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Can Botox Help Eye Twitches and Would Insurance Cover It?

My right eye twitches and closes hard sometimes during the day. When I sleep the muscles are always tense. I rub it during the day to make it stop.... READ MORE

Long-Term Botox for Hemifacial Spasms

I have had hemi-facial spasms for 10 years. For the last 3-4 years Botox has proved very successful. I am contemplating surgery which is drilling into... READ MORE

Muscle Spasm and Headache After Botox?

Had Botox injected 48 hours ago. I'm now having muscle spasms in different parts of my body. I also have a persistent headache. Is this normal? ... READ MORE

Involuntary Spasms After Botox?

I'm having involuntary brow spasms 6 weeks after Botox injections for the "11" lines between my eyebrows. The dr. injected 18 units in a... READ MORE

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injections to Prevent Neck Muscle Spasms?

After my car accident my neck muscles became very tight. I tried medication, hot and old compresses and of course physical therapy…. Swelling... READ MORE

Muscle Spasms and Regained Movement 4 Weeks After Botox

I had Botox 4 weeks ago and have regainned alot of movement in my forehead. Today i have had a lot of muslce spasms in my forhead which are squeezing... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Muscle Contractions Above Right Eyebrow 2 Months After Botox?

I rec'd Botox for my "11" lines and forehead about 2 months ago. I have been thrilled with the results however 3 days ago I started noticing tingling... READ MORE

is it normal to not see improvement 5 days after botox injections in the masseter muscles?

Hello, I had botox injections for TMJ 5 days ago in my masseters and in my trapezius muscles. I don't feel as much pain in the trapezius anymore but... READ MORE

Botox Muscle Spasms

This is week 4 of my first time Botox in my forehead.This week i have had muscle spasms in my forehead and my whole forehead actually scrunches... READ MORE

I Had Botox Injected One Month Ago-tonight I Had Tingling/spasms in Forehead - when I Looked There Were Lumps of Botox?

So very scary - i immediately flattened out what I'm assuming was the botox and it smoothed - like a play doh effect. I had to quickly cover my head... READ MORE

Botox for Embarrassing Lip/philtrum Tremors - How Does It Work?

When Im even slightly nervous and feeling self-concious my philtrum/upper lip will tremble quite badly (plus I also have a double lip deformity that... READ MORE

Botox for Dystonia of the Digastric Muscle?

Extreme impaired speech, with loss of lower jaw control. When I talk, my lower jaw is pulled in toward my neck. Tooth pick helps. Digastric muscle... READ MORE

I'm Considering Botox for a Non-cosmetic Reason; Treatment for Hemi Facial Spasms?

Should I Be Looking for a Neurologist or a plastic surgeon to administer the botox? READ MORE

Botox Worked for Occular Neuraligia: Will Other Fillers Work for Facial Spasms?

I have had blepharitus and I have the tear duct tubing put in them. I had so much fluttering & eye pain, medictaion wasn't wokring. I have... READ MORE

Will Getting Botox Put Me At Risk Of My Eyelid Not Closing Or Effect my Blinking?

My Eye Spasms/closes when I Move my Mouth Due to Nerves That Grew Back in the Wrong Direction when I Recovered from Bell's Palsy. Am I at risk for... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Used on Several Large Muscles in the Leg for Spasms? (photo)

I have spina bifida with tethered cord syndrome. I have a baclofen pump and take 40mg oral baclofen four times daily. However, I still have left leg... READ MORE

Can I Use Botox and Restylane if I Have a Movement Disorder?

I Have Fibomyalgia+facial Neuralgia. Botox Injected. Face is Having More Spasms in Cheeks. I have been sent to a Movement Disorder Neurologist.The... READ MORE

Frown Line Spasms After Botox?

I had my first Botox 7 weeks ago: 15 units glabellar + 20 units forehead (triangular.) My main concern was the deep frown lines that were always... READ MORE

Two Months After Botox to Correct Bad Coronal Browlift Spasms Still Continue, What to do?

I suffered nerve damage after coronal browlift. Tried many meds - had botox injections for either migrane or bad results from browlift. Two months... READ MORE

Why is my forehead going into spasms if I rub it a certain way a month after Botox?

I had botox done at the start of December. Everything was fine. Last week I took my make up off and rubbed my eyebrow. My eyebrow went into a strange... READ MORE

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