Chipped Tooth + Braces

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Can I Get Braces with a Bridge Done on my Central Incisors?

I'm 20 years old and have a prosthetic tooth in replacement for one of my front teeth. I have always had problems with my front teeth mainly them... READ MORE

How Much Do Braces Cost for Teenagers Compared to Adults?

Is it more difficult to correct the teeth if more time passes? What are common problems that can result if a teenager decides to wait until becoming... READ MORE

Would it be a waste of money to get braces? I have crowding, an overbite, and a chip in my front tooth (Photo)

I'm almost 19. When I was younger I sucked my thumb and now have an overbite. I have crowding on the bottom and on the top also they slightly cross in... READ MORE

Can I sue my dentist for shaving down my teeth so that my two front teeth are both unequal lengths?

Can I sue my dentist for shaving down my teeth so that my two front teeth are both unequal lengths, making it look like I have a chipped tooth. She... READ MORE

Can I get anything done to fix my front teeth? (Photo)

As you can see in the pictures my two front teeth overlap one another a bit and are slightly chipped. My bottom middle tooth is being pushed inwards.... READ MORE

Shaping, chipped tooth and braces? (Photo)

I am getting braces soon and I'm looking forward to having a nice smile. What bothers me is my chipped tooth on the bottom portion of my tooth. And... READ MORE

How long would I need braces for an overbite, chip, and gap? (photo)

I have a pretty bad overbite, a chip on one of my front two teeth that already have a gap. I know i probably need braces, I would just like to know... READ MORE

How can I fix my top row of teeth long term? (Photo)

I think my problem is that my front teeth are too big and the two teeth next to them are too small. Also, they are a little twisted and my teeth are... READ MORE

I'm getting braces and I chipped my front tooth and got a filling in it. Can I still get Braces?

Can I get the braces and still have the filling in because I only chipped not even half of my front tooth and again, the filling has been in for three... READ MORE

My Bracket from my Braces Has Fallen off Taking a Piece of Tooth with It?

So today I was eating and I feel something come loose in my mouth, i figured it was just a bracket fallen off and didnt worry about it, tha's not... READ MORE

Fix chipped tooth before or after braces?

I am going to be getting braces as an adult for the second time. I had them when I was a teenager. I have a small chip on my front tooth that I want... READ MORE

Can I Get Braces over a Chip Tooth That Was Fixed Years Ago?

When I was little I got my front tooth chipped. So not the whole thing. But I am asking if you can get braces over that tooth, I have it fixed already READ MORE

Can I get braces with a chipped tooth? If I can, will they fix it for me after or will I have to pay? (Photo)

If i get braces i want to know if they will fix my teeth for free? or will i have to pay extra ? READ MORE

I chipped my front tooth and got it repaired by bonding. Is it possible to get braces on that part of the tooth?

I went to the ortho and he recommended me to get braces but one thing that I forgot to ask that 7 years ago when I chipped my front tooth I got it... READ MORE

Can You Get Composite Bonding Done While Having Braces on if the Chip is Really Small?

Im getting my braces taking off in 2 months after a veryyy long 6 years and want to get my chips fixed before they measure me for retainers, is there... READ MORE

3 yrs post op Braces, my front tooth is not very straight. Am I being paranoid? (photo)

I've had braces for 3 years already. And my ortho told me that I could remove them this Sep. However, after inspecting my teeth, I found out the my... READ MORE

Getting braces AGAIN as an Adult. Should I have bottom tooth removed and now have only THREE in total? (Photo)

Hi! I had braces as a kid and 4 adult teeth pulled during treatment after 2 years my teeth were PERFECT however (like an idiot) i did not wear my... READ MORE

How many mm can be shaved off the bottom 4 teeth so the chip is minimized? Also how to fix top midline. (photo)

The bottom 4 teeth are being leveled with a wire. Once done, what is the best way to deal with the bottom center tooth chip. Can a resin be deposited... READ MORE

I have severe chipping, tongue biting, and a near under bite, as a result of Doctors. Any suggestions?

I got braces in fifth grade when an orthodontist pulled two of my upper teeth and shrunk my upper jaw. When that treatment was over, my upper teeth... READ MORE

Would it be a waste of money to get braces? If not I have two chipped teeth. (Photo)

The front two teeth, they are chipped in the middle and have filling to fill the spots. READ MORE

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