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Unhappy with Inframammary Fold After Low Profile Implants with Lift

Sugrery date: 11-11-11 low profile silicone gel 397cc's in each breast under the muscle Had my operation about a month and a half ago. Happy with... READ MORE

Would Anatomical or Low Prof Round Silicone Create More of a Natural Look? (photo)

5'6,125lbs,22yrs old, small 34a I was originally choosing between anatomical mentor implant at 300cc or 345cc, but since it is more oval compared... READ MORE

I Got 470cc Low Profile, Over the Muscle, Did I Make the Right Decision? (photo)

I was flat C breast cup before my BA...I had 470cc CUI low profiles,overs implants...Was it a good choice?..take a look at my pictures plz and tell me... READ MORE

Moderate vs Low Profile Breast Implant

Is "moderate" considered a low profile implant, or is there actually a low profile version of breast implants? READ MORE

What Type of Implant to Get? My Doctor Says Low Profile Is For Me, Will I Get Any Projection?

I am going to get a lift wth implant. My ps is suggesting mentor low profile due to breast width of 14cm. I am currently a 36D but very delfated and... READ MORE

My Girls Friends Boobs Hurt and Are Still High at 11 Weeks? (photo)

Please help, the doc is still gone and her boobs hurt in the middle there giving her sharp pains, and they still haven't droped yet, she got 325 low... READ MORE

Would It Be Possible for Me to Have Low Profile Implants? (photo)

I'm interested in getting a very natural look and from what i've seen the lower profile implants look far more natural. i prefer a flatter look with... READ MORE

Very disappointed with Breast Augmentation.I am 24yo, 5'6" tall,157lbs (wide frame, athletic body, was A size before surgery).

I had my BA on 03/17/14 the doctor never showed me any implants, he said me that he will choose the proper one during surgery. My request was MAKE IT... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation done over the muscle with 325cc low profile breast implants. (photo)

I got breast implants 2 years back. 325cc over the muscle low profile. I did not have sagging breasts. Jus the 1 was deflated from breastfeeding. The... READ MORE

Is It Worth It to Add 30cc to One Implant Two Years After Surgery to Even out Size or Best to Leave Alone? (photo)

I had a BA two years ago, and while I am happy overall, my right breast is slightly smaller than my left. I had LP 400cc saline implants; my left... READ MORE

What is the best breast procedure for me? (Photo)

I want the result to be a symetrical round low profile look with the nipple in the middle and upper pole fullness. I used a tape measure in the... READ MORE

Will my breast redrape or is this a double bubble, bottoming out? (photo)

I'm approaching 3 months since my BA surgery. I have 350 low profiles filled to 420 under. I flew out to Los Angeles to get them done. Will this... READ MORE

Opinion on whether lift is necessary with BA. I want my breasts back to their pre-baby fullness. (Photo)

Hi, I would appreciate some extra opinions on my situation; I would like my breasts back to their pre-baby fullness, & chose 225cc conical over the... READ MORE

I'm 5'6", 135 lb, 36A. Which would you recommend; Low profile or Mid? (photos)

Im 5'6", 135lb, 36A. (2 kids) Looking to get low or mid profile round silicone implants. Im more a fan of the lower pole being fuller than the top.... READ MORE

Breast augmentation A cup to C or D? (Photo)

I'm 5'7", 130 lbs and just turned 30. I'm an A cup looking into silicone implants that would be more low profile. (Not the top rounded, fake look).... READ MORE

What do you think of my breast lift with implants? Eurosilicone 280cc 85% low profile dual plane (Photo)

Operated Apr 2014 During the operation he decided the size of the implants August 2014 said that I thought implants were too high. He didnt agree.... READ MORE

Went to a consultation for a breast aug. Is this a good recommendation? (Photo)

I'm 22 years old, 5'7" around 135 pounds. I went to a consultation where the PS recommended that I get 400 CC in my left breast & 300 CC in my right... READ MORE

Would I get a good result from explantation? (Photo)

I think I have CC in my right breast. Just thinking ahead about if it comes to a surgery is rather just remove than get new ones. I have 300cc sub... READ MORE

Would low profile, 250cc be the right size to achieve my desired look? (Photo)

I lost about 50 pounds in my late teens and now my breasts seem fairly deflated. I want a very natural augmentation and to improve upon my cleavage. I... READ MORE

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