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Not Happy with my Breast Augmentation, Will This Be Included in my Aftercare?

6 weeks ago I had a breast augmentation, and i am not happy with the resutls. My surgeon didnt listen to what i wanted, he decided to go 5cc higher... READ MORE

Do My Breasts Post-BA Look Uneven, Deformed and Too High?

I had moderate profile Mentor 325s placed under the muscle through the armpit almost 5 months ago. I am very petite (Size 0) and have firm tight skin.... READ MORE

Is the PS at Fault if my Implants Go to Far Towards/Under Armpits? (photo)

My implants are about 4mths old, When i lay down they move right under my armpit and sit down my ribs low. What can be done and did the PS make the... READ MORE

How Common is It for Breast Augmentation Patients to Wish They'd Gone Bigger?

I recently underwent breast augmentation at the end of May. I told my PS I wanted to go bigger (from an A cup) but wanted to still look natural. I had... READ MORE

2 Days Post Op BA and I Feel They're Too Small. What Can I Expect From The Final Result?

So i am 2 days post op,i recieved 470cc(R) and 475(L) in order to achieve a 450cc look i got smooth round HP under the muscle.with a crease incision.... READ MORE

I Ended Up with the Wrong Size and Implant.

On April 7th I got my breast implant surgery. I let my doctor picked the size of my implants but we agreed in using a HIGH PROFILE. Instead he used a... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Fix a Botched Breast Augmentation? (Photos)

My surgeon and i agreed upon 600CC HP implants, he implanted 600CC MP implants. The implants laterally migrated and i got severe strech marks. I went... READ MORE

I Have Gummy Bear Implants 410 High Profile, I Am Unhappy, No Wow Appeal. Options

I want to change my implants to a more showy, perky, noticeable breast, I have the 410 gummy bear 455 grams, and despite thier weight and size I look... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op And Unhappy With Results. Will They Look Better? (photo)

Hello. I am a Russian girl and need your opinion about my breast augmentation I did 3 weeks ago. I don't like the results. I had 385cc silicone... READ MORE

I Am Very Dissappointed my Breasts Were 34aa and with 420cc Moderates They Are Only a B

I clearly asked my doctor for 420cc filled to 450cc and he did not do so he just put in 420cc and left it as is. I am 5'4 in height 156lbs with a... READ MORE

I Hate my New Implants! I Feel Huge! I Want Smaller Ones ASAP - 4 Weeks Post BA. What Can I Do?

I had my breast augmentation on April 27th 2012 and I feel HUGE! at first I chose 325-350cc and then asked my PS to be a medium to a full C and he... READ MORE

I Think My Implants Are Too Small- Advice?

Hello to all. I am success from oslo norway. I am a african norwegian. I had a breast surgery 3weeks ago with 300cc but i am not happy with the size.... READ MORE

Can I sue my plastic surgeon for my Breast Augmentation which I am not at all happy with?

I went to a arrogant careless plastic surgeon following him not really listening to me I have undesirable results. Will I be able to sue? I was... READ MORE

What Happened to my Lift with Implants? I Look Horrible... (photo)

I had a breast lift with implants... my breasts are now so uneven and look horrible. I have been told by the hospital that I need to go back after 6... READ MORE

Unhappy With Results Of BA- Not As Big As I Wanted. (photo)

I initially was no cup, I have 300c Submuscular Cohesive Gel breast implant I am smaller than what I thought that i would be, sometime I can fit a 34c... READ MORE

Second Round Breast Augmentation. Unhappy With Results, What to Do? (photo)

My wife recently got a breast augmentation in the last 48hrs. This is her second augmentation in 6 yrs. She had 3 consultations with the DR prior to... READ MORE

Bad scarring after breast lift and implants (Photo)

I had my surgery 6 months ago and I am extremely unhappy with the result and I'm not sure what to do. There is no way I want to show anyone my breasts... READ MORE

7 Mos Post Op / Left Has Fuller Larger Profile Than the Right. What Can I Do? (photo)

Currently, I am 7 mos post op and my right breast feels and looks smaller than my left. I asked my ps and he didn't give me the time of day, he... READ MORE

Uneven Breast After Lift and Augmentation Causing Difficulties Wearing Bra, What Should I Do? (photo)

I had a breast lift with augmentation 8 months ago but my breast looks more uneven. The left side has a 200cc saline implant and on the right a 180 cc... READ MORE

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