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What Are Possible Causes of Death From A BBL?

What could be the possible causes for death, in a healthy patient if a top Board Certified doctor is performing the surgery? READ MORE

I'm Afraid Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Will Kill Me?

So I already had the BBL, just wanted to go back for a round two..but ever since my surgery I have heard of people dying from fat embolisms, or dying... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt lift complications/ death

I'm looking into getting the brazilian butt lift surgery in December, I've been researching it for quiet some time, I came across a girls sister... READ MORE

Fat transfer safest? I've heard about embolisms and even death. How often do patients die or experience horrific complications?

I was thinking about getting the fat transfer to butt and hips for a nice full look. BUT, I have heard about embolisms and even death. How often do... READ MORE

Torn Between Getting This Done or Not?

I have wanted to do a BBL for years. I have researched it and now at 40 I want it. I suffer from anxiety already but researching and reading that... READ MORE

What Difference Between the Patients Who Die from Surgery and Those That Survive with Good Results when It Comes to Bbl?

Although everyone has been telling me how rare complications are, can some doctors chime in and tell me why some patients make it with good results... READ MORE

What's the approximate death rate for women from complications after Brazilian butt lift?

I am in the process of researching doctors to schedule a BBL. There are a lot of scatted news articles reporting death following a plastic surgery... READ MORE

How high is the risk of death when doing the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

I'm 19, healthy, average weight, haven't had any kind of surgeries, haven't had any internal/external problems, see my doctor regularly. I am still... READ MORE

Can Embolisms after surgery happen often? I am very scare to do my Brazilian Butt Lift after hearing about this

Such embolisms can happen when the tube used to inject the fat pierces blood vessels in the deepest area of the buttocks, inserting fat particles into... READ MORE

Scared of dying. It's holding me back from Brazilian Butt Lift. Any suggestions?

I'm 22 (female) and I'm all around healthy. Just think I may have PCOS and insulin resistant. I'm 5'7 149 pounds... my body fat is low, but I'm... READ MORE

My daughter died during a BBL and I have questions regarding what is typical during this procedure.

My daughter underwent cosmetic surgery recently (BBL) , complications during surgery and cause of death was PE. Yes she signed consent forms. She was... READ MORE

Where Can I Find Sx Complications, Deaths and Revision Statistics from Mexico in US? This Info Available for US Cases? (photo)

I filtered RS results for "not worth": Abandoned patients by US MDs after complications/unsatisfactory results, with no insurance coverage, and super... READ MORE

Considering Brazilian Butt Lift & Tummy tuck. Any advice? (photos)

I want a BBL as well as a tummy tuck & but I’m thinking of doing the transfer first because of 3 factors. Using my fat for results. Fearing longer u... READ MORE

What are the chances of death from plastic surgery with a double board certified plastic surgeon?

I am getting plastic surgery in 5 days. A Brazilian butt lift & chin lipo. I just wanted to know what the chances are of a complication or death... READ MORE

What are the dangers of Brazilian Butt Lift?

My initial impression of a bbl is that it has fairly low risk. Now I'm aware that with any surgery there is risks but how common is death with this... READ MORE

Are there any life threatening side effects after the BBL surgery that I need to know about? (Photo)

Is there any life treating side affects after the BBL surgery that i need to know about? READ MORE

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