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I Have a Stitch Left from my Implants a Year Ago.

I got silicone implants a year ago. It wasn't made in this country. I notice 3 stitches(two in one breast an one inthe other). My regular doctor... READ MORE

Can I put neosporin on my stitches after 8 days?

Can I put neosporin on my stitches after 8 days? Does this help the scaring and make it easier to pull out the stitches? READ MORE

Is it okay if a stitch is left in?

During my 1 week post op, a nurse assited me and took out my sutures/stitches. I was unaware one was left in (i know she was working on that same side... READ MORE

Can I shower with stitches?

I had breast augmentation on February 14 and I need to know when I shower is it ok if the stitches get wet? READ MORE

Stitches didn't dissolve. Will it be OK?

I went to my 4 week check a few days early as I was still experiencing pain when the nurse checked my she found that none of my stitches had dissolved... READ MORE

Concerns with 'Stitch Infection' After Breast Augmentation

Hello, My wife had a breast augmentation 17 days ago. At her one week appointment, the PS replaced the steri-strips. Her left breast is still quite... READ MORE

Stitch Abscess After Breast Augmentation?

I had Breast augmentation and Mastopexy in 2/2009. I had 1 follow-up visit with surgeon who performed surgery. I had to move for my job, so found... READ MORE

Does this wound look like its healing? (photos)

Is the white around the edges of the wound mean its healing or something else? How long does it take to heal? I am 4 wks post op BL/BA. I had an open... READ MORE

Yellow Liquid Coming from Incision 2weeks After BA?

Im 2wks post op ba, and noticed one of my stitches on the beginning of the incision is poking through. All the rest have dissolved. I had my incision... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implants Incision Reopened After Stitches Taken Out?

I'd never smoked, drinked, and I'm not diabetc. I'm health. My breast lift and augmentation look like worst, it reopened after stitches take off. When... READ MORE

2 Years After Augmentation I Found A Stitch Present, What Do I Do?

Hi, I got breast augmentation 2 years ago & recently I've been experiencing irritation around the incision scar only to discover that a stitch... READ MORE

I have a stitch sticking out of incision 3 weeks post op, what shall I do with it? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago, everything has healed great, however I have just found the end of a stitch sticking out the end of my incision READ MORE

3rd week after a breast lift and implants - stitches removed too soon

The 2 under my nipples were opened and now I have two open triangles. My doctor suggested i put neosporin and gause and change it every 24 hours. Is... READ MORE

Is it normal to have burning sensation after stitches splitting?

Ok, today I think I spit 2 stiches. I notice a red dot on my right breast and when I looked closer it was a hole. Then I looked at my left and there... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for 1/2 Centimeter Wound Dehiscence to Heal?

I am 3 weeks post op and have a small hole in one of my inframammary wounds after breast augmentation. My surgeon found sutures working their way out... READ MORE

Yellow Discharge After BA Stitch Removed, Normal?

Hi, I am 13 post op. the yellow discharge appear on day 8 after stitch removal. Today which is day 13, the yellow discharge stained my clothes, not... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, the stitches came through my skin near my incisions. Is this normal? (photos)

Had lollyopop lift 4 weeks post op 300 cc unders Removed steri strips at 3 weeks Skin had small scabs No redness but stil bruised Should I stil have... READ MORE

I Have a String Coming out of One Little Spot on my BA Incision? (photo)

Is it normal? is It going to heal by itself? Also I want to know how my other incision look. It seems that some of the stitches came off and its... READ MORE

Should an Incision Be Sutured After Implant Exposure? Is It Ok to Leave the Implant Exposed for a Week Before Removal? (photo)

1 week Post op the left breast implant felt higher and noticeably more swollen I was assured was normal and would settle over time.MD 3 weeks post op... READ MORE

7 weeks post op Breast Augmentation. Is it infected? What needs to be done? Is it normal? (photos)

5weeks post op I noticed a small hole. I went to my Nurse and she dressed it cleaned it and said it was normal and that the end stitch has risen to... READ MORE

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