Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Brazilian butt lift revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following the initial procedure, including improper healing, dissatisfaction with size, and asymmetrical results, among others. Revisions may involve adding fat to correct or increase results, or using liposuction to remove some of the fat that was transferred.

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25yo, No kids, BBL ROUND 2 - Tijuana, Mexico

My motivation this time around was getting rid of the rest of unwanted fat i had esp since i gained some weight in the holidays! Plus lets keep it real ladies! I wanted some more booty!! Lol PROS: more shapely body & bigger fuller buttocks! Waist to hip ratio insane! Clothes nit nicer! CONS:... READ MORE

BBL Revision, TT, | Round 2 | - Dominican Republic, DO

I have chose to go with a different doctor this time to get the results I wanted the first time. I was quoted 5500 by Dr Cabral's office for BBL, Liposuction, Breast Lift with implants. I am truly only interested in full lipo of my back and full lipo of my stomach. I love the butt and hips Dr... READ MORE

35 Years Old Going for Round 2nd Bbl with Dr. Fisher - Miami, FL

It's getting closer to my surgery date and I'm excited nervous and anxious all at the same time! I done this procedure before 5 years ago and although I am happy with my results, I have gained some weight over the years so I would like to get another bbl to give my butt a Lil more projection and... READ MORE

second time around!!!

So I have confirmation! I will be Fisherized next month!!! This decision was not one I have taken lightly as my first time around was not pleasant.. what with the staph infection that put me in the hospital for 7 days. I chose DR Fisher because I think he is the PERFECT bbl Doctor! I have heard... READ MORE

No turning back deposit paid Mallol Doll!!!

Looking to have my second round in December, my first round was with yily and I loved my results still do I need additional lipo and of course bbl but honestly I'm more concerned with shape ova butt that's just me But a lil more projection wouldn't hurt. Sisters I'm torn between these two... READ MORE

Round 2 BBL Looking to Do TT,BL with Implants

Hey ladies, so back in April 2015 I had a bbl with Dr. Fisher in Miami. He's did a amazing job but my booty greed has taken over me. I want a bigger rounder butt. I have more hips and a smaller waist. I also need a tummy tuck. I would like a reduction plus lift. I am currently DDD I would like... READ MORE


This will be my second BBL. I am excited to be sharing this experience with my sis Tawana4372. She has been the best through this journey. I did labs on October 19. Jackie informed me this morning that I am CLEARED for surgery!!! Yay!! So now me and my sis are just waiting to head to Miami. Will... READ MORE

second round bbl - Beverly Hills, CA

I'm having second round BBL because first one was a complete waist of money. I'm having my arms, back, waist, love handles done maybe my stomach I'm not sure yet because I'm really afraid of lumps and bumps ???? so hard to decide any advice from Dr. Dass Dolls will help a lot. Also I'm looking... READ MORE

BBL Touch Up - 1 Week Post Op - Aventura, FL

I originally had my first BBL in July 2012 with Dr. Salama. Let me just say that experience was definitely a crazy ride for me, emotionally and physically! I was completely dreading the touch up and even considered cancelling at the last minute, but I am very happy I didn't. The touch up was... READ MORE

Round 2- Dr. Alvarez - Miami, FL

I just paid the deposit for Dr. Alvarez. My first results were good but the dr focused the liposuction on my legs and not on my stomach butt looks good but didn't get that flat stomach and tiny waist that really makes a bbl a bbl. I contemplated just doing lipo but the first time around I was so... READ MORE

Round 2 Bbl Back to Spectrum - Miami, FL

So I'm back at it again. Booty greed is what they call it. I originally had my first surgery last december with dr.omulepu at spectrum. He did a phenomenal job. But I want more.... so I'm hustling these haircuts putting in 45 to 50 hours a week again. I scheduled for end of January to leave... READ MORE

Revision BBL with DR Mendieta! - Miami, FL not so sure anymore

Hi there RS community, I am posting this review, well more of a blog for International Patients of Dr Constantino Mendieta. I live in Melbourne, Australia. couple of years ago I had a botched BBl with a Dr here in Melbourne, I wont go into details as i want this blog to be positive and full of... READ MORE

R2 Surgery Completed with DR. LIMA February 2015

I was told I needed to start 2nd review to get on the calendar. But will update: Had sx with Dr. Lima in DR. TT, BL no/implants, full body lipo including chin lipo and BBL. Surgery went well, however, upon my return back to the states, I ended up with a seroma and a hematoma. Had a mini... READ MORE

BBL Round 2, Lipo Revision - Miami, FL

Hi! ladies?? I booked my bbl with Dr.Fisher for next year. I sure wish i would have done my research and picked him for my first bbl. I am now an official Fisher Doll stalker???? I'm 5'1, 145 lbs. I am very active. I had my BMI checked and i am at 25% moderately lean for my age, hight &... READ MORE

BBL Revision and Tummy Lipo Re-touch - Miami, FL

Hey dolls! I'm finally revising this big ole out of control 1800cc Brazilian Butt Lift. I have a few discrepancies here and there, plus my butt is way too big for my body, in my own opinion of course. I can barely find any jeans to fit me and wearing a pencil skirt is out of the question. Dr... READ MORE

Mom of a Small Crew with Dreams of Having a Great Body Again - Miami, FL

Extremely excited to have my BBL revised. Original work was done by another doctor and I have not been happy with what I see in the mirror. Hoping Dr. Alvarez can make my dreams come true. So far service has been amazing. I can't wait to meet everybody. Liz at the Spectrum office had been so... READ MORE

Round 2 in Colombia with Dr Plazas. Colombia, CO

Okay so this is a round 2 review page. Dr Duran did my round one and did an amazing job but i want to perfect my booty and shape a little bit more.. I found a recovery house 'beauti sleep' the ladies that own it have great IG accounts that help keep you in the know, they respond to emails pretty... READ MORE

BlessInDisquise ROUND 2 WITH MCADOO - Miami, FL

BlessInDisquise Going for round 2 RS dolls, I wanna be the first patient. He denied revision now I have to pay full price bull crap. He should have granted me a revision he said I look great bulk crap. What yu think R. S. look at my last 2 post January n February he wasn't aggressive I think... READ MORE

bbl round 2 - Miami, FL

I previously had a BBL June 2015 by Dr. Hasan in Miami, Florida. My results were great but I'm back for round 2. Not necessarily looking for a bigger butt, but more hips. I would like my hips more voluptuous and rounder. I'm going with Dr. Fisher this time who is at the same facility as Hasan.... READ MORE

Round 1 in Miami, Round 2 in the DR! BBL, TT, BL+BA, arm lipo, liposculpture... I'm ready!

Had my round one BBL in Miami with Dr. James McAdoo (amazing job, amazing doctor!!), but this time I want the DR treatment! I have booty greed now lol! I want to be sucked dry, have a TT, and possibly a BL... Still unsure about touching my breasts lol! They're really fine, but the overall full... READ MORE

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