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750cc - I Want to Be Large

I woud like to be a extremely large size i was hoping with 750cc breast implant i could have that with shooth round moderate PLUS profile saline......... READ MORE

3 days post op staged procedure, 750cc Allergan implants style20 silicone. Do they look ok? (photo)

I had a reduction lift and Lipo on 03/05/2014 I healed until 05/22/2014 and then got implants.This is my second lift and implants. I lost my first set... READ MORE

Scared of Going 750 Ccs with a Anchor Lift Maxopexy, Will it be Noticeable?

Hi. Had a deflation & I'm about to get an anchor maxopexy with implants in about a week. I'm currently 165pounds and 5'4" I have... READ MORE

5 months post op, I have capsulotomy. Is this normal? 700CC (L), 750CC (R)- SILICONE (photos)

Hi. I have had 7 surgeries total. Just had capsulotomy on L side to lower implant and remove some scar tissue. 5 mos. postop of capsulectomy on rt... READ MORE

I'm definitely not happy with my size of implants! Should I find another doctor to get what I want? (Photo)

I'm definitely not happy with my size of implants I expressed to my PS I wanted to have large breasts. I still find myself buying push ups with... READ MORE

Can I achieve this look with 750cc silicone hp? (Photo)

I have one child and went from a full c maybe small double d after my pregnancy and then down to a small b after quickly loosing all the baby weight.... READ MORE

How do I know if I have a hematoma or just bruising? (photo)

This was my 3rd BA, I switched out my 600cc saline HP under the muscle, for 750cc silicone HP over the muscle. With my first 2 BA's I had no bruising,... READ MORE

Size for a 5'8" 130lb women? (photos)

I am 3 weeks pre-op and just trying to find out how big I will be based on being 5'8" and 130lbs. I'm thin/athletic. I have decided to go with 750cc... READ MORE

How do big-breasted gals choose implants? (photo)

I have 750cc high profile implants that I am swapping out for smaller, happier implants, along with a lift. However, since my breasts are so large I... READ MORE

Did my surgeon fail to create the size implant I asked for? (photos)

My surgeon began our journey giving me a Brest lift. 5 weeks following the lift, I asked for XXL high profile implants (Fri 13th 2015). I did the rice... READ MORE

Is any of this normal ? (photos)

Im 2 month post op. I think the skin has lifted between my breast. I also have a double double breast thing going on. It looks like I have a breast on... READ MORE

750cc and I'm not happy. 10wks post op. (photo)

Just not happy. One looks great and the other looks like the evil sister! PS said that is the way my body is so there is nothing he can do. My 750cc... READ MORE

Will my breast increase in size once my implants have "dropped"? (photos)

Will my breast look bigger once my 750cc implant (under the muscle/high profile) "drops"? And when they fo drop, do you think I will have adequate... READ MORE

My implants are too high, and smaller than I wanted. I'm only 2 hours post op. Will this change? (Photo)

Couple hours post op. 750cc high profile. They seem so high and not as big as I thought. Does this change? I wanted them big. READ MORE

When will the square look go away? 9 days post BA. (photos)

I have 750cc, smooth round HP, silicone implants. It's only been 9 days since surgery, but read that larger implants take more time to settle (drop... READ MORE

MTF Transgender went to 4 consultations & was advised for 750-800cc at each consult. Is this correct for my goal? (photo)

I have tried on Sizers and love the 800cc. I am doing Saline under the muscle. I am wondering though if I will be too big. My goal is to have them... READ MORE

Can a larger high profile silicone implant (700 to 750) make a person look larger?

I'm thinking of getting 750cc high profile silicone implants. I want full boobies. My profile is I'm 39, about 160. I measured 14.8. I'm not even sure... READ MORE

What is wrong with my implants? Symmastia? (photo)

I had am augmentation 9 weeks ago. I started at and a cup. Looking to achieve maximum cleavage between d/dd. now I cannot find a bra that fits... READ MORE

It is possible overfill an implant after 6 months??? (photo)

Hi! I just got Bl an Ba on February 14, 2014. I had 600cc overfill to 630, but I want to be one size bigger. The Md said that can be overfill to up... READ MORE

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