Bump + Breast Augmentation

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Bump on Bottom of Breast and Extreme Arm Pain After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had 600cc silicone implants inserted through the armpit area 10 days ago. I had notice the small bump under my breast 2 days after surgery, it feels... READ MORE

I have scoliosis, which caused my breasts to look uneven. Once I fix my spine, will breast implants even out my breasts? (photo)

Due to my curvature and twist of my scoliosis, I have a rib bump. This causes one of my breast to have a larger nipple and be slightly more stretched... READ MORE

What Could This Red, White, Itchy Bump Be?

I just got over some sort of infection caused by food poisoning and now have cc... I stopped taking antibiotics less than 1 week ago. This raised... READ MORE

I Had Breast Lift 1 Yr Ago. Found Pea Sized Mass at Incision Site?

It has been a year since my breast reduction/lift procedure. I have found a pea sized mass at incision site underneath my breast. Should I be concerned? READ MORE

Is my Implant Misplaced?? (photo)

Hey I did my gel implants in montreal (I live here) and it was 3 weeks ago i have 500cc And my left breast has like a bump (which is the implant )... READ MORE

Small Painful Ball Under Breast After Augmentation?

I had surgery in early Dec & under my left breast is a small ball, roughly the size of a BB. It's incredibly painful, I feel it all the time but... READ MORE

I have a white shaped large bump by my nipple incision: is this normal? (photo)

Hi everyone, I noticed a small white bump on my left breast by the nipple incision the other day, I didn't think anything of it until today... It... READ MORE

What About Bump on One Breast? (photo)

7 weeks ago BA (245cc, anatom., submusc.). From wk 1 my left breast is larger than right due to a difference in thorax. He warned me there would be a... READ MORE

Small bump in clevage area on left breast feels like fluid or air when pushed, should I go to my doctor?

I googled this and a lot of forums said it was just an air bubble or pocket that will absorb eventually. I'm 12 days post op just asking if it's a... READ MORE

Is a Bump on the Lateral Side Normal After Capsulorhhaphy?

I had a BA revision (saline to silicone, unders) w/ capsulorhhaphy to fix lat shift and lat rippling, R worse than L. Apparently more significant... READ MORE

I'm 32 yrs old, 114 lbs, 4'11, 34 A. I have a big bump in left breast after Breast Augmentation of 475cc. Is this normal?(photo)

Hi guys! 20 days PO since day 5 I noticed lump on left breast no pain just like a big lump feels soft my PS said most likely it'll go away with... READ MORE

2 Days Post Op and Have a Small Yet Painful Lump on Outside of Right Breast?

I know I'm only 2 ddays in and pain is normal, however my right breast has a lump that is painful on the outside. I can feel it and it restricts... READ MORE

Hard bump near incision Breast Augmentation gummy? (photos)

Hello doctors, I have a lump approximately 1/2 inch near my incision. It doesn't hurt, but I have no idea what it is. It feels like a little pea or... READ MORE

I'd like some help conceding this fold on my right breast and how I can help this? (photos)

I got my implants about a year ago and recently started noticing a bump on my right breast so I'm starting to worry it sort of hurts when I wear a bra... READ MORE

Why do I have a bump that feels bruised above my belly button after breast augmentation? (photo)

I had breast augmentation under the muscle crease entry. I just noticed there is a bruised bump above my belly button. Any idea why or what this is? READ MORE

What is this huge painful bump on my incision? (photos)

I am 6 mos post op. I had 475cc under the muscle. I have been experiencing different symptoms in my right best from pain, being very firm, the... READ MORE

I Had an Augmentation and Mastoplexy 19 Days Ago and I Have a Golf Ball Size Constant Burning Feeling? (photo)

On the very upper inside of my left breast that has been there for 5 days. When I take a deep breath I have an intense sharp pain in the exact same... READ MORE

What is this rash above my incision post breast augmentation? (photos)

I formed a red rash above my incision a few hours after my BA. It has now been a week, and it is still there. I was seen by my surgeon yesterday, and... READ MORE

Bump/bite on Breast with Implant (Photo)

Hi and thank you for any replies. Noticed a very small, slightly itchy bump on my inner breast a few days ago. Since then it became a slightly raised... READ MORE

Feeling bump on bottom of breast one week post op. 425cc silicone mod + unders. small A cup pre-op. (photo)

I can feel something on the bottom of my breasts it's not quite a lump but when I run my hand along the bottom of the breast it does not feel smooth... READ MORE

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