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Still Have Scabs 6 Weeks Post-op? (photo)

I had a breast lift with augmentation 6 weeks ago. It worries me that I still have two big scabs under my nipples where the incision meets the... READ MORE

Is it better lo leave the scab alone (and dry) or try to make it fall? (photo)

I have a thick scab over my right nipple due to necrosis. I had bl with implant done in Colombia on Oct 29, 2013, my right nipple turned black... READ MORE

Tiny Black Scab and Puckered Nipples Normal 14 Days Post Op?

Everything has been fine. I have been to my PS nurses twice, to remove staples and the second time a stitch was out and it was irritating me. Both... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, the stitches came through my skin near my incisions. Is this normal? (photos)

Had lollyopop lift 4 weeks post op 300 cc unders Removed steri strips at 3 weeks Skin had small scabs No redness but stil bruised Should I stil have... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Lift and Implant Done 13 Days Ago. My Left Breast is Turning Black and Hard Scab Around It? (photo)

The right breast is looking really good and normal. Im very concerned what is going on with my left nipple! I took a shower and on top of the nipple a... READ MORE

Post Breast Augmentation Incision Healing?

16 days ago I had a BA with correction of tuberous breasts. I had the incisions around my entire nipple and just removed the surgi-strips on day 14.... READ MORE

Benelli Lift and 550cc Hp Gel Implants? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post op and when I went for my 5 day post op visit I was very concerned as I had a benelli lift and gel implants when the bandage was... READ MORE

Is this an infection or is this scabbing, why is it taking so long to heal? Breasts feel so tender, what can I apply? (photos)

Well I got a breast lift and a implant 380cc 2 weeks ago and worry my doctor tell me I don't got an infection but I don't like how my incision is... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, how do I apply steri-strips? (photo)

I had surgery 3 weeks ago: full lift and implant in the right breast with an "anchor" incision, and an implant with a "lollipop" incision in the left.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have scabs all over my incisions three wks post op? And can I start taping over them to help scarring? (photo)

I have looked at many pictures here on real self and most women don't develop scabs, I am not sure why I did! I don't smoke. My surgeon says this is... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, is it the incision come apart? (photo)

Im 6 wks post op with a lift & BA. Scab fell off a few days ago. Now the incision is getting wider. Like the skin is pulling apart. It is currently... READ MORE

I Have a Really Raw Scab Underneath my Right Areola. How Can I Get It to Heal?

I had a breast lift with augmentation a month and a half ago. I love the results that I got. But I'm worried that a scab on my right breast underneath... READ MORE

What is this dark mark on my incision scar? (photo)

I had a breast aug 9 months ago, and in the early weeks following the op one of my scars showed signs of a little bleeding where it hadn't healed as... READ MORE

My breast augmentation incision is not healed at 6 weeks. What is causing this? (photo)

I have had my left implant removed do to necrosis. I have had 6 cultures all came back negative but I was on antibiotics when I took them and I am... READ MORE

I am 5.5 weeks post op. Is this an infection? (photos)

I am 5 and a half weeks post op TT/BL and BA. A week ago my dog jumped up on me and hit my incision with his paw. The bruise it left turned into this... READ MORE

Am I spitting sutures? What else can I do or expect? (Photo)

Hi I am 3 1/2weeks post breast aug and lift. A 6 days ago a scab fell off and left and small hole around my areola, since then 2 other small holes... READ MORE

My wound under breast is taking a long time to heal. Am I doing something wrong? Feels like it will be there forever. (photo)

I had a mommy makeover March 26,2015 (7 weeks ago today) this included lift (no implant).About four weeks post-op the tape was taken off and I had a... READ MORE

Black scab around nipple seems to be getting worse I think. What went wrong? (Photo)

I'm very worried that it looks worse instead of better. There is separation around the nipple and at the top of the T should I be worried. I am not... READ MORE

Breast Implants 27 days ago, removed my medical tape for 3 days only and got an infection.

It was red and a scab. The next day I took the tape off and it was like a waterfall coming out of incision.Obviously I freaked out went to an... READ MORE

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