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Military / Cash Discount for Breast Augmentation

Can my wife get a military/cash discount. She is a 34C wants to be a 34DD high profile. She had 2 children back to back and breast fed. She is 31yo... READ MORE

How to Increase Breast Size?

Well.I'm 17 years old and i weigh 112 Pounds and my tall is 5'5 and i've lost weight and my breasts got smaller and i want to increase it's size am... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Without a Lift in Naturally Large Breasts? (photo)

I'm looking to maintain a natural hang, while adding fullness to the upper portion of my breasts. I'm currently a large C, would like to increase to a... READ MORE

Do You Recommend a Lift Or Can I Do With Only Implants? (photo)

Full C want DD - would I need a lift too or would the implant correct the sagging? I also want them closer together, as of now my nipples kind of look... READ MORE

600 or 800cc's to Big?

I'm 5'8 180, 36 small C.....going over the muscle,I want the full round "porn star look" will 800's be overly freakish huge on me? I want full DD's or... READ MORE

I Had a Small 34 C(my Breast Didn't Fill the Bra Cup) Pre-op, I Had 616cc Allergen?

Im 5'5, 130 pounds...I had a small 34 c(my breast didn't fill the bra cup) pre-op, I had 616cc Allergen Silicone breast implants. It has been almost 3... READ MORE

Wants Breast Implants That Will Take Me from a C38 to a VERY Full 36DD? (photo)

I'm currently C38 and I do have some sagging as pictures show. I want more projection and fullness then I naturally have. I personally do not want to... READ MORE

450cc Moderate Profile Over Muscle - Bad Choice? Do I Need Another Lift?

Preop - I was a C cup. I wanted to be a full C/small D. The surgeon I went to recommended BL+BA. Post op- I am no smaller than a DD, regardless of bra... READ MORE

Should I Get a Breast Lift Or? (photo)

Basically I just want to know if I should get a breast lift or if there is any possible way to get only implants and get the results I'm looking for.... READ MORE

Could I get away with just an augmentation and no lift?!

I'm currently a large C, but hoping to be a D/DD. I'm 26, have 2 kids, age 4 and 5, with my first being breastfed. I want them to look natural and... READ MORE

What is Achieveable and Still Realistic For A Breast Lift With Implants?

I am 5'4" 128 lbs. I AM seeing a BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgon with hospital privelages.I want a specific LOOK. how do I convey that. Is... READ MORE

I'm approx. a C cup would like to be a full DD cup. Looking at 475 high profile silicone submuscular implants? (photo)

I'm 35 years old 5'4" and approx. 140lbs. I'm looking to get a BA in the next couple of months. I believe at this time I am approx. a 36 C and I want... READ MORE

Is a Mini Tummy Tuck with Liposuction and a Breast Augmentation Right For Me? (photo)

Looking into modeling and need to get rid of stretch marks I already have a scar from a c-section I am not flabby but I need my body to be back on... READ MORE

Is There a Limit to the Volume if Doing a Lift and Augmentation?

I am 5'6, 170lbs and 35yo. I'm about to have a lift and augmentation done and was told 300cc's was the largest I could go, is this... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift or Will Just Implants Do? (photo)

Hi so I'm 22 and having a breast augmentation in November. I have lost a total of 55 pounds since I was 17 and I'm relatively in good shape and work... READ MORE

How Many CC's Should I Go to Get my Desired Look? (photo)

I have my breast augmentation scheduled for June. I am indecisive about how many CC's to go to achieve the look I want. I am also having a breast lift... READ MORE

A little saggy with mild ptosis. Currently 36C, want to be 36D or DD with no lift. Is it possible?

Im 38 yrs old have 2 kids and i want bigger sexier fuller breasts. I have gone to a few ps and they have each told me different things.. one tells me... READ MORE

Do I have tubular, saggy, or normal breasts? (Photo)

19 years old, 20 in a few months. My boobs are currently to me saggy and wide far apart but flat. As you see in the pictures they seem to be outward.... READ MORE

Breast augmentation from 36C to 600CC don't want a lift. (photos)

I have provided pictures for a better advice. I am aware and been told I need a lift wich I am trying to avoid because of the scar I've lost some... READ MORE

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