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Happy 35th Birthday

34y/o, no kids, 5'2, 110lbs, currently 32A wanting a full B or small C. Finally decided to celebrate a milestone by gifting myself boobies for my 35th birthday (July). I've lurked on this website long enough so now it's time to pay it forward. I have 2 consultations scheduled April 24th and... READ MORE

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

I got my breast augmentation done by one of my favoritest, bestest, sweetest, realest, person in the world! Dr. Goretti Ho. It's been a little less than 2 months since I've got my augmentation done. Specifically ENDOSCOPIC BREAST AUG via AXILA (armpits). She hid the scars really well with... READ MORE

5'3, 128 Pounds, 41 Years Old - Wish Me Luck!

Greetings and thanks to all who have posted and helped me along the way. I had my initial consult in July of 2016 and it's now, May 2017. I went for a second opinion after meeting with the first doctor who NEVER looked at my breasts, only did the 3D imaging...the second doctor was very... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 34AA, 115 Lbs, 5'4", 340cc Extra High Profile

After thinking about it for 10 years... I have decided to have a breast augmentation (BA) finally. Ever since high school, I noticed that I didn't develop like other girls (I'm about a 34AA or 34A now). I thought I would grow in college, but never did. So I always wore bras that had extra... READ MORE

5'0, 96 lbs, 2 kids, From 32A to 32D

I've always had issues with fitting clothes and swimsuits. After breastfeeding, the boobies became deflated and I look more like a boy. ???? I want to be able to fit tops and swimsuits better and to finally have cleavage. What's that??? I had my pre-op yesterday and told my PS that I want... READ MORE

5'3 150 Lbs 450cc Silicone Gel Implants, Breast Fed Two Babies and Want to Fit in my Clothes Right

I wanted to show people what 450CC looks like on a "larger" figure. I feel like a lot of people here on real self are super skinny. I'm a size 6, 5'3 and 150lbs. I always felt like I needed to be a size 0 to match my small chest and finally decided I would be so much happier to just feel full... READ MORE

Finally my Boobs Are Full Again !!!

I've always wanted boobs ever since I was 18years old. I've always been a B cup.After having my son and breastfeeding my boobs lost there fullness. I've started working out and even lost more fullness. And I started not liking how I looked in my clothes and decided it time for me to get my boobs... READ MORE

Small implants, 150-175cc

Hi...have been hanging around this site for a couple months. I have an appointment for my surgery next Friday. Really hoping I help someone who wants small implants because there aren't very many reviews or photos online. I tried on sizers today. I want to look natural still but also look like... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, I Have Breasts Again!

I grew large breasts when young then lost weight and lost my breasts too. Having went through all of my 20's with just wispy ghosts of boobs, I decided before I was 35 to get breast implants. I've always loved augmented breasts and that's what I wanted! Dr. Hedden wants what YOU want. After... READ MORE

250cc , 27 Yrs Old, No Children, Petite - Southend, UK

I had wanted a breast augmentation since I was 18 yrs old. I visited my doctor, who told me to wait until I was at least 25 yrs old as this is the age, your breast roughly stop d growing. I waited, for years I hated my boobs, I was very self conscious. Couldn't wear certain types of clothes . I... READ MORE

Very Happy! 26 no kids, Very Tall and Thin, 300cc Low Profile Smooth Silicone Unders, result 32C

Hey there! I'm looking for a little support as my BA is the day after tomorrow and I'm all by myself. I'm temporarily living far from home, and though I'm very independent it would be nice to hear some thoughts from other people who have done this. I'm 5'10" and 120 lbs, and wear a 34A but... READ MORE

New Breast

I had a breast augmentation almost 2 years ago now. I had lost a lot of weight which meant my breasts had began to sag and they also felt very empty. I was amazed with the results of my surgery, the were exactly wanted, natural fuller looking breasts. Best decision I have ever made. Having this... READ MORE

Very Pleased Patient

I am 32 years old and have been dreaming about a breast augmentation for 17 years. I finally decided this was the year for me. I did my research and found a Doctor with the best review's and who knew exactly what i wanted. I can honestly say there have been no cons about my experience. Im more... READ MORE

Much needed breast enhancement!

I have always been insecure about the size of my breasts. Since college I had thought of the idea of breast enhancement because I never felt confident in the clothes I wore. I always felt less of a woman because I didn't feel the fullness of a shirt or dress. I didn't feel sexy and confident... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement from 32 AA to 32 D/DD

100% recommend Mr Murphy and the Spire Hospital in Manchester for breast enlargement surgery. I had a free initial consultation with Mr Murphy and I went in with some doubts and lots of questions which Mr Murphy happily answered every one and reassured me of lots of rumors and myths I'd read... READ MORE

28 Years, a Kid, 5'8 Ft, 132lbs

I am 28 yrs, 5'8", 132 lbs with a 32A cup prior breast augmentation surgery. I am getting teardrop natural looking Silicone implants something between 325 and 350 cc's (still not sure). I would like to achieve full B or a small C. After breastfeeding my breasts became even smaller, so I'm having... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old, Desperate to Not Look 12 Yrs Old in Clothes

I am 21 years old and have never had big breasts. I am very petite and was not blessed in that area. Having this procedure done has helped me gain more confidence than I have ever had, and made me feel comfortable in my own skin for a change. I am very pleased with the results and size that Dr.... READ MORE

25 Year Old with Breast Augmentation! Love my Results!!

Dr. Colgrove is gifted. I found him through mutual friends who have gotten breast augmentations from him and loved their results. So, I decided to go in for a consultation. The support staff are very friendly and informational. They do not advise how big or small you should go, they just support... READ MORE

32 Long Overdue Breast Augmentation

Like every major decision I have made in the past, I over analysed, researched and agonised over the decision to have breast augmentation for years! Once I actually committed the first step was to find a surgeon, one that would listen to what I wanted. I stated with the internet and was... READ MORE

I Hated my Boobs! - Sugar Land, TX

I had the worst boobs ever! They literally sagged to my rib cage! I was only a B Cup so it was horrible! I lost a ridiculous amount of weight and I felt great about my body with the exception of my sagging breast! I got implants and I feel so confident! My clothes look amazing! They look great!... READ MORE

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