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22 year old, 5'8" 115lbs, 385cc TRF High Profile Silicone Implants

I have wanted implants for a long time. I never felt my hips matched my body because my chest was so small. I was a small 30C/32B to begin with, and the goal was a small 32D. Originally I tried on 325cc sizers, but it was very hard to imagine what they would look like as the sizers were very... READ MORE

31 Years Old. 4 Kids all breastfed. 5'6" 125lbs. 34A/B. Getting 295cc High Profile implants!!

I just found this website but I thought I'd document my journey here! It's only 6 days until my surgery! I've done my pre op and we are going with high profile silicone implants. I don't want large breast, just fullness again! I believe I will be choosing 325cc implants. I am not so much nervous... READ MORE

43 Yrs. Old, 5'1, 113, So Ready 4 Curves

I have wanted a BA for the past 9 yrs. It never worked out, so now is the time! I have always been muscular with no breasts...boyish figure, so I am looking forward to having curves. Tomorrow is the big day! I am ready! My Dr. suggested 270 cc, but hoping for a bit larger. He said I have too... READ MORE

BA & Mini BBL

So excited! I have booked my date for May 11, 2017 for BBL & Breast Augmentation. I like my body now but know that with some enhancements it can look amazing, so I'm trusting Dr. Pantoja to create a work of art. Can't wait to get rid of the padded bras and have my dream body. I am a bit... READ MORE

24 Yr Old, Asian, Petite, 5'0, Slim/slender frame

My motivation: Always wanted more breasts since I was born an A cup. I loved my A cup breasts, and loved the slim frame, however, I wear a lot of bikinis, it would be nice to wear them without wearing padding all the time for cleavage. Plus, I just wanted to have a more balanced figure. My... READ MORE

Did it! 275cc/310cc Motiva Ergonomix Round Silksurface, 38 Years, 1 Kid. Stockholm, SE.

I have finally decided to do this. It has been a long process and I am happy to have arrived at this decision. I have my operation booked on 03/22/2017. I have decided to go with Motiva and the minimum cc my surgeon wants to use – 275/310 cc. I have a slightly smaller right boob and he will t... READ MORE

Breast Aug 400cc

Breast augmentation was something I always wanted but due to timing and finances was never really an option until now. I consulted with 4 docs and made a decision. I'm made my decision based on post op expectations, surgery center used, and interaction during the consultation. . 34B - 34DD! Best... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation with Dr. Sozer

My experience at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery was welcoming since my consultation, the staff is so gentle and kind, meeting with Dr. Sozer for the first time was a pleasure, he walked in with a smile. I asked him what was the biggest size i can get and he recommended 485cc, big, but still... READ MORE

Mom of Three Finally Gettig New Boobies! :) Toronto, ON

I have always been kind of obsessed with breasts, in my early 20s I had decent boobs a full b small c. After breastfeeding three children I am now left with a lot of skin and nothing filling my breasts up. This year all three of my children are in school and I am going to take the plunge and... READ MORE

I Highly Recommend Dr. Guy Watts

A couple years ago I started to think about getting my breasts done. I was size B, I had never been unhappy with my breasts, I just liked my body proportions when my breast were a little larger.I was achieving this with push up bras for years. This year In February I finally took the step to get... READ MORE

26 , No Kids, 5.5" Tall, 140lb - Vancouver, BC

I am having my surgery on August 9. And the initial consultation was last Wednesday. I have chosen Dr. Pugash to perform the surgery. I was waiting for the consultation since June 2015, and here I am... Dr. Pugash was the only doctor i went to, and even though i had to wait for consultation... READ MORE

280/95 Cc Breast Augmentation, 21 Yrs, 5'6 116 Lbs Vegan - Germany, DE

Howdy folks, I was so inspired by all posts that I've read on this website so I decided to share my journey even though I did not want to at first. But f... it, if it might inspire or help someone it was worth it!!! So, I am 5'6 tall (169cm), 27 inch band and 116 lbs (54kg). I am quite lean and... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 5'9 Height, 2 Kids - Dominican Republic, DO

The best surgeon, HANDS DOWN!! As soon as you meet Dr. Peña, you feel the care and trust that he transmits you. My experience was wonderful. Not traumatic at all!! I'm highly satisfied with everything. The whole staff at the clinic was very professional and caring. Super clean and comfortable. ... READ MORE

23 Years Old/ 115lbs/ 250cc HP/ 5'4"/ AA Ready for BOOBS!

Hi Ladies! I've been browsing this sight for a couple of months now and I think it's time to start sharing my BA journey!! It's helped me so much and I hope sharing my experience can help one of you :) I am currently 23/ 5'4/ 115lbs with AA boobs. Yes, I am definitely a member of the itty... READ MORE

33 Years Old with One Child. Sacramento, CA

I went to a few doctors and interview them before I made my decision with Dr Kaczynski.. I've been doing a lot of research for the past two years on breast augmentation so I knew that I wanted a more natural look Dr Kaczynski went over all of the pros and cons with me he was very... READ MORE

Throwin Some Double Ds on my Chest!! Miami, FL

So I have been wanting a Breast Augmentation for years now. I am 5'5 140 lbs and I have 4 children which all I breast fed. In December I had a biopsy where they went into my breast and removed a benign tumor. Well that surgery left me looking crazy. I got cleared by the Dr. That did my biopsy to... READ MORE

Beautiful Breast W/pictures. Miami, FL

I'm so happy with my results, they look so natural. I got 325cc moderate plus under the muscle throught the nipple. A month after my procedure I felt 95% back to normal. My incisions are barely noticeable already. I'm so glad I met Dr. Soler-Baillo, he is amazing at what he does and loves his... READ MORE

59 Yrs Old, always wanted to have big boobs and decided to Give Myself a Big Birthday Gift! Santa Monica, CA

I always wanted to have a bigger boobs...I was size 34A and sugging after breastfed two kids! So I've decided to give myself a big birthday present before I become 60yrs old! And I'm so happy I did that! Now I have very natural beautiful boobs. I'm 34C now. I have been looking for doctors in LA... READ MORE

Breast Aug with Lift Around Areola. Bay Harbor Islands, FL

I really loved dr Miami, I have never had plastic surgery and when I did it I felt comfortable. I went to 3different doctors and all they gave me was you gotta trust my work and my word. I wasn't convinced. I saw dr Miami work and all his great reviews and I loved it. He gave me my mojo back. I... READ MORE

Best Decision I Ever Made. London, GB

Wow what can I say ? Dr. Cavale is an amazing surgeon and I highly recommend him. In fact I do recommend him to anyone I talk to about surgery because noone guesses I have breast implants. I'm am in love with my newer, fuller breasts. They look and feel so natural. Great surgeon, couldn't have... READ MORE

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