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Discontinued Using Retainer

I had an orthodontic treatement 3 yrs back.i used the retainer for a period of just few months and discontinued it.Now i feel there is a change in the... READ MORE

How Do I Tell the Orthodontist I Want my Braces Off?

My teeth have been in their final positions for over 3 months. Every time I go for a checkup, the ortho doesn't want to take them off yet. Last time I... READ MORE

How Do I Cancel Contract /get Refund After Ending Brace Treatment After 1 Week?

Hi,last Thur,I had 1st appt where I signed contract to pay $6000 in mo installments using Care Credit for braces work to fix my teeth(I made a mistake... READ MORE

Can I Stop Having my Orthodontist Treatment?

I lost my retainer in a restaurant, and in order to replace the retainer, it will cost my family $500. So instead of having to pay that amount of... READ MORE

My Braces Are Giving Me a Hard Time?

I had braces on for 3 weeks and I want to take them off cause theyre making me depressed and I can't stand them.. Should I take them off ? My Ortho... READ MORE

Should I Have to Pay for Unrecieved Treatment for my Braces?

My sister and I both have braces but my family is going through a hard time trying to pay the braces off. We recieved a letter in the mail saying that... READ MORE

Is There a Charge to Answer Questions? Had Braces For 15 Months and Teeth Getting Crooked?

47yo, started braces 15mos to correct slight overbite, but thinking of stopping b/c molars got crooked from the pull of the rubberbands,and right side... READ MORE

How Do I Cancel Contract /get Refund After Ending Brace Treatment After a month?

I made a wrong choice... I started my treatment on 9/17/14. Every week I will have a broken bracket! Right now as I'm sending u this email.. I have 3... READ MORE

What Should I Do Now After a Year & a Half of Having Braces on Without Completing Full Treatment?

I have my braces for almost a year & a half now & after the dentist took all my money he fled away & refused to continue the treatment for... READ MORE

If I discontinue the procedure about upper orthodontic appliace and ship for braces. Do I need to pay the full payment of it?

Hi. I been using upper orthodentic appliance I paid the down payment 10.000 but i want to discontinue the process because its to expensive it cost for... READ MORE

I Got my Braces Removed September of Last Year and Wore Them Everyday Until I Lost Them in June of This Year?

Pretty much the question is will my teeth have shifted to the point were i would need braces again READ MORE

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