Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Brazilian butt lift revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following the initial procedure, including improper healing, dissatisfaction with size, and asymmetrical results, among others. Revisions may involve adding fat to correct or increase results, or using liposuction to remove some of the fat that was transferred.

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2nd Round BBL and CHIN LIPO - Dominican Republic

Hi I am 26 years old and this is my 2nd round of bbl. This time I decided to do lipo under my chin as well. I choose to go to dr. Emmanuel mallol in dominican republic. He was so welcoming and nice. He help me feel comfortable in any way possible. I stayed for 7 days after surgery with my... READ MORE

29, Getting Married in a Few Months and Looking to Have That DREAM BODY.. HELP!

I'm getting married in September and i'm struggling in the gym. Diets and exercise don't seem to be getting me the body I want and i'm obsessed with getting a BBL now. I had one in Cali, Colombia in 2015 and I was not at all impressed with the results, plus I gained a bit of weight afterwards.... READ MORE

31 Yrs Ld, 2nd BBL Looking for a Miracle.

I had a BBL last year in NYC with Dr. Sadeh who is a great person and nice staff but his BBL work sucks! I went to 2 post ops and never sat down with him only his nurse. I told her how much I wasn't happy and she told me just wait and give it time. While waiting for my next appt he claimed to... READ MORE

BBL Round 2 DR

I'm going for a round 2 bbl possibly in January. My first go around was with Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Miami. I'm happy with how my butt looks but my hips are uneven (not noticeable unless I point it out) he did lipo on my lower abdomen but not my upper and left most of the fat on my sides and back... READ MORE

Dr. Cabral Round 2 Bbl Revision And Arm Lipo - Dominican Republic

I'm so nervous I just bought my plane ticket booked my recovery house and packing my bags. I honestly didn't think it will all go this fast I literally called Maria Dr. Cabral's assistant she said u can get surgery Monday n that was it. Anyway I went to Cabral back in 2014 and I loved my results... READ MORE

34 Yr Old Black Woman with 1 Child. 5'8" 210lbs BBL Round 2

I’ve had an on again off again relationship with the BBL and real self for quite a few years now. I had my first bbl in May 2014 at GLO Surgical Arts in Redwood city Ca. and I was not happy with the results. I knew immediately that it was not done right and it wasn’t going to improve with tim... READ MORE

45 Dr. Salama Bbl, Breast Aug and lift !

Yes Ladies I am back! I am heading on Round 3 . Yes I know crazy right! Dont get discouraged its not like it didnt work. My Doctor only pt 250cc per butt cheek in my big ass. I weigh 205 lbs! #-o This was back in 2011. I had a tummy tuck then but then had these huge arms and back so i went... READ MORE

Round 2 New Doctor About to Fat Hazanified! - Beverly Hills, CA

Decided on round 2 as I felt my upper abdomen wasn't lipoed enough and I wanted more shelfling and shape. So this time again I was getting my back upper and lower abdomen lipoed and this time the thighs for more fat. I went in Day of surgery weighting 130 and I'm 5'2 and he put in 960 ccs this... READ MORE

Happy Revision from Dr.Ryan Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

I have another post describing in detail my other two surgeries. I posted a question about my concerns and Ryan was the only one who answered in my opinion with the best answer. I knew he was going to be my doctor. I had a phone consultation and sent emails to him and I am scheduled 2/9/17 I... READ MORE

45 Dr. Salama Bbl, Breast Aug and lift !

Yes Ladies I am back! I am heading on Round 3 . Yes I know crazy right! Dont get discouraged its not like it didnt work. My Doctor only pt 250cc per butt cheek in my big ass. I weigh 205 lbs! #-o This was back in 2011. I had a tummy tuck then but then had these huge arms and back so i went... READ MORE

2nd round bbl with Dr Miami March 26,2017

It's count down for me. IT's been a few years. But in 8 days I will do round 2 of bbl with Dr. MIAMI. I am scared shitless this time. Please pray for me. This will be round 2 and I pray I'm happy with my results. My first journey was 4 years ago with another Dr. I wasn't happy Ok i just took... READ MORE

Round 2 Bbl 2017 - Florida, FL

Went to dr Mcadoo for bbl August 2016 for round 1. Although I was pleased with the end results, I wasn't 100% satisfied mainly because of my back fat not completely gone and my butt is still not as round and full as I would like. Mcadoo declined my revision after waiting three months and sending... READ MORE

Hazani is the Man :) - Beverly Hills, CA

It's been a long road for me I've been threw a bbl from Hughes. Tummy tuck from Dr. Younai. I've been feeling up & down about my results. I think it can be better than what it is now. I trust Hazani in sculpturing me and making my butt bigger & getting some fat from my tummy. Hazani is... READ MORE

21 Years Old, BBL/Lipo with Dr Mallol

So after my terrible surgery with Elite Aftercare, I contacted Dr Mallol and spoke to someone from his team. Explained to him my situation and after I sent him some pictures of what I looked like after my surgery with elite, and he's given me a quote of $3950 so that's about £3141 for the ... READ MORE

25y/o Bbl Revision

Hello girls! I'm doing this review to help out anyone who is still second guessing Dr. Saldaña. Let me start by saying that the doctor is amazing at what he does! He is very professional and makes you feel so comfortable. All the ladies/ nurses from the morning crew are very friendly and they ... READ MORE

Getting Much Needed Revision BBL

My first time was not bad but I need my bubble butt my butt is wide and low not very round am not ready to go Thur the pain and walking and have a very stiff butt and sleeping on my stomach for 2 months again but I need that round but butt looks great in clothes but out of them it's just to long... READ MORE

BBL Revision in Ohio

I am on day 7 and I am doing a bit better today> This procedure was painful!! Surgery was about 5 and a half hours. Spent about 4 in recovery because they couldn't manage my pain. I threw up all that night and the next morning, thought i was going to die. Each day has still been painful, but... READ MORE

29 Y/o Mom of 3 Getting ABBL Revision with Dr Levine - Toronto, ON

Dr Levine has been more than understanding throughout my recovery and was supportive of doing a revision at a reasonable price to fix the symmetry caused by the crazy infection from the previous surgery. I had to yet again gain 15 lbs by eating junk so that there would be enough junk to transfer... READ MORE

Round Two Gotta Get It Right This Time

Hello all ..I am 37 as of November I am looking to get a revision from dr. McAdoo this is my third time the second time I came down and then they told me that I needed to lose 20 pounds I wasn't able to lose the 20 I only lostt 18 and dr. McAdoo still would not do my surgery even though n 2015... READ MORE

Going for Round 2 with Hasan!! Previous Cardenas Doll and 5yr Update!'s been 5 years since my BBL! I haven't seen anyone come bk after this long so I thought I'd check in. Please check first blog to catch up. I went to Dra Cardenas in Mexico in 2012 for a bbl. I must say...I have NOT lost any ass or hips!!! If anything, it has gotten bigger. I have... READ MORE

22 Years Old. Going Back for Round 2

Hi ladies. This January I nervously sat my tiny ass on the plane to Izmir, Turkey. The flight was long, as I travelled from Norway, and cancellation after cancellation, I landed at Izmir airport, where Daniel (I think, haha) was picking us up. I went with my bestie, who was doing the same as me... READ MORE

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