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Brows and Lids Feel Heavy After Botox

It is only 1 day since I had Botox for the first time and my eyebrow/ eyelid area feel heavy. I looks like it may be sagging a bit in the outer corner... READ MORE

I Had Jaw Reduction Botox 2 and a Half Months Ago but Now my Jaw is the Same and my Cheeks Have Really Sunken In. What Happened?

I had botox for jaw reduction 2 and a half moths ago. I really hate the results. The jaw is the same but my cheeks have sunken in and I feel that the... READ MORE

Is Botox a Good Alternative to Surgery for Turkey Neck?

I am considering a neck lift, and was told that Botox injections work really well for some patients. I have loose, wrinkled skin and turkey neck. READ MORE

Did Facial Massage After Botox Ruin Results?

I think I have made a bad mistake. I had botox in my forehead and above my eyebrows approx 3 weeks ago, and after 4 days had a facial massage which I... READ MORE

Botox on Platysma Bands Usually Successful in Younger Patients?

I know Botox results are injector dependent. That being said, is the off-label use of Botox to platysma bands a bad idea, no matter what, or is... READ MORE

Botox for Sagging Chin?

I have sagging in my chin area. If I do Botox, will it help me? Thank you for your help. READ MORE

Is Saggy Skin a Side Effect of Botox?

I have had Botox in my forehead and now find the skin appears looser, almost saggy. Could this be a side effect of botox? READ MORE

Will Getting Botox Cause Skin to Sag?

I'd like to get Botox but have read some discerning articles reporting that paralyzing facial muscles could cause the skin to later become loose and... READ MORE

Sagging Lower Eyelids After Botox

Can injecting around the upper cheek area under the outer edges of the eye cause muscle weekness affecting lower eyelid sag. I was showing the signs... READ MORE

Doc Put 50 Units of Botox In my Face is This Too Much I Got Saggy Eyes, and Migraines

I had botox on july 7th, the doc used 50 units between my forehead and crows feet. I've never had that much botox before, and now my upper eyelids... READ MORE

Does Botox and Microcurrent Facials Cancel Each Other out for Wrinkle Reduction?

Looking at botox and micro current facials to lift sagging skin and reduce wrinkles, just want to make sure there is no negative interactions, would... READ MORE

Can Repeated Use of Botox Jaw Reduction Lead to the Sagging of the Masseter Muscles Overtime? (photo)

Since I am informed that botox is used to weaken muscle, does this effect lead to a sagging jawline overtime with age? I am in between an oval and... READ MORE

Botox in Masseter - Now Saggy Cheeks

I am only 32, but since having botox in my masseter (and gaining half a stone) I seem to have developed saggy cheeks/jowls. My face looks flat and my... READ MORE

Why Can't You Use Botox for the Saggy Wrinkled Skin Around the Elbows?

Surely the principle is the same as for the dynamic wrinkles on the face? I know that women get very concerned about their elbows giving away their... READ MORE

Bunny Nose After Botox. How Do I Avoid This Effect?

I've noticed that the mid upper part of the nose scrunches/sags down and creates horizontal lines after botox sometimes and I want to avoid that... READ MORE

Does wearing hair tight stretch the soft skin tissue of face? is it irreversible?

I am 23 years old and have been wearing a tight ponytail since i was about 14. I will usually loosen it during the time i am home or sleeping. I feel... READ MORE

Meige's Syndrome Treatment with Botox

I received Botox treatments for a neurological condition called Meige's Syndrome, which involves excessive facial twitches and blinking. After a... READ MORE

Any Alternative to Surgery for Saggy Skin?

Lower part of the face left and right to my chin, my skin is getting soggy with a couple of deep wrinkles, even thoug I look younger than my real age,... READ MORE

I'm 28 and my Face Looks Like It's Melting What Should I Do? (photo)

Can I do exercises? Do I need fillers? Why is it doing this? It seems like it happened all of a sudden READ MORE

How to achieve a Botox brow lift?

I went to a med spa recently because I have hooded eyelids and really wanted a brow lift. She basically injected all around my upper forehead and also... READ MORE

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