Dental Implants vs. Braces

Miami periodontist Dr. John Paul Gallardo explains when you should consider dental implants vs. braces. VIEW NOW

Orthodontist Hand Welds Hooks for Retainers

Dr. George Schudy hand welds the hooks for rubber bands on retainers. He describes the tools and materials required for the job and then shows how it is used on a patient. VIEW NOW

Smile Makeover vs. Braces Comparison and Results

Dr. German Arzate discusses the possibilities with a smile makeover procedure as opposed to braces alone. VIEW NOW

Can You Fix Crooked Teeth with Veneers?

Dr. German Arzate explains why those who may be looking for an alternative to braces may want to consider dental crowns as opposed to veneers, which only slightly help straighten teeth. VIEW NOW

Straight Teeth Fast: How Six Month Smiles Work

Dr. Gary Michaelson's staff explain how the Six Month Smiles procedure works, in addition to interviewing a live patient on their results and experience so far. VIEW NOW

Invisalign for Flared Teeth: See the Progression of Results Over Time

Dr. Natwarlal Tibrewal's patient had teeth that became too spaced apart after braces, so he got Invisalign instead. Dr. Tibrewal shares the progression of this patient's results over a span of time. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains ProWire for Straighter Teeth

Dr. Benjamin Cassalia explains how ProWire works to create a low-profile solution for straightening teeth with minimal discomfort. VIEW NOW

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Learn About NuCalm for a Relaxing Dental Appointment

There have been several advancements in dental comfort and one such advancement is NuCalm. It really is a revolutionary way of achieving comfort without drugs. Dr. Kathy Frazar explains. VIEW NOW

Dry Mouth — A Dental Nightmare

Dry mouth is a common problem in more than 50% of the population. Dr. Kathy Frazar explains that dry mouth can accelerate tooth decay, and goes on to explain what can be done to treat the issue. VIEW NOW

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Dental Loops — High Magnification Glasses For Precision Dentistry

Dr. Kathy Frazar recommends that high magnification glasses called loops be used in order to see the mouth more clearly, which leads to better results. VIEW NOW

The Importance of Dental Comfort

Dr. Kathy Frazar explains different steps that your dentist's office can take to help maximize your comfort level and lead to a positive experience. VIEW NOW

Dentistry During Pregnancy — What You Should Know

If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, Dr. Kathy Frazar has some quick advice for you about dental care. VIEW NOW

Learn More About Dental Space Closures With Nikodem Spring

Dr. Benjamin Cassalia provides information about the Nikodem Spring, an ultra-thin nickel titanium wire that is placed and activated on the lingual surface for dental space closures to reduce the risk of tongue irritation and speech difficulties. VIEW NOW

How Teeth Position Affects Your Speech — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Zev Kaufman discusses the position of front teeth and how your front teeth can affect your speech if not properly positioned. VIEW NOW

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The Importance of Straight Teeth

Dr. Zev Kaufman explains how properly positioned teeth naturally accumulate less food between them and consequently stain less and retain less plaque and tartar. VIEW NOW