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Botox for Relaxing Scar Tension?

Will Botox help relax the tension from a healing raised horizontal scar in the small hollow at the base of my neck, where the Fraxel Repair laser... READ MORE

How many units of Botox will I need for jaw reduction? It's my first ever Botox so I want to go slowly (Photo)

I have a base shaped face which seems to be getting worse, so I'm contemplating jaw reduction. How much Botox will I need to get subtle but sufficient... READ MORE

Facial numbness after masseter Botox, s there a risk for facial paralysis?

I received Botox treatment to both sides of my masseter muscle because of TMJ. I was experienced hypertrophic muscles, very strong tension in my... READ MORE

Tension in Head 5 Days Post Botox?

Had Botox 5 Days Ago for Crows Feet but the Tension in my Head and Temple is Terrible Feels Like my Sinuses is Blocked is This Normal? READ MORE

Forehead tension causing deep mid forehead line. (Photo)

For 5 years or so now I have had chronic tension in my forehead. This has created a very distinct forehead line and as much as I try to relax my... READ MORE

7 days post Botox of my forehead (looks ok so far) I cannot seem to stop tightening my scalp which pulls it forward. Why?

22 units in forehead. My 5th tx in 3 yrs. I noticed after 4th treatment my tension headaches were gone! I mostly got this tx because they're back. My... READ MORE

Aside from Botox, what treatments might help calm my forehead tension? (Photo)

I am only 21 years old, but have significant facial tension that contributes to headaches and generally feeling self conscious about looking older... READ MORE

Tension headache from Botox?

I had 20 units of Botox placed between my forehead, between my eyebrows ,and around my eyes. I have had Botox three times before and never had any... READ MORE

Off-balance, dizziness, head pressure, tension headaches, brain fog after Botox

I'm a 32 year old, healthy female. I had Botox injected into my forehead on 3/9/17. I noticed within 30 minutes of injection a headache, slight... READ MORE

Is it normal for one eye to feel normal and the other to have tension? Why wouldn't both eyes have tension?

I had xeomin for the first time ever today for my crows feet. I was given three shots around each eye. Is it not normal that I can feel some slight... READ MORE

Is it possible to get Botox for TMJ pain or tight muscles?

I'm 23 years old and I'm tired of waking up with jaw pain every morning, I also have a lot of tension and I don't know how to relax my jaw muscles... READ MORE

Will tensing/wrinkling injected facial muscles soon after Botox or Dysport administration cause migration to unintended areas?

Some doctors say you should purposely tense/wrinkle the injected facial muscles soon after injections to further work the Botox or Dysport into the... READ MORE

I have been having extreme tension exactly around my TMJ joint and nothing I have done releases that tension. Will botox help?

Nothing I've done (changing habits, guards,etc.) has helped the tension, it persists 24/7...it drives me insane. And if possible, approximately how... READ MORE

Where should Botox injections be placed to resolve the muscular tension brought on by Botox? (photo)

My recent Botox treatment left me with a throbbing tension 24 hours a day for the last 3 weeks and a cross and tired look. Injections were in the... READ MORE

One sided brow droop, tension headache and one sided wrinkles

I have chronic headaches on the right side of my forehead. when they started 3 years ago, I got a distinct wrinkle right away on the right side...... READ MORE

Is it normal to have tension headaches five months after Botox to forehead?

I had first Botox about five months ago: 32 units - 12 in glabella and rest on forehead. I have lately been experiencing tension headaches and... READ MORE

Question about jaw tension treatment with Botulinum toxin injection (Botox).

I have had jaw tension/clenching and recurring tension headaches for some time, and I have tried Botulinum toxin injection to relieve jaw tension ch... READ MORE

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