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Vitamins and Supplements Before and After BBL?

Is it safe to do the HCG diet right before surgery? I'm 4 weeks Pre Surgery and I'm taking a multi vitamin, vitamin D-3, iron, and CLA are... READ MORE

When Should I Stop Taking Arnica and Iron Supplement Before BBL?

Hello!! My question is about iron supplement and Arnica 200. I'm having a BBL. When should I start and stop both medications and what dosage... READ MORE

Is There Any Recommended Plastic Surgery Healing Multinutrient - Pre-Op Formula to Take for Faster Recovery?

I've been searing online and I came across this website called Make Me Heel. Im thinking about ordering some things off the website to help with my... READ MORE

Are Butt Enhancement Supplements Safe to Take After Bbl or Even in General?

Had bbl proc. 3 mnths ago and it didn't work too well. was left w/scars, a slightly smaller stomach and butt has decreased a great deal. its flatter... READ MORE

What Vitamins and or Supplements Should I Take Months Prior To Me Getting My BBL

I plan on getting my procedure done in the next four (4) to five (5) months. I heard that doctors will not perform this procedure if you are not in a... READ MORE

Will iron supplements help?

Will taking iron post bbl surgery help keep more of the fat? Or or help it heal faster? How much should be taken daily? READ MORE

Should I take vitamins before Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

Are there any recommendations, suggestions regarding taking vitamins or supplements before having bbl surgery. READ MORE

How to Raise Hemoglobin Levels Fast ?

My hemoglobin is at 10.4 needs to be at 12.5 for surgery? Is it possible to raise my anemia in a month? I am having a extended tummy tuck with muscle... READ MORE

What can I do avoid fat necrosis after a BBL?

Should I take a special supplement before or after the surgery? READ MORE

Can I drink smooth move tea before surgery? (photo)

I know that I'm supposed to stop drinking teas before surgery because of other herbal supplements that are in them. I'm scheduled for a BBL or fat... READ MORE

Can I take Collagen supplements after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi Doctors! I'll be getting a BBL soon, and would like to get your feedback. I'll be asking this question to my surgeon but would like to get your own... READ MORE

How to best recover from a BBL surgery?

I will be flying back home after recovering for about a week after having surgery, how can I best take care of the fat in my butt? Since I will be... READ MORE

What is the ideal weight (bmi, etc) for a Brazilian Butt Lift? Will a fitter person get better results overall?

I am currently 168lbs, 5'4" and would like to lose some weight and tone up before my BBL. Given I watch my iron intake and continue on supplements, is... READ MORE

What are the alternatives if a blood transfusion is needed?

Can I do something in advance to avoid this, like eat certain foods or take supplements? READ MORE

How can I prepare for a Brazilian butt lift I hope to have within the next 2-3 months to get the best results/quick recovery?

Should I be using a certain cream to prevent stretch marks? Or taking any supplements in order to make sure I pass any pre-op tests? I will probably... READ MORE

Supplements and Vitmains before Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am getting a Brazilian butt lift this upcoming Tuesday and I'm currently taking vitamin C. I bought Arnica pills and was wondering when should I... READ MORE

Green tea extract and herbal teas for weight loss. Are they safe to take prior to BBL Surgery?

Is it safe to drink herbal teas and take herbal supplements prior to surgery? I have a ton of herbal teas for detoxing purposes and wanted to know if... READ MORE

How can I increase my hemoglobin level in 10 days?

I have 10 days till my surgery date. My hemo is at 11.6. I need it to be at 12.7 by March 20th. I've been taking OTC supplements like iron, folic,... READ MORE

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