched Dr.s see below for current review

Hello. I'm 28 years old and ever since I was 13 I've wanted nice breasts. Throughout my teen years all my friends got them and I never did. I have been a member of the itty bitty titty committee ever since until a couple years ago when I got pregnant with my first child. I had always been... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old Most AMAZING Boob Job I've Ever Seen - Albany, NY

I have been considering getting a boob job since the day I realized my -a cup would never grow. I have 5'9, athletic build, average size bottom but no boobs. I am a very confident girl but never liked the way my small boobs looked in shirts or dresses so I made the decision after I graduated to... READ MORE

3 Kids 1 Graduating, Now Ready to Spoil Me! - Miami, FL

Like all of you here I put wants behind the needs of my children. I am blessed and proud to say one is graduation University, # 2 is year 2 and the baby is legal to work which equals more money for mommy to do what mommy wants lol! I had D's when pregnant but now flabby C. I am getting back to... READ MORE

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