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Does Botox in Eyebrow Cause Light Sensitivity?

Since having Botox to remove forehead expressive lines over right eyebrow, Right eye lid is dropping and the right eye is tearing and developed acute... READ MORE

Negative Effects After Botox for Frownlines. Numbness, Dizziness, Sensitivity; Normal?

I have numbness, dizzines, sensitivity to touch from my forhead to my crown after having botox injected into my forehead. I'm also having anxiety... READ MORE

Does Botox Make Eye Sensitive to Light?

Hello doctors my name is folan i m from Iraq i was injected by botox three moths ago since then i suffer from bad vision i became so sensitive to... READ MORE

I've been having Botox for more than 12 years. I'm having trouble w/ my dry eyes & light sensitive. Did I have too much Botox?

Been having botox for more than 12 years. i'm having trouble with my eyes being so dry and light sensitive that sometimes i can't open them.... READ MORE

Is Their a Condition when Your Hypersensitive in the Glabella Area, Between Your Eyes?

Is their a medical conditon you can suffer when everything seems hypersentive locally between your eyes like loud noises and even watching things on... READ MORE

Can a better result be obtained with correctly placed Botox, or am I one of those people with extreme sensitivity to the serum?

I had Botox injections into the globula and brow by a leading Atlanta Dematologist eighteen months ago and landed up with severely droopy eye lids, I... READ MORE

Is there a way to test if you will have a hypersensitive reaction to Botox prior to having the full amount injected?

Not sure how something like this would work or if it would be effective not having had the full amount distributed. I guess my question is, if you... READ MORE

Botox around eye area

I am 25 years old and I have always have had sensitivity around my eye area. I have some fine lines that I dont want them to develop any further. Do... READ MORE

Botox and light sensitivity?

When i'm due for botox (about every 4 months) my eyes become light sensitive. i know it sounds strange. is there any reason for this? READ MORE

Botox: Too much? Or am I sensitive?

I had Botox two weeks ago, crows feet, between eyes, forehead, and brow. One brow sits heavily over my eye, I can't lift it at all. My forehead does... READ MORE

Effects of Botox on overall face sensitivity?

I have been doing my research on botox treatment lately. As easy and simple as it sounds it still does raise concerns for me. I went to a... READ MORE

How great is the incidence of botulism post-Botox? Also, I'm Asian & am concerned about heightened sensitivity to drugs, etc.

...does a sensitivity to meds in general predispose a person to sensitivity to Botox? I For example, I cannot tolerate narcotic pain meds at all. In... READ MORE

Is it safe to use Botox if I have sensitivities to certain oral meds that dilate my eyes?

I have tried taking Celexa & Zoloft for depression and both medications dilate my eyes. Tramadol & the Scopolamine Transdermal Patch have also dilated... READ MORE

I suffer with allergies (oral allergy syndrome, birch oral allergy syndrome) but want to have Botox done. Should I avoid??

Ok, so basically im allergic to all fruits and veg, soya and certain nuts (hazelnut, brazil, almond and peanut - that i know of) I really sensitive to... READ MORE

When getting botox injections in the forehead does a patient feel the after effects?

Does a patient feel any sensation after Botox is injected?! I've never had it done but curious if there is any weird feeling since it relaxes the... READ MORE

Due to hypersensitivity to Botox, will Ultherary help lift brow? (photo)

I had a terrible systemic reaction to Botox and my neurologist said to avoid all injections as it seems to give me some sort of autoimmune nerve... READ MORE

Face pain and hypersensitivity after Botox?

I would very much appreciate some medical evaluation. I had botox injection (between my eyebrows) on Friday, 24 h later I discovered that my right... READ MORE

I have eyestrain/pressure/ light sensitity after botox for frown lines. How long should this last? (Photo)

Hi there, I received 30 units of botox one week ago for frown lines. Began to feel heaviness in eyes and eye strain about 15 min after the injections... READ MORE

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