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Small Frame with Silicone High Profile 275cc, 280cc, 300cc?

I am 4'11 95lbs and currently a 30AA/small padded 32A. I want to be a C but do not want to go any large in fears of making me looking shorter and... READ MORE

What Breast Implant Size Would You Suggest for my Body Type?

I am 4'9 and weigh around 110 lbs. My shoulders are very broad and I currently wear a 34A. I am considering a breast augmentation and would want to go... READ MORE

How much is breast augmentation going to cost me in Boston, MA? (Photo)

I'm very small, 4'11 tall and about 85 pounds, and very self conscious due to my small size. I'm about a AA cup in bra size an A cup is too big for me... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation- I Want Nice Boobs, NOT BIG Boobs! Mentor Moderate Profile Saline? (Photo)

I have a breat augmentation scheduled in a week. I want to be a full C/ small D. Absolutely, not a DD!!! About me: 4'11 140 lbs Bra size- 36B/34C... READ MORE

My breasts have a gap between them when not wearing bra. Nipples are too high and constantly hard. Need bigger implants? (Photo)

8 months post op, nipples hard. They look awesome when wearing bra, but still dont even touch together with pushup bra. When not wearing bra, they are... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Implant? (photo)

I'm 22, 4'11, 128 lbs with a deflated D cup. Prepregnancy weight was 115lbs with a full B cup. I think my breast tissue was destroyed from pregnancy... READ MORE

Is 375cc too big for me? (photos)

I'm 4'11 and fluctuate between 87-92 pounds and scheduled my procedure for May. I'm so excited but wondering if 375 is too big for me? At my appt, my... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants 7 Days Ago. I Am 4'10" and 100 Lbs. I Got Under the Muscle, Saline, 285 Cc? (photo)

I Was a Saggy, Deflated C Cup. I wanted my breasts to look very round. as you can see, they do not look round. I forgot to mention they are high... READ MORE

I'm a size 32C and want to be a 32D. Which implant size would be best? I'm 4'8" and weigh 92 pounds (Photo)

I am 4'8", 92lb. I am a size 32C and would like to be a 32D. One of my main objectives is to even out my breasts as they are a little uneven. The PS i... READ MORE

I want a boob job but unsure of size. How can I keep them looking real instead of fake? (Photo)

I am 130 pounds and 4"11 I have a b cup right now and want to maybe see what a c cup would look like and I want to know if there's a way to keep them... READ MORE

2 Months and 5 Days Post Op Breast Augmentation and Left Breast Higher Than Right? (photo)

My left breast is significantly higher than my right. I am very concerned as to whether my right is bottoming out or if my left just hasnt completed... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, do I have symmastia or tenting and will it resolve? (photos)

I'm very petite 4'10" and 95 lbs. I had 325cc, high profile, silicone unders placed 5 wks. ago. I was very nervous preop because I'm so small but my... READ MORE

Would Saline Be a Good Choice for Us with Very Little Breast Tissue?

I am a very petite 27 year old at 4' 11" and 90 lbs. I'm looking into breast augmentation, but I'm having a difficult time deciding if it's right for... READ MORE

I'm getting silicone, high profile implants placed beneath the muscle. Would 275cc or 300cc be better fit for my petite frame?

I am wondering whether 300CC would be too big for my small frame? I am hoping to go for a more natural look and wonder if 275cc would be a better... READ MORE

I Have Gotten Implants 5 Days Ago I Think There to Big Will They Stay This Size? (photo)

I am 4'8 95 lbs 24 years old i was a 30 A and have gotten a 315 put in measuring at a 34 i think there to big for my frame READ MORE

I'm 4'11, 92lbs, 12 BWD. Is 210 Cc Moderate Enough to Achieve a Full B Cup from an AA Cup?

I want to look as natural as possible. My PS recommended 210-240 cc moderate round silicone. Should I go with 240 cc instead of 210? READ MORE

What is an Appropriate Size for my Petite Frame?

I am 26 y/o and having BA w/ Lift on May 9th.I am 4'11" & weigh 90-95 lbs.I am currently a 32B.I carry weight in my breasts and have had... READ MORE

I'm 4'11, 90 lbs, and 32 A/B. Do you think 275 moderate plus would be a better size than 350hp? (photos)

I am having my breast augmentation on Friday and starting to think 350hp are going to be too big on my frame. 4'11.5" 90lbs 11.5 bwd 32a/32b Do you... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation For My Measurements?

I scheduled my BA finally!!. I am still chewing on size, I am going for the silicone, but not sure of size. I always been busty, I am roughly a... READ MORE

I Am Wondering if I Need to Have my Breast Implants Removed?

I had my BA on September 11. I received Mentor's 275 cc saline implants. Since that time I have been experiencing constant headaches and sneezing. I... READ MORE

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