Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Brazilian butt lift revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following the initial procedure, including improper healing, dissatisfaction with size, and asymmetrical results, among others. Revisions may involve adding fat to correct or increase results, or using liposuction to remove some of the fat that was transferred.

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Bbl Round 2 Dr. Fisher Miami FL

Getting round 2, arm, upper back, and inner thigh lipo in Miami with Jonathan Fisher. Date set to May 2nd. Amy is my coordinator at eres and she has been amazing so far. Super quick to respond always even when I e mail her the stupidest questions. I've heard mixed reviews about vanity (re named... READ MORE

31 Yrs Ld, 2nd BBL Looking for a Miracle.

I had a BBL last year in NYC with Dr. Sadeh who is a great person and nice staff but his BBL work sucks! I went to 2 post ops and never sat down with him only his nurse. I told her how much I wasn't happy and she told me just wait and give it time. While waiting for my next appt he claimed to... READ MORE

Happy Revision from Dr.Ryan Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

I have another post describing in detail my other two surgeries. I posted a question about my concerns and Ryan was the only one who answered in my opinion with the best answer. I knew he was going to be my doctor. I had a phone consultation and sent emails to him and I am scheduled 2/9/17 I... READ MORE

34 Yr Old Black Woman with 1 Child. 5'8" 210lbs BBL Round 2

I’ve had an on again off again relationship with the BBL and real self for quite a few years now. I had my first bbl in May 2014 at GLO Surgical Arts in Redwood city Ca. and I was not happy with the results. I knew immediately that it was not done right and it wasn’t going to improve with tim... READ MORE

Getting Much Needed Revision BBL

My first time was not bad but I need my bubble butt my butt is wide and low not very round am not ready to go Thur the pain and walking and have a very stiff butt and sleeping on my stomach for 2 months again but I need that round but butt looks great in clothes but out of them it's just to long... READ MORE

Round 2 BBL Looking to Do TT,BL with Implants

Hey ladies, so back in April 2015 I had a bbl with Dr. Fisher in Miami. He's did a amazing job but my booty greed has taken over me. I want a bigger rounder butt. I have more hips and a smaller waist. I also need a tummy tuck. I would like a reduction plus lift. I am currently DDD I would like... READ MORE

22 y.o getting 2nd BBL with DOCTOR CALVA - Miami, FL

Hi girls, I got my first BBL with Fisher 2 years ago and I'm getting my second BBL with HASAN in February of 2017. The reason why I want to get it done again is because I'm not happy with my results. I was happy with them at first but I want my butt BIGGER. Dr Fisher also neglected my bra line... READ MORE

BBL Revision in Ohio

I am on day 7 and I am doing a bit better today> This procedure was painful!! Surgery was about 5 and a half hours. Spent about 4 in recovery because they couldn't manage my pain. I threw up all that night and the next morning, thought i was going to die. Each day has still been painful, but... READ MORE

BBL Revision - Miami, FL

I didn't get the results I had hoped for with my original BBL on Feb 29, 2016 last year. One cheek is significantly smaller than the other and my hips are a bit uneven. I was very depressed over this and took down all the pictures from the first review. Id read stories from other women about how... READ MORE

BBL Round 2, Lipo Revision - Miami, FL

Hi! ladies?? I booked my bbl with Dr.Fisher for next year. I sure wish i would have done my research and picked him for my first bbl. I am now an official Fisher Doll stalker???? I'm 5'1, 145 lbs. I am very active. I had my BMI checked and i am at 25% moderately lean for my age, hight &... READ MORE

My Booty is on Flat Flat - Miami, FL

I want to start of by saying Spectrum Aesthetics's sucks ! Lizbeth is my coordinator and she is a damn ghost I had to leave so many emails an VM it's ridiculous. I chose them because of Dr Ortega Board Certified and no deaths. I can't wait but it looks like Spectrum will be no help after I gave... READ MORE

Round 2 W/ Dr. Hasan - Miami, FL

I have scheduled a BBL with Dr. Hasan on January 26, 2017. I have been working with the coordinator Margaret, and she has been great. I had a virtual consultation with Dr. Hasan, since I live on the west coast, and he said I should have great results. I placed my $1,000 deposit to hold the date... READ MORE

Last Update Round 1 redo Senor Cabral! ... Still got booty! 2 years po

So I'm back on the Bbl train, never really seemed to get off it... I am currently planning Round 2 , which I don't feel is a Round 2 because round 1 my surgeon didn't use enough of my fat so once the swelling subsided there was minimal improvement. So I feel like this is Round 1. Hope my blog... READ MORE

25yo, No kids, BBL ROUND 2 - Tijuana, Mexico

My motivation this time around was getting rid of the rest of unwanted fat i had esp since i gained some weight in the holidays! Plus lets keep it real ladies! I wanted some more booty!! Lol PROS: more shapely body & bigger fuller buttocks! Waist to hip ratio insane! Clothes nit nicer! CONS:... READ MORE

38 Year Old with 5kids BBL - Tijuana, MX

Goals are to have a little waist and a nice heart shape butt ???? if someone had a BBl with dr pantoja let me know your experience I'm kind of nervous.. can anybody let me know what I need because last time I wasn't prepared for it and didn't take nothing, any vitamins I should take ? The best... READ MORE

Soon to Be Valls Doll

Hey guys I'm nervous but excited also looking for a buddy who's going to valls I'm still looking for somewhere to stay most of these recovery are pricey!!!??????????????? we can split the stay or whatever please let me know can't wait to get snatched really haven't seen much of his work... READ MORE

34 , Kids Going for my Second BBL with Dr. Ghurani

So I'm scheduled to have my bbl in a little over a week. I'm nervous and anxious at the same time. I had a BBL before, 5 years ago and needless to say I wasn't satisfied at all. I didn't do much research on the doctor to see what he specialized in. It definitely wasn't BBL's. At the time I... READ MORE

Round 2 with DR.Cabral

Going for my second time to Dominican Republic for a Brazilian butt lift. My first time was with yily , now going to cabral. I was a little hesitant due to his background but I made up my mind. His work really won me over. I am going for my second round since I gained a little weight plus I did... READ MORE

Round 2 Bbl 2017 - Florida, FL

Went to dr Mcadoo for bbl August 2016 for round 1. Although I was pleased with the end results, I wasn't 100% satisfied mainly because of my back fat not completely gone and my butt is still not as round and full as I would like. Mcadoo declined my revision after waiting three months and sending... READ MORE

Round 2 with Yily D.R - Dominican Republic

My first doctor was Hasan, he did amazing with making my butt bigger (click here to read my BBL review) but I still want more projection and more hips. Also he left my cheeks uneven so I will have to correct that as well. I will be getting lipo on stomach, back, flanks, waist, and chin... READ MORE

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