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Swelling and bruising in the groin after abdominal lipo- what is normal?

2 days ago I had a BA and lipo on the stomach. yesterday I noticed that my pubic area was beginning to swell (this part did not get any lipo) so I... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Outer Lining of the Areola, to Turn Dark 2 Days After BA?

I really need help on this one, my doc is on vacation...and i wont be going to PS office till mondsy. thats 2 more days. I'm really worried about... READ MORE

Do I have nipple necrosis 5 days after op? (photos)

Was a little worried its been five days since my breast lift and the right breast seems a purple black colour were as the left seems perfectly fine.... READ MORE

Redness and Purple on the Bottom Half of my Breasts After BA?

Hello, it's been 6 days. My breasts were feeling good by the third and fourth day however today they are sore and are red/purple from the incisions... READ MORE

Is is common for areola scars to look like this 1 year post op? Do you think I might need a revision? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation(went from B to C) with areolar reduction a year ago. I compared my scars to some post op pictures on this website, and... READ MORE

Had surgery 1 week ago. My left bottom nipple is purple. Why? (Photo)

I had abreast lift with implants 1 wk ago when I went to my follow up 3 days later my doctor said he isn't like what he saw on my left nipple he then... READ MORE

My nipple is purple. 3 days post op. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi there, I had a Maxopexy & Breast Augmentation on Tuesday the 1 Dec 2015. In Surgery for 3 hours, a lot of excess skin. Everything is going fanatic... READ MORE

I have purple & black scar on breast implant surgery. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery (my second) on 5/28/15. One side I had a lift to correct my un-even nipples. The other side the doctor went back in... READ MORE

Can a small hematoma be yellow with no purple? (photo)

I understand that hematomas often cause assymmetry, swelling of the affected side, purple bruising, etc but what about minor hematomas? Can a hematoma... READ MORE

Nipple bruising or something worse? (photo)

Hi there, Had a life and a 500cc implant inserted. I am 12 days post op. I feel I am healing well. All check ups are positive. My left nipple has been... READ MORE

I had a bilateral augmentation with mastopexy 3 days ago. Is this nipple necrosis?

I had a bilateral augmentation with mastopexy 3 days ago. My left nipple is purple on the underside. My PS prescribed a topical cream called Nitro-Bid... READ MORE


My bruised breast is causing constant pain. i have trapped air/liquid above both breasts. I have got a bit of yellow bruising under one arm pit and I... READ MORE

I noticed this purple blister underneath my my right breast by the tape line. Could it be an infection? (photos)

I got my breasts done 5 days ago and noticed this purple blister last night it got bigger and darker over night. I'm so scared so I go the hospital?... READ MORE

Small purple dot at end of incision. Any suggestions? (photos)

1 month post-op. Initially looked like it had puss in it but the yellowish color went away and it looked purple. I tried to squeeze it to release any... READ MORE

Instructions/clarfication for using silicone sheets on inframammary incision scars, plz. 10 wks post BA (Photos)

After removing a silicone sheet, should the scar & surrounding skin have an impresssion the length/width of the sheet used, & be... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Purple nipple? (photos)

Left breast after surgery had bleeding through gauze now the nipple is partly purple. The other nipple is normal color. Is this purple from the bleed... READ MORE

Is this discoloration and itchiness normal? (Photos)

I didn't have a breast reduction or augmentation, I had a benign growth removed. The area was initially purple so I assumed it was just bruising but... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about my breasts/ nipples?

I'm 18, female and today I noticed my nipples are purple (which isn't normal for me at least..) they're usually a pinkish color and my areolas look... READ MORE

Stretch Marks Appeared 3 months post-op. Looking for advice beyond what my plastic surgeon has given me. Any suggestion?

I had my breast augmentation in August and 3 months after my surgery, TONS of deep, purple stretch marks appeared. I went to my PS and he recommended... READ MORE

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