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Bump on Bottom of Breast and Extreme Arm Pain After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had 600cc silicone implants inserted through the armpit area 10 days ago. I had notice the small bump under my breast 2 days after surgery, it feels... READ MORE

I have scoliosis, which caused my breasts to look uneven. Once I fix my spine, will breast implants even out my breasts? (photo)

Due to my curvature and twist of my scoliosis, I have a rib bump. This causes one of my breast to have a larger nipple and be slightly more stretched... READ MORE

I Had Breast Lift 1 Yr Ago. Found Pea Sized Mass at Incision Site?

It has been a year since my breast reduction/lift procedure. I have found a pea sized mass at incision site underneath my breast. Should I be concerned? READ MORE

What Could This Red, White, Itchy Bump Be?

I just got over some sort of infection caused by food poisoning and now have cc... I stopped taking antibiotics less than 1 week ago. This raised... READ MORE

Is my Implant Misplaced?? (photo)

Hey I did my gel implants in montreal (I live here) and it was 3 weeks ago i have 500cc And my left breast has like a bump (which is the implant )... READ MORE

I have a white shaped large bump by my nipple incision: is this normal? (photo)

Hi everyone, I noticed a small white bump on my left breast by the nipple incision the other day, I didn't think anything of it until today... It... READ MORE

Small Painful Ball Under Breast After Augmentation?

I had surgery in early Dec & under my left breast is a small ball, roughly the size of a BB. It's incredibly painful, I feel it all the time but... READ MORE

What About Bump on One Breast? (photo)

7 weeks ago BA (245cc, anatom., submusc.). From wk 1 my left breast is larger than right due to a difference in thorax. He warned me there would be a... READ MORE

Small bump in clevage area on left breast feels like fluid or air when pushed, should I go to my doctor?

I googled this and a lot of forums said it was just an air bubble or pocket that will absorb eventually. I'm 12 days post op just asking if it's a... READ MORE

I'm 32 yrs old, 114 lbs, 4'11, 34 A. I have a big bump in left breast after Breast Augmentation of 475cc. Is this normal?(photo)

Hi guys! 20 days PO since day 5 I noticed lump on left breast no pain just like a big lump feels soft my PS said most likely it'll go away with... READ MORE

Is a Bump on the Lateral Side Normal After Capsulorhhaphy?

I had a BA revision (saline to silicone, unders) w/ capsulorhhaphy to fix lat shift and lat rippling, R worse than L. Apparently more significant... READ MORE

Hard bump near incision Breast Augmentation gummy? (photos)

Hello doctors, I have a lump approximately 1/2 inch near my incision. It doesn't hurt, but I have no idea what it is. It feels like a little pea or... READ MORE

2 Days Post Op and Have a Small Yet Painful Lump on Outside of Right Breast?

I know I'm only 2 ddays in and pain is normal, however my right breast has a lump that is painful on the outside. I can feel it and it restricts... READ MORE

I'd like some help conceding this fold on my right breast and how I can help this? (photos)

I got my implants about a year ago and recently started noticing a bump on my right breast so I'm starting to worry it sort of hurts when I wear a bra... READ MORE

What is this huge painful bump on my incision? (photos)

I am 6 mos post op. I had 475cc under the muscle. I have been experiencing different symptoms in my right best from pain, being very firm, the... READ MORE

Why do I have a bump that feels bruised above my belly button after breast augmentation? (photo)

I had breast augmentation under the muscle crease entry. I just noticed there is a bruised bump above my belly button. Any idea why or what this is? READ MORE

I Had an Augmentation and Mastoplexy 19 Days Ago and I Have a Golf Ball Size Constant Burning Feeling? (photo)

On the very upper inside of my left breast that has been there for 5 days. When I take a deep breath I have an intense sharp pain in the exact same... READ MORE

What is this rash above my incision post breast augmentation? (photos)

I formed a red rash above my incision a few hours after my BA. It has now been a week, and it is still there. I was seen by my surgeon yesterday, and... READ MORE

Bump/bite on Breast with Implant (Photo)

Hi and thank you for any replies. Noticed a very small, slightly itchy bump on my inner breast a few days ago. Since then it became a slightly raised... READ MORE

3 months after full lift and implant surgery I am having drainage? (Photos)

What causes drainage? I went running, the next day my right breast was swollen and I felt like I had the flu.. achy, sweaty, cold. A week later under... READ MORE

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