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Slim Fit Girl Doing BBL

I have had 4 procedure with dr Uckan, 1 bbl,2 thread lifts and 1 fatgrafting from stummic to my face. I came over this doctor on this page, was googling best bbl and him come up. I already hear aboute different other places in Turkey,but the rewies were bad,and i made contact with some of the... READ MORE

Going for Round Two with Mcadoo Whoot...whoot!! - Miami, FL

Ok ladies so im back still in love with my results for round 1 which was do with mcadoo also however the booty greed is real yall and i thank me and my husband has come down with it so after talking it over im headed back yall another round of lipo and bbl spoke with seduction put my deposit... READ MORE

2nd BBL, 29 Years Old, No Kids

I decided to do a second bbl six years after my first one because I wanted to enhance my curves. I had decided on Dr. Salama because (in my opinion) he's an expert in the bbl field. I paid a deposit and booked my surgery date soon after having a consultation with him. The staff has been... READ MORE

BBL- Revision- Round 2 - Miami, FL

Hello ladies I have decided to go back for a revision or you can say a 2nd BBL! When I had dr.cortes fix a lump I had I was left a HUGE indention in my ass so I'm upset and not happy at all! I won't even talk anymore about that but what I came here for is what doctor should I go too.. These are... READ MORE

BBL Reduction Round 2

I am 3 years post op my BBL done by Dr Salama. 3 years ago I had 1800cc's of fat transferred into each butt cheek. My waist was 32" and hips were 48". Over time, I started gaining weight and my butt grew massively huge. Dr Salama agreed that I needed a reduction. On Friday June 9, Dr Salama... READ MORE

BBL revision with Dr. Hedden

To start this information will not be in detail about a bbl as I have done it before and have an in-depth journey under my original doctor. Those most likely to benifit from reading this journey would be looking to have a bbl procedure by Dr. Hedden SPECIFICALLY and is interested in more... READ MORE

Feb 15 2018 dr mallol

Getting my 2nd round with dr mallol in the dr. I got my first bbl may 26 2017 with dr jonthan fisher. Fisher gave me more ASS. But he did not take all the fat out he didn't give me any hips at all. He did a nice job with giving me a little projection because of how small I am . But I need my... READ MORE

Bbl Revision with Dr plazas

I will be having a bbl w dr plazas in Colombia and would love any feed back from any patients who have gone to him, I had one before and I'm not happy w my abdomen it has irregularities and I would love to go back to wearing a two piece bikini and have a smooth stomach w no lumps I would also... READ MORE

5 months until I get my BBL done by Dr. Sergio Alvarez

So I had surgery once before by a doctor name Evan Manolis and he didn't give me what I expected. I'm looking to get a small tiny waist and a round curvy booty! So here are some before pictures of me before I go to Dr. Sergio but these are also the pictures after my procedure wit Manolis. I hate... READ MORE

2nd Round with Mallol - Lipo and Bbl Revision

Need a flatter stomack and rounder butt. Hello RS family, After one year of my first bbl and lipo I'm not satisfied 100% with my figure. I think I could have a flatter stomack and a rounder butt. Right now my butt is too square. I gained 9 pounds and all my fat bra and back rolls were came back... READ MORE

I had a amazing experience

Let me start by saying thank you Dr ghurani. He did a amazing job and treated me like a person not just a number... His bed side manner was absolutely amazing he was very honest and professional his assistant Christina was so amazing and so helpful even through the tragedy of hurricane IRMA they... READ MORE

BBL Roud 2?!?! Dr Sato Houston....possibly

Well this will be round two y'all. Just over a year ago I had my first BBL done by Dr Kerr he did a great job gave me nice projection but was no where near as aggressive as I needed him to be with his lipo. I can say this though I was not in pain I never bled an was back to work in a week. With... READ MORE


I had a BBL 4 1/2 yrs ago with Salama. I loved what he did to my butt. Well with age and yo yo diets, losing so much weight and gaining it then losing it again, made my @$$ sag. I mean I love the bubble look at the bottom of my booty, but the top disappeared... weird. I had a tummy tuck revision... READ MORE

The MOST Thorough BBL Revision, Facial Fat Injections, and Thigh Lift Review (Loads of Pictures!)

Had my first BBL done in May of 2014. The new body shape I received after all that crazy swelling went down blew my mind. My doctor really is a skilled physician but I'm not so sure much of the fat in the transfer survived as you can see if you take a look at my post pictures. I'd have to say... READ MORE

DrCortes my Awful Experience

I was so naive what ever you do be vegilat the way the staff treats you in consultation is pretty much as good as it gets is you have to wait 3 hours to be seen with an appointment you are paying for and they still give you attitude Paubattention that place is not respecting you and will not... READ MORE

Lipo & BBL Things Jimerson doesn't tell you...

So I will start this off with my initial experience with Dr. Jimerson located in Suwanee, Georgia. I will be detailed down to my supplies, cost, financing company, monthly payments and pre/post op experience with BOTH initial BBL procedure and Revision. My revision is with Dr. Ortega in Cali,... READ MORE

Very Bad Liposuction Scarring

I had done some research on Dr Robles work. I decided to have a consultation via email, I was told to send pictures of my body and what procedure I would like to have done. I told Robles assisstant that I wold like to have lipo to arms, flanks, belly and back plus BBL and some fat to hips. I... READ MORE

Round 2 Bbl Dr. Jonathan Connors ATL - Atlanta, GA

I had my first surgery with Dr Carmen Dimario in Philly in Nov 2013. He did an ok job but it wasnt great. My stomach came out lumpy and my butt was ok size. Definitely better than it was. Now I am 2.5 years out, just turned 40 and I want to get some revisions. Like I said, I am 40 and Im not... READ MORE

3rd BBL in the States. Dr BFixin 8/2017 BBL and Lipo 360

My goal was to go to DR and get exactly what's i needed, however, things didn't go as plan. I was a little scare about going with Dr. BFixin but glad I did as of now. Doctors in the states only take out a certain amount of fat which of course I understand safety first. However, i believe Dr.... READ MORE

Round 2 Bbl 2017 - Florida, FL

Went to dr Mcadoo for bbl August 2016 for round 1. Although I was pleased with the end results, I wasn't 100% satisfied mainly because of my back fat not completely gone and my butt is still not as round and full as I would like. Mcadoo declined my revision after waiting three months and sending... READ MORE

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