Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Not happy with your new butt? That’s what Brazilian butt lift (BBL) revision is for. If your original BBL didn’t go as planned, a surgeon can develop a new surgery to re-augment your rear end.

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My first BBL with Dr. Hughes did not go as planned. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying he's a bad doctor or anything it just didn't work out for me. Likes: -with clothes on my shape overall is good -I have more projection/nice side view - stomach looks good lying down Dislikes: - lower back &... READ MORE

Hello ladies this is SHEFINE again I have another profile that I did from my first surgery back in October 2014 that didnt go so well which led me to have a revision done. Since I wanted to stay in Houston I search RealSelf and found board-certified Dr. Sato. Dr Sato is really good at what she... READ MORE

29 yr old female 2 babys looking to get my body back after years of making babys.. Previous real self looking to get a bbl round 2 schedule for March 3rd first time around I didn't get as much far as I needed transfered now I'm determined to get the full mommy makeover can't wait to get my pre... READ MORE

Like the title says quitters never win and that the reason why I doing a second review for my last and final PS. If you click on my profile you can read my half of 1st review. I really did not think I would even be writing a 2nd review after I spent all my hard earn coins on the 1st round but I... READ MORE

I had a bbl with another PS about 2.5 years ago and I feel I was left very squarish and not much difference from prior to surgery... I have been stalking this site and have decided to have a revision surgery with Dr. Delvecchio after having a virtua consult and speaking to him on the phone. I am... READ MORE

Dr osak is an amaxing dr im going in gor round 2 simply because ivwant a little more and dr osak is the perfect surgeon to do it &&&& yes im in love with my ass  On my way! To pre op surgery is 2 maro I'm sooooo prepared ?????????????? b4 round 2 I've been asked for pics so here... READ MORE

My motivation this time around was getting rid of the rest of unwanted fat i had esp since i gained some weight in the holidays! Plus lets keep it real ladies! I wanted some more booty!! Lol PROS: more shapely body & bigger fuller buttocks! Waist to hip ratio insane! Clothes nit nicer! CONS:... READ MORE

After my previous reconstruction BBL I decided going to a new PS would help. My doctor is amazing but I just need someone to fix me in one shot and not every 3-6 months. I'm tired of all the surgeries and I would love to have my life. I decided to get a second opinion and went to Dr Delvecchio... READ MORE

Hey Ladies, I've decided to begin another review simply because my last review was all over the place. I was still decided what doctor to go with and still figuring out my budget etc. Now everything is more concrete. (Too bad I had to make a whole new account... WTF real self my old one is... READ MORE

As promised a new review to document our Round 2 journey with Dr. Hasan. Sis and I have discussed and decided to go for our round 2 in January 2016. We're positive and trust that he will be able to help us achieve our wishes! Looking at all the ladies he has beautified sofar, we are conviced... READ MORE

HI, everyone.... i am really excited about my bbl surgery with Dr Omulepo after my failed attempt with my bbl in Europe :(. This means so much to me and after discussing the procedure with my sister ( travel buddy also) has given me the hope to go for another round. Turing 25 years old i have... READ MORE

I initially had a Tummy tuck w/muscle repair, liposuction, and BBL in January 2013 with Dr. Jejerukar in Dallas. I am happy with all of my results EXCEPT the BBL! During my consultation, one of the specific questions I asked was how would it be possible to have both the TT and BBL at the same... READ MORE

Had a BBL done at the begin of this year and need a a doctor that can correct the deformity I was left with and give me the fullness I was originally looking forward to having. I have been recommended to wait at least a year so I programming to have it done preciously a year after my original... READ MORE

I love how Dr. Yili sculpted me! I can't rave enough! So if my round 1 is this great, then I can only imagine my round 2. I am scheduled for surgery on July 27th, 2015. My deposit has been paid so I am excitedly waiting for my date to arrive. If anyone is going for surgery around that time,... READ MORE

Got a quote from him earlier today, happened to stumble on him browsing through RS. Canceled date with Dr OsAk at vanity- he gives more a boxy shape and he doesn't listen to clients- does his own thing (from reviews) Previous bbl done few years ago with Jamie Campos MD -super sweet then, even... READ MORE

Is anyone having a procedure with Dr. Pantoja I scheduled April 7th as thats the only date available.. Does anyone wanna switch I need a February or March date.. Let me know ladies. I'm excited I need to have this done soon my employer wont give me Time off in April.. If anyone can help I would... READ MORE

So so excited about getting the bbl done through Dr. Cabral but I'm just a little nervous because of the things that I've been reading about reading about him. But He's the only doctor that has consistent and good results. Also thinking about traveling by myself this time around so I think i'm... READ MORE

Had my first BBL done in May of 2014. The new body shape I received after all that crazy swelling went down blew my mind. My doctor really is a skilled physician but I'm not so sure much of the fat in the transfer survived as you can see if you take a look at my post pictures. I'd have to say... READ MORE

HEYYYY GIRLIES!!! SOOO ITS ME! TIA! AKA --->**bootylisious**!! As MOST of u know I have another thread / review here on my FIRST round with Dr. Salama LAST YEAR December... under that name (bootylisious) in case you want to see my first time around and experience....Im making a new review on my... READ MORE

I'm 5'2" 130lbs, looking for a flat stomach and more curves. I was originally going to with Dr. Fisher, but ultimately I decided to go with Dr. O. My coordinator has been great, she's responds quickly and she has answered all of my questions and concerns. I'm super nervous but excited. If anyone... READ MORE

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