Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Not happy with your new butt? That’s what Brazilian butt lift (BBL) revision is for. If your original BBL didn’t go as planned, a surgeon can develop a new surgery to re-augment your rear end.

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I'm really excited about getting this done ..I hope that I can speak to someone pretty soon and get everything going an be able to enhance the new chapter of life. ..I have been wanting this done for a long period of time now so maybe they can get my in an out pretty quick I'm loving the new... READ MORE

Hi Real Self Family- After having amazing results for my Breast Augmentation done with a Plastic Surgeon from Northern NJ (Message me for his name) I've decided to get a fuller butt. I have always had a nice body, with working out and eating as clean as possible I was close to getting the... READ MORE

BlessInDisquise Going for round 2 RS dolls, I wanna be the first patient. He denied revision now I have to pay full price bull crap. He should have granted me a revision he said I look great bulk crap. What yu think R. S. look at my last 2 post January n February he wasn't aggressive I think... READ MORE

Like the title says quitters never win and that the reason why I doing a second review for my last and final PS. If you click on my profile you can read my half of 1st review. I really did not think I would even be writing a 2nd review after I spent all my hard earn coins on the 1st round but I... READ MORE

Hoping Dr Pantoja can fix the messed up job another doctor did on me. doing full back, and abdomen area lipo, arm pit if needed as told by nurse over the phone with transfer to butt. Goal is obtain much needed volume with some nice round looking shape. first doctor gave me a square butt. I trust... READ MORE

33 years old 3 children later. Hi ladies it's 2016 and I'm looking for a change !!!!A big change. I am so ready to have a big booty and smaller waist line. I decided to get up and do something about it. I will be having my Sx April 7,2016 with Dr. Llorente with spectrum. So far my experience... READ MORE

My first BBL with Dr. Hughes did not go as planned. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying he's a bad doctor or anything it just didn't work out for me. Likes: -with clothes on my shape overall is good -I have more projection/nice side view - stomach looks good lying down Dislikes: - lower back &... READ MORE

He?lo ladies- I did not capture my previous BBL with Dr Cortes so I am going to do my best to keep up to date this time. I had surgery with Dr Cortes in March of 2013. My results were 60% of what I expected. Partially because I was not at my goal weight prior to surgery and also because the Dr... READ MORE

I have always been the thick girl all my life and have come to accept that about myself but have always felt disproportioned. I have PCOS and as a results I have an android body type plus huge breasts for my size. I carry most of my weight up top and in my mid section and none on the bottom. I... READ MORE

I like to think of this round 2 as the photofinishing stage of my transformation. First, Dr. Salama laid the foundations by repairing my abdominal area after two pregnancies and c-sections, and added a Breast lift with no implants. I don't hate on it but when it comes to plastic surgery, I... READ MORE

****This is a new review of my rd 2 bbl, started it on my bbl 1 review but decided to move it over here. Please refer to my rd 1 review for info about my first bbl experience.*** hi dolls. I'm now a little over 3 months post and as many of u know, I plan to do a bbl round 2. I meet with dr. F... READ MORE

It's been a long road for me I've been threw a bbl from Hughes. Tummy tuck from Dr. Younai. I've been feeling up & down about my results. I think it can be better than what it is now. I trust Hazani in sculpturing me and making my butt bigger & getting some fat from my tummy. Hazani is... READ MORE

I plan to have R2 in Dominican Republic with Hector Cabral mid July. I want to go there first for face to face consults in April 2016. I'm waiting till I'm at least 1 yr Post-Op from my R1. I was concerned about not having enough fat but Cabral reinsured me that I have enough for BBL. I... READ MORE

I will b having surgery with Dr.Hasan on July 2,2015.... My round 2.... Did round 1 with Dr. Jimerson in the ATL July 2013....I was not satisfied by the time I hit 6 wks I had no ass and my Hips were uneven from the very beginning....I'm originally 5'3' 120, but I gained 46lbs to b fixed by Dr.... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Contreras March 23rd 2015 and had a supposed BBL but had only the incision above my butt crack. He did nothing. Dr. Manon is someone who I contacted when I was about 3 weeks post op! He didnNOT quote me meaning he wasn't money hungry. Instead he comforted me and told me to be... READ MORE

Hey ladies so this is my round two review if you type in my username you'll see my round 1 review. So little about me o had a BBl with Dr. Anthony Hassan January 14 2015 and I love love love my results. He's amazing he really shaped and sculpted my body but since the surgery I'm noticing a lack... READ MORE

HEYYYY GIRLIES!!! SOOO ITS ME! TIA! AKA --->**bootylisious**!! As MOST of u know I have another thread / review here on my FIRST round with Dr. Salama LAST YEAR December... under that name (bootylisious) in case you want to see my first time around and experience....Im making a new review on my... READ MORE

Hello, I am so new to this site but am forever thankful! I am addicted to reading tips and advice as I am scheduled for surgery on 1/16/2016 with dr. Mel ortega. I was wondering if anyone could let me know what supplies I would need for the bbl w/ fat transfer and any good tips for recovery as I... READ MORE

Hello everyone, YES I AM BACK LOL. Please check out parts 1-3 of my review to catch up on my journey. For those who have not followed my whole Story here is my back groundHad surgery with Dr. SALAMA March 5 th 2013 Love my resultsPre op measurements 38-37-42I'm 5'4" and weighed 170 lbs... READ MORE

Obviously I haven't gotten it until the 7th of April yet... But since vanity is working on there customer service I thought I'd give some people a peace of mind. For now I've had great luck I haven't gone there yet but I cal ALOT. I ask so many questions at all times. They text, call and email... READ MORE

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How much does a Brazilian Butt Lift Revision cost?

The typical cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift Revision ranges from $2,500-$12,900 with an average cost of $5,375. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 289 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more