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Itching Normal After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I recently had liposculpture with a Brazilian butt lift. Now I itch all the time, everywhere. My booty is nice, but man I sure am itchy. READ MORE

Will scratching my itchy BBL ruin my results?

My butt has been so itchy post bbl and I have been scratching almost constantly with a light touch, but sometimes after doing it so long it feels... READ MORE

It it abnormal to have a itchy butt four days after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

It it abnormal to have a itchy butt four days after a bbl and a burning sensation in your booty. I also have numbness in my left pi k since the... READ MORE

A concern 1 month after BBL, lipo of the flanks/back/abdomen (Photo)

I am 1 month exactly tomorrow from bbl lipo of the flanks back and abdominal. So I've been very itchy to the point it's making my mood bad. Today I... READ MORE

Inflamed red itchy area on left hip?

Inflamed red itchy area on left hip. I had a BBL 5 weeks ago with fat transfer to buttocks and hips. My left hip looked swollen, inflamed. I used coco... READ MORE

4 weeks post BBL. Itchy under skin, warm, right cheek swelling. Could it be an infection?

My right cheek is a litle swelling and sometimes litle warm and I feel like itchy under my skin and hard that can be and infection ? NOTHING BLU... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift. Could this be an infection?

I had a Brazilian butt lift two weeks ago. How ever on my right buttock I have a red bump. It is hot, red, it feels itchy and it hurts. Could this be... READ MORE

4 weeks after BBL, lower back and belly is itchy and painful, when will this go away? (photos)

Is been 4 weeks after lipo and bbl fat tranfer my belly and my lower back is itchy and some days heard more im wearing my garment 24/7 how long more... READ MORE

How long will it take to go away and is it normal for these marks to happen? (Photo)

Hi i had a bbl done 8 days ago. My tummy is very hard and has dents and the garment they gave me was super tight it gave me skin burns. How long will... READ MORE

Butt is Itchy post BBL, is this a sign of good blood circulation?

...bbl done on July 27th and it seems to be healing great. But, my butt gets itchy sometimes and I get a tingly sensation. Signs of good blood... READ MORE

Is the burning part of the healing process too? Should I be concern? What should I do about the Fibrosis?

I had a BBl on august 15, 2015 , I am almost 100% satisfied with my results I understand fat gets re-absorbed and that is a fact, but I do have... READ MORE

When will my stomach soften after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had my brazillian butt lift done a bit over a month ago in cancun, my stomach is very hard still and I'm wondering if this is normal and when it... READ MORE

Please help: dent before BBL and now I have a lump there.

PLEASE HELP: I had fallen on my butt a couple years back and on my left butt cheek I've had a dent there ever since. I decided to get a bbl and now... READ MORE

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