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Are Gurgling and Swishing Common in Silicone Implants at High Altitudes?

10 months ago, I had breast augmentation (silicone). Now, each time I travel to Lake Tahoe, the high altitude seems to have an effect on them. I hear... READ MORE

I Am Becoming Very Concerned About Capsular Contracture. What Do You Think? (photo)

I am 46, 5'4", 118-123. Both 400cc-silicone gel-high profile-unders. Good size for me. From the get go I was high and tight as I had dense... READ MORE

Rate of Capsular Contracture Recurrence?

I started to develop cc at 8 months post op. I'm 10 months post op and it is not getting any better. What is the percentage of cc recurrence after... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation 10 Months Ago and my Incisions on my Anchor and Areola Ate Red/dry and Itc?

I have had a lift and augmentation 10 months ago and I still suffer with red /dry / itchy flaky scars... Why would this be happening still?... I have... READ MORE

BA 10 Mo Post Op Breasts Did Not Descent and Feel Like They Don't Have Enough Space to Roam in the Pocket? (photo)

I am 50, 5'7, 115lbs - 350cc silicone under muscle. PO high riding, fullness up top still. PS states the reason is my tanned skin preventing... READ MORE

Can I Run my 1st Marathon 10 Mos After BA Surgery?

I had 350cc high profile implants put in Nov 2011. I'd like to run my 1st marathon in Oct 2011. I've already started running again, 4- 5 miles... READ MORE

The Past 10 Months, Following my BA, Have Physically and Emotionally Drained Me!

BA resulted in redo in left breast(w/armpit drain)3 weeks later.Dr says pocket revision b/c to excess scar tissue, implant wasnt massaging like the... READ MORE

10 months post op, when will my implant drop and fluff? (photos)

Iam now 10months post op 330/300 dual plane silicon implants. But they are still top heavy and empty on the lower pole, my surgeon said to give them... READ MORE

10 months post op of Breast Augmentation, my right breast implant move back up into its pocket. Is this normal? (photos)

10 months PO, and everything has gone beautifully up until 1 month ago. Out of nowhere, my right breast crept back up in it's pocket. I was prescribed... READ MORE

Is a Local Ok to Repair Previous Breast Aug/lift? (photo)

I'm 10months post breast aug/lift. I received saline 500 cc under the muscle. I went in for follow up yesterday and dr wants to do a revision under a... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Light Pec Muscle Twitching 10 Months Post Op Breast Augmentation?

10 months post op my breasts feel soft and there is no pain. Everything was totally fine until I got really sick with a chest cold and had a horrible... READ MORE

10 months post-op with uneven breasts. Is this capsular contracture, and if so, what grade. Should I get another surgery? (photo

Do I have capsular contracture? If yes, what grade is it? Should I have surgery to remove the capsule or just leave it alone? I'm 10 months post op,... READ MORE

Can my Nipples Be Centered & Areolas Lowered?

I'm 10 months post op, I had a augmentation and lift done. I'm very please with my lift. Only issue is my areolas are placed a little to high they... READ MORE

Weird pressure in left breast. Bottoming out? Or drop and fluff'? 10 months post op, silicone unders

I have been feeling like there is a pushing sensation in my left breast for about 4-5 days. Nothing sore, just a persistent push or even drag down... READ MORE

Chest Pain 10 Months After BA?

Hi i had my BA may 16th 2012 and like normal i had a lot of pains and burning sensations and then after 8 weeks or so it all calmed down but i had a... READ MORE

Do I need another breast augmentation? (photo)

I've got my B.A. end of January this year, which is more than enough time for them to drop&heal. - The right one seems good, but the left didn't... READ MORE

I feel my breast aug was butchered. Should I trust my doc for a third revision surgery? Scars are already visible (Photo)

I had my BA 10 months ago,&needed a revision to lift the nipples & make them the same sz (one was bigger!)Now need another revision to make the pocket... READ MORE

10 months post op, do I have a Double bubble? (photos)

I am 10 mo post op and afraid I have double bubble both sides? I'm so upset. They were perfect at 3-4 mo but now have this line of separation. When I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision Recommended? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation in May 2012 (it's now March 2013). Prior to this, I had a lumpectomy (10 years ago) in the right breast. I had 325cc, high... READ MORE

What can be done to help the appearance of my implants? (photo)

I'm not exactly sure what the issue is? I am 10 months PO. Looks like I have mild double bubbles and/ or poor pocket dissection. I don't believe they... READ MORE

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