Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Brazilian butt lift revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following the initial procedure, including improper healing, dissatisfaction with size, and asymmetrical results, among others. Revisions may involve adding fat to correct or increase results, or using liposuction to remove some of the fat that was transferred.

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Hazani is the Man :) - Beverly Hills, CA

It's been a long road for me I've been threw a bbl from Hughes. Tummy tuck from Dr. Younai. I've been feeling up & down about my results. I think it can be better than what it is now. I trust Hazani in sculpturing me and making my butt bigger & getting some fat from my tummy. Hazani is... READ MORE

BBL Roud 2?!?! Dr Sato Houston....possibly

Well this will be round two y'all. Just over a year ago I had my first BBL done by Dr Kerr he did a great job gave me nice projection but was no where near as aggressive as I needed him to be with his lipo. I can say this though I was not in pain I never bled an was back to work in a week. With... READ MORE

Second BBL with Dr Salama

Hello beauties! This will be my second BBL and I have chosen Dr Salama. I recently moved to Miami, so he is very convenient for me and I have heard good things about his BBLs. The first time I had it done was in Colorado and I just don't think the doctor had much experience doing them. Not very... READ MORE

Round 2 BBL with Calves and Chin/neck Lipo

Today is the day for round 2 BBL with Dr Aslani. Been checked into the Quirón Málaga hospital for an hour and they say I may be 2 hours or so waiting. I was straight in last time, not much waiting around. Just relaxing in my room. I have the exact same room as last time and, as usual, the p... READ MORE

Getting Much Needed Revision BBL

My first time was not bad but I need my bubble butt my butt is wide and low not very round am not ready to go Thur the pain and walking and have a very stiff butt and sleeping on my stomach for 2 months again but I need that round but butt looks great in clothes but out of them it's just to long... READ MORE

Dominican Rep Vs Turkey

Hi everyone ..looking to get a bbl and lipo, and just having a hard time choosing where would be best to go. Goals wise seems as dom rep is the better choice, but safety wise turkey is they way to go...I been in contact with surgeons in both countries, even though the surgeons in dom rep take a... READ MORE

BBL Revision - Miami, FL

I didn't get the results I had hoped for with my original BBL on Feb 29, 2016 last year. One cheek is significantly smaller than the other and my hips are a bit uneven. I was very depressed over this and took down all the pictures from the first review. Id read stories from other women about how... READ MORE

Mallol Doll in the Making. UK to DR - Dominican Republic

Hey guys, it's great to be back. I am no stranger to plastic surgery having had a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift with Tania Medina about two years ago. On reflection my first round with Dra Medina was more about the liposuction as I remember telling her I don't want... READ MORE

Let's Try This Again Flight Booked Deposit Paid! - Dominican Republic, DO

First time I went for a BBl was to Budapest, Hungary and I came home looking the same this time I spoke with Dr Jose Leon and I feel more confident that this go round will be everything I am expecting I'm excited I hope I get this big booty I want because this will be my last time trying I fly... READ MORE

34 Yr Old Black Woman with 1 Child. 5'8" 210lbs BBL Round 2

I’ve had an on again off again relationship with the BBL and real self for quite a few years now. I had my first bbl in May 2014 at GLO Surgical Arts in Redwood city Ca. and I was not happy with the results. I knew immediately that it was not done right and it wasn’t going to improve with tim... READ MORE

Mallol is my final choice gurls!

Looking to have my second round in December, my first round was with yily and I loved my results still do I need additional lipo and of course bbl but honestly I'm more concerned with shape ova butt that's just me But a lil more projection wouldn't hurt. Sisters I'm torn between these two... READ MORE

Round 2 BBL After 24 Months Anybody with This Problem - Tijuana, MX

I originally had chosen Dr.Pantoja back in 2012 but chicken out after reading about a patient MM. I really haven't gotten the whole story but I do think their was some bad mouthing that made me change to Dr.Cardenas. But as you have read my prior post I wasn't to happy *++ now I have a deflated... READ MORE

BBL Round 2 with Dr. We Go Again Lol

Hi Beautiful Queens, It has been a very long time since I've updated. 2 years to be exact! WOW time flies! And real self looks very different now.... It seems less interactive compared to 2 years ago, but I digress... My documented experience will be honest, and true. I will take you... READ MORE

Second Round Bbl Dr. Paz Cali Colombia

So with my wight gain my booty got really big and lost its round shape .. also with my lack of after are after my 1st bbl with dr duran I have fibrosis. I'm going to Dr. Paz to reshape my butt and full body lipo with fibrosis removal. So far it has not been hard to keep in contact with his... READ MORE

40 Years Old...... I Just Want to Look Ok for my age

A year ago i did my first brazilian butt lift, but it wasn't what i expect. So seen all the good reviews about Dr Hazani I decided to make an appointment with him. He is a very nice person, and he told me right away what can I expect and what can't, thats make me trust him more. The day of my... READ MORE

Looking for great reasonable doctor to do BBL ROUND 2

Looking for dr to do my second round bbl more so a revision. I am post op 2 years and have gained a little more weight. Need aggressive lipo on my stomach and my thighs. I want a more hour goes figure. Hello dolls Im scheduled with dr cabral in DR June 22nd and has my first round with dr... READ MORE

Excited but Nervous

I am scheduled for surgery May 4th 2017 and I'm super nervous but excited. This would be my send time doing a bbl which my first one was done in Beverly Hills CA by another doctor but I didn't really like the quality of work that was done. So I have decided to go with Dr. Pantoja this time and I... READ MORE

BBL- Revision- Round 2 - Miami, FL

Hello ladies I have decided to go back for a revision or you can say a 2nd BBL! When I had dr.cortes fix a lump I had I was left a HUGE indention in my ass so I'm upset and not happy at all! I won't even talk anymore about that but what I came here for is what doctor should I go too.. These are... READ MORE

BBL Round 2 DR

I'm going for a round 2 bbl possibly in January. My first go around was with Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Miami. I'm happy with how my butt looks but my hips are uneven (not noticeable unless I point it out) he did lipo on my lower abdomen but not my upper and left most of the fat on my sides and back... READ MORE

Bbl Round 2 Dr. Fisher Miami FL

Getting round 2, arm, upper back, and inner thigh lipo in Miami with Jonathan Fisher. Date set to May 2nd. Amy is my coordinator at eres and she has been amazing so far. Super quick to respond always even when I e mail her the stupidest questions. I've heard mixed reviews about vanity (re named... READ MORE

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