Odor + Breast Augmentation

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19 Days After Breast Lift/ Breast Augmentation Notice a Foul Smell?

Two days ago i noticed a foul smell and a tiny bit of brownish/reddish discharge on my right incision at the bottom of my areola. Called my doctor and... READ MORE

Possible Breast Infection, How Do I Know?

I had a breast lift along with implant surgery about 2 weeks ago.Yesterday while at work I kept noticing this weird smell.Once I came home I took a... READ MORE

Major Bad Odor from Open End of Incision, Too Worry?

I had my breast augmentation right over three weeks ago and at the end of one incision the very end is opened. It has been open for a week. The past... READ MORE

Does the incision look normal? (Photo)

Hello! I just removed my tape yesterday, two weeks after the surgery date. They don't hurt much, just a bit itchy and smell funny. Does this incission... READ MORE

Will I need implant replacement? Is this serious? Worried (Photo)

I had surgery 15 days ago & was doing so well. I freaked out when I saw blood through my sports bra. Blood was coming out. No foul smell. Redness... READ MORE

Do I have infection? (Photo)

I don't know if I have infection and if is normal how the scars looks. My doctor said it's normal , but I don't like the smell and how they look plus... READ MORE

10 yrs post op Silicone Breast Implant, I have this smell under my breasts. Is this normal?

My silicone implants (through the nipple) are ten years old and I know that they don't last forever so I've been thinking about removing them without... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Do I have an Infection? (photos)

I don't know what to think about my surgery because it doesn't get better plus I been seeing my doctor twice a week and he say its normal but I don't... READ MORE

I have a bad odor in one armpit after getting saline implants over 2 years ago! What do you think the problem is?

I got saline implants through my armpit over 2 years ago and now I am having a bad odor from just one armpit! I wash with soap and water and use... READ MORE

I had a benelli lift w/silicone implants feb14. I started to get cyst with puss. Strings were removed. Should I worry? (Photo)

He finally removed the strings and said it would get better but I still have puss with an odor coming out and small cyst all over that area. Both... READ MORE

How best to treat first sign of infection?? (photos)

Have had some weeping from my breast . I am nearly 3 weeks post operation. I have taken the tape off and have found the start of a small infection. It... READ MORE

It's been 9 months since my breast aug and I still have a bad odor in armpits. What is causing it?

The smell was very strong after surgery but it slowly went away but still there. i moved to the united states and my surgery was in my country and im... READ MORE

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