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Effects of Smoking on Breast Augmentation Results?

What happens if you still smoke before Breast augmentation? What are the effects on the outcome of the breasts and can I ever smoke again? I've... READ MORE

Smoking Only 2-3 a Day, Can It Affect Your Healing Process So Bad?

Im going for a breast lift and tummy tuck and fix of inverted nipples.... I'll be going the 13th of July. I'm a social smoker, I'm... READ MORE

Smoked Two Cigarettes 48 Hours Before BA Surgery is that OK?

Hi! My BA surgery is on Friday at 9AM...48 hours essentially. I am not an occasional smoker but today I smoked two cigarettes and also three... READ MORE

How will my doctor know if I smoked cigarettes before surgery?

Today is Monday and my BA is on Wednesday. I have been doing my absolute best to cut down on smoking and I am still very nervous that they may... READ MORE

Will smoking affect my lab work test?

Will smoking affect my lab work test? I'm scared of not getting cleared for my lab work. READ MORE

Smoking Before Breast Augmentation Lead to Major Complications?

Hello, im having Breast Augmentation on Tuesday, November 17, 2009. I have smoked 10 cigarettes during the 2-week period, 4 in the past 6 days.... READ MORE

Is 3 Weeks Long Enough to Past a Nicotine Unine Test & Have a Safe Breast Agumentation & Lift

My dr requires 4 weeks smoke free before having a breast lift. I would have been exactly that had I not smoked about 10 cigarettes after recieving... READ MORE

What Are the Effects of Taking Cocaine After a Breast Augmentation?

Yes I know I will be judged for using the drug in the first place but it is a social thing and i please i just need some advice, I have recently had a... READ MORE

Smoking Electronic Cigarette Ok After Breast Aug/lift?

I know i cant smoke but can i smoke a electronic cigarette READ MORE

Can I Smoke Pot a Week Before Breast Augmentation?

Or eat it? I am a regular consumer of marijuana and don't want to take a break, but can if I have to for safety with general anesthesia. How much... READ MORE

I Had my BA Done 2 Weeks Ago. And I Have Started to Smoke a Few Days Ago.Will It Cause Capsular Contracture?

Btw, my breast still swelling so I can't see the different if it is CC or swollen still. I will stop smoking now and start to do more massaging.... READ MORE

Smoking after breast augmentation. Will it affect my healing?

Unfortunately for me like many other people smoking relieves my anxiety and helps me become less stressed. So today I had a smoke, just one and as... READ MORE

Smoking and Scheduled for BA and BL 5/22/12. Am I Safe?

I will only have 11 days smoke free. I need to reschedule right??? I am so mad at myself, I could scream!!! I also have factor 5 leiden and... READ MORE

Do I Need to Reschedule Breast Augmentation and Chin Lipo if I've Smoked a Cigarette?

I had a few drags on a cigarette last night and have breast augmentation and chin lipo scheduled on Wednesday, should I reschedule? I have been 100%... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Breast Augmentation in Bangalore

My age is 28 I always plan to take up with breast surgery, but I am scared with the complication, if it become unsuccessfull, or after 10 yrs or any... READ MORE

I Did Cocaine for 1st Time and Smoked Some Cigerettes and my Breast Augmentation is 6days Away-should I Reschedule my Surgery?

Please help , my BA is scheduled for 6 days away and stupidley i was at a party 3 days ago and did some cocaine and smoked cigerattes -i am so annoyed... READ MORE

Is This Normal? What Do I Do if my Plastic Surgeon Won't Help Me? (photo)

I am 38 years old and undergone a breast augmentation (due to back problems) on January 15, 2012. The next day my left breast had split open about the... READ MORE

Are my breasts tuberous or just under developed? (photos)

I'm a 21 year old female who began menses at 10 years old. I began smoking that same year followed by substance abuse and an eating disorder. I am... READ MORE

Would smoking straight after breast implants affect on my healing?

Hi, I gave up smoking 2 weeks prior to surgery and was doing great but have slipped up a little.. I am 2 weeks post op and over the last 2 weeks I... READ MORE

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